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Date of closing: Wednesday, October 4, 2023 | Statistics Analyst Job In Lyon | France | Interpol



In order to achieve diversity and inclusion among its workforce, INTERPOL embraces diversity. Women and qualified applicants from member nations with low representation are especially encouraged to apply.

The position’s title is Statistics Analyst.

Post-reference number: INT04074

Operational Support and Analysis Directorate

Station of duty: Lyon, France

Contract type and duration: Fixed-term for three years.

Grade: 5

There is one post.

Basic degree of security

Application deadline is October 4, 2023.

Please read the “Vacancy Notice” (bullet point) at the bottom of the page.

Conditions that apply to candidates who are both internal and external

  • Candidates’ professional experience will only be taken into consideration if they can show certified documentation of their employment. Before interviews or tests, candidates could be asked to present copies of these official documents.
  • Future extensions of this position are contingent on good performance, compliance with the Organization’s Staff Manual, and the availability of money.
  • The tests and interviews that are a part of this selection process will happen about 4 weeks after the application deadline. In the event that they are short-listed, applicants are respectfully asked to schedule their availability during this time accordingly.
  • At the latest two to three months after getting an employment offer, chosen candidates will be required to report for duty.
  • A reserve list of qualified applicants might be created using this selection process and used to meet the organization’s future personnel needs.
  • All competent candidates who are citizens of INTERPOL Member Countries are welcome to apply, regardless of their racial or ethnic origin, ideas or beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or impairments. INTERPOL is an equal opportunity workplace.
  • Candidates are eligible to apply for positions at INTERPOL without regard to their race or ethnicity, religion, opinions, gender, sexual orientation, or impairments. However, although being awarded legal status by the Organization, staff members’ spouses or partners may not receive the same recognition when they live in specific duty stations due to national policy and legislation in effect in INTERPOL host countries. When this occurs, the Organization will notify the applicants in a timely manner so that they are aware of the situation and can act accordingly. Candidates are also urged to become knowledgeable about particular rules and regulations that may have an impact on their personal and family circumstances at the duty station where they are applying.


The General Secretariat is “responsible for determining authorization procedures or a system of security clearance at each data confidentiality level,” according to Article 114.1 of INTERPOL’s Rules on the Processing of Data (RPD). It is important for member states to be informed that some INTERPOL information may not be made available to their nationals working at INTERPOL if they are unable or unwilling to help INTERPOL execute such a check.

One must get a “INTERPOL Restricted” security clearance in order to access police data that is designated as “INTERPOL For official use only” or “INTERPOL RESTRICTED.” After undergoing a Basic security check, this clearance is given.

A person needs to have a “INTERPOL Confidential” security clearance in order to view police material that is labeled as “INTERPOL CONFIDENTIAL.” After an Enhanced security check, this clearance is given.

No clearance should ever be issued based solely on an official’s rank, current position, or duration of service. Staff may only access General Secretariat facilities and police data after obtaining the necessary INTERPOL security clearance. The Official needing an INTERPOL Confidential security clearance may be permitted to begin the appointment if the NCB can certify that the Basic security screening equivalent has been completed in order to shorten the contract deadline and since the Enhanced security screening may take some time. It won’t be possible to gain access to INTERPOL CONFIDENTIAL data until it’s certified that enhanced security screening has taken place.

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