USAID Jobs in Uganda: Project Management Specialist (Youth)


Deadline: 6 Jul 2023 Position: Project Management Specialist (Youth)

For the role of Personal Services Contractor (PSC) – Project Management Specialist (Youth), USAID/Uganda is looking for competent individuals.

ELIGIBLE OFFERORS: “Cooperating Country National” is defined as the person hired to work in the Cooperating Country pursuant to this contract.

The foreign nation in or for which services are to be provided under this agreement is referred to as the “Cooperating Country”.

Deadline of Application: July 6, 2023

Position: Project Management Specialist (Youth)

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Organisation: US Agency for International Development

Experience: 5-9 years

Salary Range: UGX 157,828,400 – 232,334,711 per annum, equivalent to FSN-11.

The Project Management Specialist (Youth) post at USAID/Uganda is looking for competent candidates.

The Specialist is a crucial member of the Education Youth and Child Development (EYCD) Office and is in charge of carrying out a number of duties for organising, managing, and assessing youth programming across sectors. For the EYCD leadership, the Specialist works as a technical advisor on policies and programmes for at-risk youth in Uganda, including innovations and new strategic directions.

The Specialist has in-depth knowledge of and experience working with youth issues, with an emphasis on creating long-lasting programmatic interventions that will enhance Ugandan youth (12–29 years old)’s access to civic and democratic processes as well as their health, livelihoods, and educational possibilities. Through engagement in the USAID Mission’s Youth Community of Practise, as well as with external counterparts in the GOU and with other donors, the Specialist will use this knowledge and expertise inside EYCD and across the USAID Mission. The DRG Office Director or a designee receives reports from the PMA.


The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in: education, child development, social work, psychology, sociology, development, or a closely connected field.


A minimum of seven (7) years of progressively responsible professional experience with developing, executing, and overseeing youth development programmes are necessary.

Job Knowledgge

  • It is necessary to have knowledge of both international and regional best practises for youth development, including MEL, outreach, recruiting, and activity design and implementation.
  • It is necessary to have knowledge of the important players and the Ugandan youth context, as well as pertinent GOU plans and policies, as well as the organisation and operation of MGLSD, MOES, and other GOU entities working in the young area.
  • understanding of Youth Build, Positive Youth Development, or other youth development frameworks.

Skills and Abilities

  • Track record in managing for results – including managing the technical, budgetary, and human resource aspects of grants and contracts – within strict contracting rules and regulations in a complex, high-workload environment is required.
  • Experience developing policies and procedures governing the design, implementation, and MEL of youth programs at all levels is required. Ability to develop creative approaches to new or unfamiliar problems is required .
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal, and communication (written and oral) skills are required.
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain positive working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including senior-level officials within the Embassy, GOU, and DPGs, as well as with implementing partners and NGOs.
  • Ability to present and defend USG development policies and programs and to explain and interpret hostcountry attitudes, priorities, and concerns to senior USG officials .
  • Ability to independently and effectively, plan, organize, and manage workload in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.
  • Experience with advancing a learning agenda by obtaining and evaluating data, then presenting it in meaningful terms to others is required.
  • Ability to prepare factual and interpretive reports addressing complex subject matter is required.

How to Apply:

You may find the whole position description, selection criteria, and extensive instructions on how to make an offer in the detailed solicitation document Number: 72061723R10015 at or by sending an email to the EXO and HR Specialist at

Offers should be in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). No other file types will be accepted. All documents should be scanned into one (1) document (one (1) ATTACHMENT) which should not exceed 10MB. 


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