Job Vacancy: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Specialist for world vision MALAWI


Location: Lilongwe, Malawi Type: Full Time Code: R21154

Position: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)nSpecialist.

Our mission, which we have been working on for more than 70 years, is to assist the most vulnerable kids in escaping poverty and living full lives. Motivated by our Christian faith, we assist children from all backgrounds, especially those who are in the most hazardous locations.

Come share the excitement of changing the lives of vulnerable children with our 33,000+ team members who serve in almost 100 countries!

Important Duties:


The position’s goals are:

The M&E Specialist will be in charge of overall coordination, leadership, and management of the grant’s monitoring and evaluation, including formative research (pre-intervention baseline), ongoing data collection, and summative research evaluation (post-intervention), subject to the receipt of the anticipated funding.

The evaluation that will accurately and objectively summarise the grant’s successes will fall within the purview of the M&E Specialist. The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist is in charge of setting up M&E and reporting systems for the project districts and giving them technical support to help them better understand project evaluation and performance-based management. The job will support capacity building initiatives in addition to monitoring and evaluation.

Significant Responsibilities

  • Take the lead in impact planning to ensure that the project Performance Framework’s priority indicators are met, as well as other indicators at various M&E levels that are consistent with the donor-5-approved DREAMS concept.
  • Determine the essential information requirements of grant management, partners, and funding organisations; To ensure WVM’s alignment with MoH technical strategy. Take part in developing the Reproductive Health and Quality Management Directorate’s yearly work plan and budget.
  • Encourage participatory planning and monitoring by include key stakeholder groups in the monitoring and evaluation of activities.
  • Lead the project team and executing partners in the creation of progress reports in compliance with accepted reporting formats and in the timely submission of such reports. This comprises ad hoc technical reports, annual project reports, quarterly progress reports, and reports from the beginning of a project.
  • Plan (and provide) M&E refresher training for project personnel, implementing partners, and pertinent stakeholders with the goal of enhancing local M&E capability.
  • Verify the correctness of reported data (DQA) and conduct routine field visits to assure the quality of data obtained by programmes.
  • Prepare consolidation progress updates for grant management, identifying issues, explaining the reasons for any potential implementation delays, and offering specific advice.
  • Recruiting, directing, and supervising consultants or organisations hired to use tools. Carry out specialised surveys and research needed for evaluating grant benefits and impacts.
  • Support training initiatives and supervision visits for community health workers in coordination with the Ministry of Health.
  • Monitoring post-training activities is necessary to assess the efficacy of training initiatives and to suggest modifications to training strategies and plans to maximise the return on investment for CHW capacity building.
  • Any additional responsibilities imposed by the project manager


Additional abilities/qualities:

Strong intercultural, organisational, analytical, and communication skills
Ability to perform effectively under pressure
Adhere firmly to the mission and core values of World Vision.
Support World Vision’s Christian values.

Requirements: Education, Knowledge, Technical Expertise, and Work Experience
The bare minimum requirement is:
  • An undergraduate degree in statistics, public health, epidemiology, demography, or a closely related scientific field.
  • Designing M&E activities and having five years of relevant professional expertise
  • A minimum of five years of relevant expertise in establishing and executing operations research or formative monitoring and evaluation systems for health, child welfare, or related programmes in poor nations.
  • With three years of experience, a master’s degree in public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, statistics, or demography.
  • A solid grasp of M&E challenges, industry standards, and cutting-edge strategies relating to populations of special interest.
Technical Proficiencies:
  • Proven proficiency in both quantitative and qualitative research techniques.
  • Understanding of DREAMS and M&E reporting and processes.
  • Solid understanding of data gathering procedures for reliable data collection and verification.
  • Being able to examine data from many sources, spot trends, and offer suggestions for budget execution.
  • Knowledge of software for data analysis (such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, and Python)
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities, initiative, sound judgement, and problem-solving capabilities.
Workplace setting / conditions:

Office setting: Lilongwe is where the office is located, with 40% of domestic travel.


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