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Assistant for Child Protection in Yola

Child Protection Sector

Regular Category of Employment

Type of Employment: Full-Time

Open to Foreigners: No

Place: Nigeria


Workplace Setting:

Position Description

Context/IRC Summary: One of the greatest humanitarian organizations in the world, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), offers assistance to victims of violence and natural disasters in more than 42 conflict-ridden nations by providing relief, rehabilitation, and post-conflict reconstruction help. The IRC is dedicated to brave leadership, invention, and innovative collaborations. IRC works to protect people from harm at home and is involved in public health, EH-WASH, nutrition, education, livelihoods, women’s emancipation, youth development, and the protection and promotion of rights. In Kogi State, Nigeria, IRC started operations in 2012 in response to the flood situation.

Boko Haram has significantly increased (vaguely) the violence it has been committing in the Northeast at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, which has led to an influx of internally displaced people (IDPs) into the state. The host villages in the Northeast have been hosting many displaced people since the start of the insurgency, and they have now surpassed their limit for absorbing new residents. The most fundamental amenities, such as access to suitable housing, modest home goods, food, health care, safe drinking water, and fundamental sanitation, are unavailable to the recent arrivals. Additionally, communities in these locations, where children and women make up 70% of the IDP population, have major protection issues due to the unrest brought on by past and present Boko Haram incursions as well as ongoing threats from others.

In order to give the CP staff advice about what is expected of them based on the current context and programming, this Job Description has been evaluated to represent the current expectations of the CP staff. This will make it possible for his or her boss to hold them responsible for their duties and ensure accountability to our intended clients, donors, and IRC Nigeria Country Program.

Job Overview/Summary: This position is in charge of monitoring and implementing program activities at the sites, supporting in the training of community structures, conducting case management, facilitating group psychosocial support for kids and teens, and holding positive parenting classes for parents and caregivers. This position also works closely with CP community-based structures. Along with the CP officer, CPIMS officer, and CP manager, they will collaborate closely to ensure accurate data collection, management, report writing, and budget execution.

Significant Duties:

  • In order to identify vulnerable children and families and their needs, it is important to undertake vulnerability assessments for all identified and referred cases. Identification of children who are the victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or violence, such as UASC and CAAC, should take precedence.
  • Ensure high-quality case management for at-risk children and their families by creating tailored, case-specific action plans with a focus on high-risk kid cases.
  • On sensitive cases, coordinate with the relevant governmental organizations and other important parties.
  • Create daily and weekly activity schedules and write progress reports for your activities (such as vulnerability assessments, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), awareness-raising campaigns, and preventative measures to lessen vulnerable children’s exposure to risk).
  • When utilizing CPIMS to manage sensitive personal information on children and their families, make sure data protection guidelines are followed.
  • To guarantee integrated service delivery, coordinate communication and assistance for kids and their families. When necessary, connect them to specialist services or other IRC sectors.
  • Create innovative engagement activities through SHLS for impacted kids and families, offering chances to build resilience to support leadership and social development.
  • Make careful to keep the CP manager up to date on your progress and any obstacles.
  • Give the SHLS facilitators daily instructions on SHLS activities in accordance with the normative tools and practices, including weekly support supervision.
  • In order to assist protection actions, make sure there is regular communication with community members and established community structures like the CBPCs.
  • Service mapping should be done in the implementation area to facilitate the creation of a referral pathway.
  • To guarantee the secure identification and referral of children with protection concerns, collaborate closely with the CBPCs.
  • Make sure to undertake monthly kid protection monitoring.
  • Make careful to enroll parents and other caregivers of vulnerable children in the workshops on effective parenting.
  • Support the development, administration, and delivery of the SAFE approach by the facilitators, and take part in ongoing skill development with the use of FMD/SAFE resources.

Important Collaborations:

  • Reporting Person: The Child Protection Officer Position directly supervises: SHLS Facilitators and CBCPCs
  • The manager of child protection will be indirectly reported to. Additional internal and/or external contacts:
  • inside the IRC sectors External: Partners, the CP AoR, and pertinent government organizations.

Qualifications for Child Protection Assistant Yola | Nigeria job

  • a degree or HND in social work, psychology, education, or another social science is required as a minimum qualification.
  • two years’ worth of experience running child safety initiatives in aid or development contexts.
  • demonstrated knowledge of working with children, especially those who are vulnerable.
  • Active participation in social groupings and knowledge of the dynamics and procedures of groups.
  • Experience in training, facilitation, or capacity building
  • giving UASC and other at-risk kids case management services.
  • Experience supporting group psychosocial activities, responding to emergencies, managing child protection cases, including family tracking and reunion, and establishing child safety measures.
  • Personal characteristics: a good time manager, adaptable team player, network builder, and pressure handler.
  • English proficiency is necessary, with Hausa preference. Access to fundamental infrastructure and social facilities is present in the workplace.

Equal Opportunity Employer: IRC IRC evaluates all applications on the basis of merit without regard to age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, race, sex, color, national origin, religion, or disability. Women are urged to apply vigorously.

The values and standards established in IRC Way – Standards for Professional Conduct must be followed by the IRC and IRC employees. Integrity, service, accountability, and equality are these. The IRC runs and upholds policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity, and Anti-Retaliation in compliance with these ideals.

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