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Apply For Technical Assistance Officer (contractual) job ICDGP | Washington Dc | United States | IMF


The TAO role’s main objective is to:

  • Obtain outside funding from sponsors and other outside partners for IMF capacity development.
  • Maintain relationships with current external partners, forge new ones, and participate as necessary to outreach and communication efforts.
  • Make sure CD policies and procedures are appropriate, in line with IMF interests, and mindful of the viewpoints of foreign partners.

principal responsibilities and duties

The TAO takes part in the planning and negotiation of fresh contribution agreements with other organizations and oversees their execution. Along with Senior TAOs, s/he will actively seek out new contacts with possible outside partners and maintain close ties with those already in place. The TAO will support development and dissemination of information on the IMF’s CD initiatives as well as general outreach regarding the IMF’s mandate to deliver CD. It will also contribute to communication and outreach with internal and external audiences on CD policies and projects. The TAO will aid in getting in touch with outside sources of CD financing (such formal bilateral agencies or Ministries, the World Bank, regional development banks, or private foundations). Significant travel may be required for the job, along with regular contact with numerous other IMF departments and representatives of outside organizations.


  • Along with experience requirements, the candidate should have the following qualities:
  • experience in fundraising, preferably across multiple regions and especially from organizations in the public sector.
  • Experience working with a donor organization or another partner in development would be a big plus.
  • good understanding of capacity development challenges and development aid trends.
  • Excellent planning, organizing, and communication abilities, as well as a strong commitment to getting things done.

Minimum Requirements

  • A master’s degree, or equivalent, in business, finance, budgeting, accounting, statistics, computer science, or a related field is required, along with four years of relevant experience. Alternatively, a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, is required, along with at least 10 years of relevant professional experience.
  • The chosen applicant must demonstrate initiative, entrepreneurialism, and resourcefulness; be able to handle numerous, varied, and occasionally unexpected situations concurrently and successfully; fulfill deadlines; and effectively interact with a wide range of stakeholders. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to convey IMF CD to external audiences in a highly engaging manner.
  • Knowledge of extra languages, especially French, and excellent English drafting abilities would be a big advantage.
  • This position has a one-year contract. The IMF offers renewable contractual appointments for up to four years of total contractual service, subject to incumbent performance, budgetary flexibility, and ongoing business necessity.


ICDGP Division for Global Partnerships of the Institute for Capacity Development

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