Technical Director Program Implementation Job Vacancy In Uganda


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Position Description

  • TITLE: Technical Director, USAID/BHA Uthabiti Program Implementation
  • Program Operations/USAID Uthabiti Country Office Team.
  • Uganda’s capital city of Kampala.
  • TBD Grade
  • Technical Director Program Implementation Job Vacancy In Uganda



Level 3: The duties of the position may call for the postholder to often interact with or have access to children or teenagers.

Role Objectives:

  • For the three-year USAID/BHA funded program Uthabiti, “Building Resilience through Market-Led Livelihoods Opportunities,” the Technical Director – Program Implementation (TD) is in charge of providing overall leadership for the successful delivery of program activities in the Lamwo and Isingiro districts of Uganda. As a member of the Uthabiti Consortium Senior Management Team (SMT), s/he is tasked with communicating to the Chief of Party (CoP) relevant implementation concerns and sharing responsibility for the management and monitoring of Save the Children International’s (SCI) operations. The TD oversees the project’s MEAL and award management components and assists the operations team in playing all of its many roles at the national and field office levels.
  • Effective field operations management and program delivery in Lamwo and Isingiro will be provided, steered, and supported by the function. Key performance indicators for program delivery will be constantly monitored by the TD, who will also make sure that bottlenecks are removed through fostering cross-functional collaboration.
  • The TD will collaborate closely with the CoP and consortium partners to manage the program, ensure that it is integrated and synergistic, and ensure that it is implemented in a way that is well-aligned with the approved design, Save the Children program quality benchmarks, and contributes to the organization’s overall national and international results and breakthroughs for children.


  • reports to: the head of the party
  • Manager of Enterprise Development and Innovation, Field Technical Coordinators are the direct employees reporting to this position.
  • Technical Leads for Consortium Partners, the post’s indirect staff


Program Delivery and Management:

  • The delivery of high-quality programming that is on schedule, within budget, in line with the goals of the country’s strategic objectives, and in compliance with USAID/BHA standards. Coordination of program execution, both direct and indirect, with other partners.
  • Establishing the field coordinators’ and the awards coordinator’s capacities in work-planning and program management, as well as holding them responsible for important deliverables, will help ensure adherence to a sound program management methodology and standardized ways of working.
  • To manage and support the program’s budget, work closely with the awards coordinator to ensure accurate forecasting, efficient budget administration, and regular budget monitoring at the field and country office levels.
  • Make sure that all of the important program documentation are current, including the procurement and human resource plans, the comprehensive implementation plans, the phased budgets, and the regular evaluation of the same.
  • Maintain close watch on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and investigate problems affecting program performance with the assistance of the Chief of Party and pertinent departments from the country office.
  • Responsible for promptly informing the Chief of Party of any program concerns that might call for modifications, extensions, etc., and for taking part in the creation, mitigation, and strategic planning necessary to resolve these issues with the SMT, Save the Children USA, and USAID/BHA.
  • Manage the field technical coordinators and collaborate closely with the MEAL team to provide donor reports on time and to a high standard, as well as any other deliverables that donors request, in a way that enables awards review, consolidation, and submission.
  • Plan regular field operations support and monitoring trips to the program’s field locations with the goal of observing program delivery, ensuring participant responsibility, checking controls and following procedures, highlighting progress and accomplishments, and guiding learning.
  • To ensure that team members have a shared awareness of donor requirements, budget obligations, technical requirements, and other factors, lead field-based discussions with field and pertinent country office officials.
  • Work together with consortium partners to make the most of their expertise and compatibility with the program’s purpose and objectives.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working connections with consortium partners, USAID/BHA, and other pertinent parties.

Implementing a high-quality program and reporting on it:

  • Make sure that the national technical managers and program quality teams provide the field office teams with timely and appropriate support for program design and strategy, MEAL, and advocacy.
  • Maintain a continual evaluation, review, and monitoring of the program in accordance with organizational quality standards and in harmony with the MEAL plan.
  • Make sure the proper systems, such as PRIME, Projects on Track, and the Award Management System, are in place to ensure the uptake of lessons learned across the whole program cycle.
  • Encourage the use of MEAL protocols in accordance with best practices.
  • accountable for the creation of pertinent case studies, success stories, and other documentation, as well as the timely and high-quality delivery of reports for funders and internal use.

Management of awards and finances:

  • Take part in monthly award management reviews, and make sure each budget’s monthly variance analysis report is produced on time.
  • As soon as problems are discovered, identify any budget and award management obstacles, such as over or underspending, and offer solutions to the Chief of Party. Make sure these are found during the monthly awards review sessions and are dealt with right away.
  • Make that partners adhere to the financial policies and regulations outlined in the SC finance handbook and USAID/BHA criteria.
  • Develop and oversee partner performance while maintaining adherence to SC and USAID fiduciary guidelines.
  • Ensure that all program activities adhere to all applicable local and national laws and regulations.
  • Supporting Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) and working closely with it
  • Assist the MEAL team in completing the project’s deliverables.
  • Ensure timely reporting and reviews, and alert management to any problems.
  • Determine any potential risk or suspected case of fraud, sexual exploitation, abuse, or safeguarding of children, and report it through the relevant authorities.

Management, mentoring, and development of staff:

  • Manage, assist, and mentor the technical implementation teams, guarantee efficient cross-functional communication, and ensure organizational and USAID/BHA compliance all while promoting timely and effective implementation of work plans and budgets.
  • Make sure that effective performance management methods are in place at the field level and that the field team is given the proper capacity building by working with field leads and HR.
  • Effective implementation of the Development to Perform approach includes setting up precise expectations, quantifiable goals, ongoing feedback, periodic reviews, and impartial, fair evaluations for direct reports on a regular basis.
  • To help the Enterprise Development and Innovation Manager and the field technical coordinators demonstrate improved skills and confidence for their respective work areas and work more productively with better task prioritization, provide direct and regular on-the-job mentoring, coaching, and line management.


  • holds oneself accountable for making choices, effectively allocating resources, and upholding and exemplifying Save the Children ideals.
  • Holds partners accountable for carrying out their duties, giving them the freedom to do so in the method that best suits them, supplying the training required to boost performance, and enforcing suitable sanctions when objectives are not met.


  • aims high and sets difficult challenges for themselves, taking ownership of their own personal growth.
  • engages and inspires people while widely sharing their own personal vision for Save the Children.
  • Future-focused, strategically minded, and globally aware.


  • develops and maintains strong bonds with their group, teammates, members, and outside partners and supporters.
  • views diversity and the perspectives of other people as a source of competitive strength.
  • affable, attentive, and simple to talk to.


  • creates and supports original, creative solutions.
  • eliminates red tape and promotes an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • ready to take calculated risks.


  • Sincerity fosters openness and transparency and increases confidence and trust.
  • consistently demonstrates good judgment.


  • a master’s degree in business management, agribusiness, cooperative management, social entrepreneurship, finance, renewable energy, economics, or a comparable field, along with 10 years of experience managing program cycles within a complex NGO with a matrix structure.
  • Excellent project management abilities, including the ability to manage finances and contracts, clients and stakeholders, team members, consultants, and partners, as well as the ability to use program management tools to deliver projects on schedule and under budget to the client’s satisfaction.
  • A minimum of ten years of work and management experience in market development and/or business support within INGOs, consulting firms, or the private sector, both in East Africa and internationally. This experience should also include a sizable amount of expertise in implementing and managing sizable field-based program delivery at a similar management and cross-functional level.
  • comprehensive knowledge of at least two of the following: enterprise assessment/support, commercial analysis, methods to the creation of inclusive market systems (such M4P), and private sector development.
  • At least two of the following topic areas (access to energy, access to finance, agriculture and livelihoods, enterprise models, and top- and bottom-of-the-pyramid delivery methods) should have experience with market development.
  • knowledge of participatory techniques, social impact evaluation, and rural development.
  • At least seven years of direct management experience, as well as knowledge in remote operational, logistical, and financial management, are required to demonstrate the capacity to develop and lead an efficient team.
  • grasp of handling USAID funding, as well as strong financial and budgetary controls.


  • clear comprehension of the fundamental tenets of effective development practice in areas like gender and social inclusion; formation of strategic alliances and consortiums; development of local partner capacity; participant and partner feedback; and participatory methods.
  • The capacity to organize, plan, and manage a sizable workload for oneself and others that involves difficult and varied duties and responsibilities in both emergency and development contexts.
  • Possessing the capacity to think strategically, examine options, and analyze information.
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentational abilities, as well as credibility with coworkers and stakeholders at all organizational levels.
  • high levels of resiliency and a readiness to visit field areas often

additional duties in the workplace

  • The above-described job duties and responsibilities are not all-inclusive, and the post holder may be required to perform extra duties that are reasonable for someone with their level of training and experience.

Equitable Chances

  • The position holder must perform their tasks in accordance with SCI’s policies and procedures regarding equal opportunity and diversity.
  • Safety and Health
  • The position holder must perform their duties in compliance with the rules and regulations of SCI Health and Safety.

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