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Team Overview

The Program Implementation team is in charge of ensuring that Search’s programs and projects are carried out in compliance with donor and Search policies and procedures in its local offices. The Program Implementation team works on the project’s whole life cycle, from the beginning to the end. This entails creating work schedules, carrying out tasks, reporting, handling finances, and managing workers. The team in charge of implementing the program works with others in the departments of finance, institutional learning, programs, global affairs and partnerships, human resources, and information technology.

Summary for Position

For a planned six-year initiative aimed at assisting media and civil society organizations in better playing their part as catalysts for a more transparent and accountable society in Tanzania, Search is seeking a Conflict Sensitivity Specialist. The Conflict Sensitivity Specialist will serve as the primary technical advisor on conflict sensitivity, ensure that staff members and partners are protected, and make sure that conflict sensitivity is used in all project-related activities.

Please be aware that employment is subject to contract award.


  • Give staff and consultants working on conflict sensitivity and mainstreaming “Do No Harm” (DNH) technological help.
  • Implement the project’s work plan in accordance with the nation’s conflict sensitivity program.
  • Support a reflective evaluation and program change process to provide strategic flexibility.
  • Contribute to the creation of new activity plans by identifying new target-related projects.
  • Prepare the project’s reporting requirements as needed.
  • Participate in the creation of training materials that are appropriate.
  • Participate in knowledge-management initiatives and conflict-sensitivity-related documentation
  • Support the development of institutional alliances and capability for mainstreaming conflict sensitivity.
  • assistance in the execution of partnership agreements
  • aid in creating training plans in accordance with training needs analyses
  • Ensure that conflict sensitivity (CS) is relevant by conducting regular reviews and revisions.
  • CS capacity development in the civil service should be implemented and monitored by close coordination with the appropriate government agencies.
  • Develop basic technical skills on conflict/peace sensitivity in government agencies, civil society organizations, and commissions by:
  • Take the initiative to start training important individuals to be trainers.
  • Create and publish specialized training materials in English and Kiswahili
  • Review and modify training modules’ methods on a regular basis.
  • As a member of the project team, contribute technical knowledge to help the consortium as a whole integrate conflict-sensitive organizational mechanisms, processes, and procedures.
  • Review policies and procedures to incorporate sensitivity to conflicts.
  • In order to educate internal advocacy and familiarization, analyze organizational mandates
  • In order to guarantee that conflict-sensitive principles are incorporated and applied, review relevant project-wide policy and procedures.
  • Give management advice on implementing conflict-sensitive systems and methods across the programme management cycle, beginning with the conception, design, and evaluation phase.
  • Establish organizational responsibility standards for programming that addresses conflicts:
  • Give technical assistance to organizations, programs, and projects that want to incorporate internal accountability measures.
  • Be in favor of including public accountability measures in program cycles.
  • Enhance external collaborations and incorporate conflict sensitivity into corporate writing, language, and communications.
  • assemble insights learned and promote institutional learning across the board.
  • Create networks with INGOs, the UN, and other outside organizations to contribute to ongoing context analysis and updates.
  • enhance collaboration with organizations that could profit from and aid in the development of conflict-sensitive development strategies

Knowledge, skills, and abilities (Competency Behavior Indicators):

  • Bachelor’s degree in political science, international relations, conflict and peacebuilding studies, or a closely related topic
  • 9 years or more of experience professionally doing conflict analyses and offering technical guidance on conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm in the field of peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, or development
  • Use of various conflict analysis frameworks, peacebuilding, or development engagement in conflict situations shown skills
  • comprehensive knowledge of Tanzania’s social, political, and conflict dynamics
  • demonstrated capacity for high-level lobbying and representation
  • willingness to frequently and on short notice travel across the nation
  • possessing computer literacy and MS Office package experience
  • outstanding networking and interpersonal abilities, including the capacity to forge connections both inside and internationally
  • Cross-cultural awareness and expertise
  • strong communication abilities both in writing and speaking, with the capacity to create reports in both English and Kiswahili
  • proactive, service-oriented, and focused on results
  • awareness of the national legal and policy framework for peace as well as a thorough understanding of the trends affecting international security, as well as national attempts to promote peace and manage conflicts
  • direct knowledge of developing and implementing development programs
  • An advantage is having prior experience working for an international NGO in East Africa.

Contacts’ nature and type:

1) Regularly coordinates with coworkers and consultants on the job site and in the field, finding diplomatic solutions to tricky situations.

2) Acts as a representative for specific programs or projects as well as other businesses including vendors, donors, and local and international partners.

3) Interacts with regional and country office workers.

Submission deadline is September 30, 2023.

The position holder may be needed to perform additional tasks that are roughly in line with the aforementioned primary responsibilities because job descriptions cannot be exhaustive.

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