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  • Public health specialist
  • (2308650)
  • Agreement in Writing: Independent Consultant
  • 11 months total (in years, months, and days)
  • Date Posted: September 24, 2023, 12:43:58


The goal of the consultation

Supporting the planning and evaluation of the WHO Representative office in Egypt is necessary to ensure ongoing performance improvement toward achieving the goals outlined in the National One Health Strategy. These goals include preventing and limiting the spread of potential epidemics into Egypt, lowering associated morbidity and mortality, and preserving and improving human, plant, and environmental health as a step toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Work that must be done

  • Document and summarize various projects and actions associated with the expansion of the USAID project “Support National Response Operations to COVID-19” in Output 1.
  • Deliverable 1.1: Create the quarter and final project reports using the established format.
  • Attend meetings with various project partners and serve as a focal point for Public Health issues in this line of work for Deliverable 1.2.
  • Gather meeting minutes and report on their distribution to team members as part of deliverable 1.3.
  • Output 2: To assist the attainment of the Egyptian national one health strategy 2023–2027, providing technical support relating to the activities and publications held in collaboration with the GOE and relevant national & international partners.
  • Drafts of documents pertaining to the national health strategy’s execution are included in deliverable 2.1.
  • Participate in meetings with various project partners to discuss Public Health issues related to this line of work for Deliverable 2.2.

Education requirements:

  • A first-year university degree in public health is necessary.
  • A public health master’s degree is preferred.


  • Up to five years of progressively more responsible professional experience in the field of public health, as well as track record of logistical support and partner coordination.

Technical knowledge and abilities:

  • outstanding proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • demonstrated ability to cooperate across cultural boundaries
  • Interaction skills that have been shown in difficult circumstances involving technological, cultural, and political factors
  • extensive job expertise in information gathering, data analysis, constraint identification, and solution-providing.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with all levels of field teams and MOHP authorities.
  • demonstrated proficiency in conducting a literature review on the national health sector’s governance frameworks
  • demonstrated proficiency in coordinating with regional and federal laws.

Required languages and grade level:

  • excellent command in both Arabic and English.

The area

  • Egypt, Cairo

timeframes (Part-time Consultancy – Confirmation of dates required)

  • beginning on November 9, 2023
  • Ending on October 8, 2024

Medical approval

  • It will be required of the chosen consultant to present a medical certificate attesting to their work readiness.

Journey This contract does not cover travel or lodging expenses.

  • WHO will handle all travel arrangements, and it won’t be held liable for any tickets that the Consultant buys without WHO’s express, in advance approval. The Consultant will receive a subsistence stipend while on mission in accordance with the provisions of this consultancy.
  • Visa requirements: It is the consultant’s duty to satisfy visa requirements and, if necessary, request visa support letter(s).

Additional Details

  • Candidates for other comparable consultancies at the same level may be found using the information provided in this vacancy ad.
  • Only those applicants who are seriously considered will be contacted.
  • A written exam could be used as a screening tool.
  • You will be expected to submit a scanned copy of the degree(s), diploma(s), or certificate(s) required for this position in advance if your application is selected for an interview. Only degrees from institutions accredited by or recognized by the International Association of Universities (IAU)/United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are taken into account by WHO when evaluating higher education credentials.

Public Health Consultant Job Vacancy In Cairo Egypt

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