Apply by: September 21, 2023, at 8:59 p.m. | NATIONAL POSITION: ASSISTANT REPRESENTATIVE | Kigali | UNFPA

Job Reference Number: 13532

Places: Rwanda

Position: Full-time

Notes: NOD

Type of Vacancy: Fixed Term

Non-Rotating/Rotating: Non-Rotating

Contract Term: One Year with an Extension Option

Educated with a master’s degree and has seven years of work experience

English is a required language.

Ideal Languages

Kinyarwanda and French

Timeline for Vacancies: 2 Weeks

Population & Development Job Category


Position Description

The Position

The position is at the country office for Rwanda and answers to the UNFPA Deputy Representative. To complement the Country Representative’s work, the Assistant Representative offers senior level advising support and leverage access to senior national and government leaders. Additionally, coordinates knowledge management and UNFPA’s program of support in the area of population and data, and supports the development and implementation of the country program in the area of population and development (P&D). More specifically, s/he leads the Evidence, Knowledge Management and Innovation Unit (EKI), advises the Representative on national development policies in the pertinent sector, and works to ensure UNFPA’s priorities are well-considered during sector policy discussions with the Government and the development partners. The incumbent makes sure that the highest standards of strategic advocacy and policy guidance are provided for the allocated regions.

The incumbent makes sure that the highest standards of strategic advocacy and policy guidance are provided for the allocated regions.

As a member of the country office’s senior management group, s/he serves as the officer-in-charge when the representative and deputy representative are not present.

How you can change things:

In order to create a society where every pregnancy is desired, every birth is safe, and every young person’s potential is realized, UNFPA is the leading UN organization. In its strategic plan for the years 2022 to 2025, UNFPA maintains the relevance of its current course while concentrating on three transformative goals: ending needless maternal deaths, meeting unmet family planning needs, and putting an end to harmful gender-based practices. These outcomes reflect our strategic commitments to expediting the ICPD and SDGs’ realization during the 2020–30 Decade of Action. Our strategic plan urges UN Member States, organizations, and people to “build forward better” in order to achieve our objectives and address the detrimental effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on women’s and girls’ access to sexual and reproductive health care and reproductive rights.

We need ethical and principled employees who uphold these international standards and norms and who will fearlessly and vehemently defend them in a world when fundamental human rights are at jeopardy.

We need personnel that are transparent, excellent in how they handle the resources entrusted to them, and committed to delivering excellence in program results. UNFPA is looking for professionals who transform, inspire, and achieve high impact and sustained results.

Job Objective:

  • Within the context of national development frameworks and the UN Delivering as One (DaO) initiative, UNFPA Rwanda has been assisting the Government of Rwanda in implementing the ICPD Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In accordance with its Country Programme, UNFPA aims to ensure that national programs to promote social economic development place a strong emphasis on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender equality, youth empowerment, and population and data.
  • With a dotted line to the UNFPA Representative, the Assistant Representative will report to the UNFPA Deputy Representative. Under the direction of the Deputy Representative and Head of Programme, s/he supports the delivery of the country programme with an emphasis on the population and development portfolio. In addition to contributing significantly to project creation and evaluation, cooperative programming initiatives, and national development frameworks, s/he analyzes and evaluates pertinent political, social, and economic developments. In addition to fostering collaboration, synergy, and strategic alliances with peers in government, international and bilateral agencies, and civil society, s/he enables the work of consultants, technical advisers, and experts. Through involvement in policy discussions and the provision of input into joint common system efforts, s/he aids in the coordination of UN systems.

You would be in charge of:

  • Leverage access to senior government and national leaders to promote the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Rwanda under the direction of the Country Representative.
  • Determine potential for UNFPA assistance and intervention by analyzing and interpreting the political and socioeconomic context as it relates to population and development, reproductive health, and gender.
  • keep up with new ideas and advances in policy Prepare briefs and contributions for policy dialogue, technical assistance coordination, and development frameworks, as well as provide advice to the Representative by analyzing policy papers, strategy documents, national plans, and development frameworks.
  • Contribute significantly to the implementation of UNFPA activities under the direction of the Deputy Representative while keeping in mind political, social, and cultural sensitivities, the national priorities, and the UNFPA Strategic Plan, program policies, and procedures.
  • Working closely with coworkers and implementing partners, s/he assures results-oriented program delivery in the field of population and development, which falls within the purview of the EKI unit. This includes monitoring budget and expenditure, as well as timely and effective program delivery.
  • In the area of population and development, which falls under the purview of the EKI unit, s/he analyzes and reports on the accomplishment of program and project results, proactively monitoring substantive progress and efficiently utilizing both the financial and human project resources. Support the coordination of program and project implementation, training of executing agencies’ and projects’ staff members, and the development of efficient implementation methods.
  • Under the direction of the Deputy Representative and in coordination with other colleagues, s/he contributes to One UN pertinent Working Groups as well as in Health sector sub-thematic groups as needed.
  • Analyze data on possible donors, draft project briefings and proposals that are in accordance with donor priorities, establish feedback mechanisms, and provide updates on the status of donor-funded projects as a way to contribute to the resource mobilization strategy.
  • To facilitate the timely and effective implementation of the country programme in the context of the delivery as one in Rwanda, establish collaborative partnerships with executing agencies, government counterparts, and other UN agencies. This will also allow you to address the training needs of national counterparts.
  • Work with the government to determine what technical assistance is needed in the population and data-related fields, and offer guidance on interventions that can be used to meet those needs. You can also offer substantial inputs to help promote policy debate, advocacy, and the inclusion of the issues in national, district, and sectoral plans and strategies as well as UN System projects and development frameworks.
  • By examining programs, projects, strategies, approaches, and ongoing experience for lessons learned, best practices, and shares with management for use in knowledge sharing and planning future strategies, one can create and document knowledge on current and emerging population development trends, RH, and gender issues.
  • By actively participating and taking the lead in pertinent working groups with the government and development partners, advise management on the policy dialogue required for the preparation and revision of national and local level plans of action, ensuring that UNFPA’s priorities are taken into account in National Development Plans and Sector Plans.
  • acts as the CO Representative’s and the Deputy Representative’s representative in the office.
  • perform any additional tasks that the UNFPA leadership may specify.

Competencies and Experience:


a master’s degree in a relevant field, such as population and demographics, statistics, economics, etc.

Understanding and Experience:

  • a minimum of seven years of increasingly more responsible professional experience in the field of population and development activities, with specific knowledge of statistics and population.
  • substantial experience with growing responsibility in program developing, evaluating, and management, as well as a proven ability to improve program design to ensure that organizational program objectives are in line with the priorities and capacities of the country.
  • Working knowledge of the principles of Results Based Management M&E and familiarity with the creation of functional M&E systems.
  • experience in policy creation, the capacity to coordinate and negotiate with all pertinent governmental agencies, international organizations, and civil society groups.
  • a track record of successfully managing and leading teams to produce measurable results.
  • Excellent communication skills are needed to retain partnerships and build engaged collaborations at a high level of representation.


Fluency in French is preferred, although knowledge of other UN official languages is also helpful.



  • demonstrating integrity,
  • demonstrating dedication to the UN system and UNFPA,
  • embracing diversity in culture,
  • Accepting change

Principal Competencies

  • obtaining outcomes,
  • being responsible,
  • acquiring and using professional knowledge and business savvy,
  • Using both analytical and strategic thinking,
  • collaborating with others, managing our own and others’ connections,
  • communicating effectively

Functional Capabilities

  • Promotion of a policy-focused agenda.
  • Building strategic alliances and collaborations and utilizing the resources of national governments and partners
  • Providing a results-oriented program
  • Advocacy, communication, and mobilization of results both internally and outside

management abilities

  • Giving strategic direction
  • involving partners and stakeholders both internally and externally
  • Creating a culture of performance via leadership, development, and empowerment of others.
  • deciding on internal and external communication, using judgment, and advocating for results mobilization

Benefits and Compensation

This job offers a competitive net salary, health insurance, and other perks as appropriate, in addition to an alluring compensation package.


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