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Deadline: 26 Jun 2023 Position: Radio Expansion Programme Manager


We feel that the Lively Minds Together (LMT) Radio Programme could provide a low-cost, high-impact solution to the ECD crisis:

  • It is low-cost and resource-intensive, requiring only a small workforce to operate.
  • Quick and simple to set up and implement
  • Has the potential to reach millions of rural parents because radio is the most popular and trusted form of mass communication in most rural parts of Africa (on average, more than 50% of rural households own a radio, and rural radio listenership is more than 50% (varies by country).

However, we must first demonstrate and learn more about the impact through a thorough evaluation. To accomplish this, we intend to refine the programme (maximise impact while minimising cost/effort), pilot it in a new district in Uganda (to be chosen), and undertake a randomised control trial (RCT). We seek to answer the following critical questions using an RCT:

  • Is LMT beneficial to parenting knowledge, mindset, and practise? And how so?
  • Is LMT scalable and worthwhile to scale (that is, do the outcomes justify the cost)?
  • What are some strategies for increasing listenership and impact?

If the radio programme is successful, we intend to expand it in Uganda and elsewhere.


We are looking for a passionate, creative, and versatile Radio Expansion Programme Manager who will be hands-on in managing all aspects of the LMT programme optimisation, testing, pilot, and RCT to high quality standards, as well as developing a well-thought-out strategy for expanding to other locations in Uganda and elsewhere. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in all elements of creating, executing, evaluating, and potentially scaling a radio programme that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of rural parents and their children.

Please check the Job Description for a more complete knowledge of the function and person characteristics.

Vacancy: Radio Expansion Programme Manager

Deadline: 11:59 PM EAT Monday, 26th June 2023

Experience: 3-4 years

Location: Jinja, Uganda

Organisation: Lively Minds

About Lively MInds

Lively Minds’ mission is to promote pre-school children’s education and care in rural Africa. Tackling the issue of approximately 250 million children globally who do not receive adequate care. Their award-winning ECD programme boosts cognitive and socio-emotional abilities and reduces hunger. It empowers marginalised moms to organise educational play programmes and provide better home-based care. The Ghanaian government has accepted the programme, and Lively Minds has collaborated with them to institutionalise, fund, and scale it to 60 education districts, impacting over 4000 communities and 1 million students.

In addition to our normal programming, we have used radio to reach an even greater number of rural parents. During COVID, we created Lively Minds Together (LMT), a radio series for rural parents that has since become a regular fixture. LMT converts our tried-and-true regular-show content into highly engaging and practical episodes for rural parents, assisting them in providing learning and care at home. The following are broadcast in local language each week:

  • a 20-minute parenting episode that discusses simple, low-cost solutions for parents and carers to enhance family health, well-being, and children’s growth. Handwashing, nutrition, malaria prevention, and well-being are some examples of episode topics.
  • a 20-minute play episode: teaching parents easy, engaging, cost-free games and activities that employ common home items to boost young children’s development and school readiness.
  • Live phone calls after each episode allow parents to share their experiences and ask questions.
The primary goals are to:
  • Change rural parents’ thinking so that they recognise the essential role they play and are confident in providing ECCE for their children with the resources they have.
  • Provide rural parents with the knowledge and skills they need to provide ECCE at home.

The programming is now broadcast on one radio station in Uganda, in one local language, and on 18 radio stations in Ghana, in 16 local languages. The show has an estimated 2 million listeners.

According to a Farm Radio International (FRI) survey in Ghana, rural parents are listening to the broadcast, feeling more confident, and putting what they are learning into practise:

  • Approximately 80% of parents who listen to the radio heard the LMT programme.
  • Nearly 90% of polled listeners said the programme helped them learn parenting skills and abilities linked to teaching children at home.
  • The majority of LMT programme listeners (76.5%) said that, they had begun adopting new games or activities with their children as a result of hearing the radio programme.
  • 91.5% of listeners felt that the LMT programme influenced their decision to begin implementing innovative early childhood care and education practices at home.

The LMT project is inexpensive, scalable, and has the potential to change the global ECD situation. The group is determined to evaluate its impact and extend it in Uganda and other countries. They work hard, rapidly, and in a demanding setting, offering opportunities for innovation, responsibility, growth, collaboration, creativity, and enjoyment. They aim for employees to be happy, fulfilled, and appreciated at work.

To Apply :

Before the deadline, kindly download an Application form and email it to [email protected] along with your resume.

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