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Date of expiration: Saturday, October 7, 2023 | Results Measurement Analyst Needed In Addis Ababa | UNDP

  • Job Reference Number: 13529
  • Locations: Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa
  • Date of Posting: 9/22/2023, 9:28 AM
  • Prior to: 10/7/2023, 3:59 AM
  • Position: Full-time
  • Organizer: UNCDF
  • Level: NPSA-9
  • National Personnel Service Agreement: Type of Vacancy
  • Area of Practice: Management
  • Office: Regional Office for Africa
  • Contract Term: One Year with an Extension Option
  • Master’s degree with two years of experience OR a bachelor’s degree with four years of experience
  • English must be spoken and written completely with no errors. It is necessary to speak the language in the area.
  • Timeline of Vacancies; 2 Weeks


Position Description

the PSA Holder will assist in achieving these objectives.

  • The results measurement analyst will be in charge of overseeing the results measurement strategy’s implementation for UNCDF projects involving inclusive (digital) finance in Ethiopia. This comprises: responsibilities and obligations
  • Creating a framework for results management
  • Create and implement a framework for measuring performance for the Ethiopia office and various projects;
  • support the creation of indicators, the establishment of goals and benchmarks, and the creation of systems for monitoring interventions (results chains, data collection strategies);
  • Support annual budgeting and planning that is country and program specific.

Program architecture:

  • Participate in the development and modification of the national strategy;
  • Assist in establishing theories of change for new initiatives, ensuring alignment with national, UNCDF, and development agendas, and building on lessons learned.
  • Using both quantitative and qualitative research
  • To determine program priorities, inform market engagements, and capture program results and effect, plan, design, and implement quantitative and qualitative research;

Measurement and monitoring

  • Create and manage a system that aggregates program results, and analyze performance and results to draw out pertinent information for program-level strategic decision-making;
  • support the monitoring of the project (field visits, key informant interviews, verification of partner reports, project evaluations, etc.);
  • support assessments and evaluations unique to a country or program;

Development of capability and training:

  • teach team members and partners about methods, procedures, and instruments for measuring results;

Reporting and information exchange:

  • review and participate in donor reporting and progress reports;
  • create knowledge products to convey program outcomes and lessons learned;
  • participate in the Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (SDCF)’s annual monitoring and reporting;
  • Participate in the updating, analyzing, and reporting of the UNCDF Strategic Plan 2022–2026’s Integrated Results and Resources Matrix (IRRM).

Organizational Structure

  • The Country Lead in Ethiopia and the Regional Results Measurement Specialist will have direct oversight over the Results Measurement Analyst’s activities.
  • The contract has a 12-month initial term, but it may be extended based on programming requirements, funding, and successful performance.


  • Obtain Results LEVEL 2: Scale up solutions, streamline procedures, and balance productivity and accuracy
  • Think Creatively: LEVEL 2: Offer fresh perspectives, be receptive to new ideas, and show systemic/integrated thinking
  • Continuous Learning LEVEL 2: Step outside of your comfort zone, absorb knowledge from others, and encourage learning
  • LEVEL 2: Adapt methods/approaches to new circumstances and involve others in the change process
  • Act with Determination: LEVEL 2: Capable of perseverance and managing several pressures at once
  • LEVEL 2: Serves as a facilitator or integrator, bringing people together, and establishing and maintaining coalitions and partnerships
  • Facilitate dialogue to overcome differences and take into account when making decisions to promote diversity and inclusion (LEVEL 2).

Technical and Cross-Functional Competencies

  • Ability to conduct research and convert information into knowledge that is practical, pertinent to the situation, or meets a specified need
  • Working with Evidence and Data in Business Management: Capability to examine, purge, transform, and model data in order to find relevant information, support judgments, and guide decisions.
  • Ability to regularly update managers and other stakeholders on the consistency or disparity between planned and actual actions, as well as program performance and results
  • Ability to evaluate a situation independently using standards and benchmarks that have been established. the capacity to foresee future demands and problems of clients.
  • Business Management – Results-based Management: Capability to oversee projects and programs with an eye on enhanced performance and verifiable outcomes.
  • Project Quality Assurance: Engagement & Effectiveness

required knowledge and expertise


A Master’s degree in economics, finance, public or business administration, social sciences, technology, or a similar field; OR, a Bachelor’s degree plus two additional years of experience.


a minimum of 2 years (for master’s degrees) or 4 years (for bachelor’s degrees) of steadily increasing responsibility in the design and implementation of results measurement frameworks.


  • It’s necessary to speak and write English completely fluently. It is necessary to speak the language in the area.

Results Measurement Analyst Needed In Addis Ababa | UNDP


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