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deadline is 4th October 2023 | Non-Staff Consultant Job Vacancy In Dar Es Salaam Tanzania | UNESCO


  • Parent Sector (ED): Education
  • Station of Duty: Dar es Salaam
  • Duty station classification: [[filter12]]
  • Assignments often last for [[filter13]] days.
  • Family of Work: Education
  • Non-Staff Contract Type
  • Contract terms range from one to six months.
  • the hiring process is accessible to: outside candidates
  • Commitment to the Organization, Integrity, Respect for Diversity, and Professionalism are among the UNESCO Core Values.


Extended Description

1) The Consultancy’s major goal is to facilitate the GPE Local Education Group’s/Education Sector Development Committee’s self-assessment process so that the LEG may evaluate its performance, pinpoint its areas for improvement, and create a strategy for enhancing its operations. The assessment specifically aims to:

2)Evaluate the LEG’s success in attaining its aims and targets for community education.

3) Identify the LEG’s approach to education development and delivery’s strong and weak points, as well as any areas that might require extra support.

4) To create a strategy for improving the LEG’s operations based on the findings of the self-evaluation process.

5) Ensure that the LEG’s initiatives are in line with the objectives and priorities of the Tanzanian government, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), and the GPE.

6) Encourage local education stakeholders to take charge of community education programs and to pay closer attention to the needs of kids and families.

7) Ensure that resources are used more effectively and that educational outcomes are more closely connected with local needs and objectives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of education activities on a local level.

Extended Description

Plans for Action

1) Planning and preparation: The Lead Consultant will oversee the efforts of his or her team as they collaborate with the LEG/ESDC and other stakeholders to plan and get ready for the self-assessment process.

2) Data Gathering: will consist of questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and document reviews.

Data Evaluation

3) Stakeholder Engagement: To ensure that all stakeholders’ viewpoints are taken into account and that the process is inclusive, the Lead Consultant will direct his or her team to engage with stakeholders throughout the self-assessment process.

4) The LEG/ESDC and other stakeholders are informed of the results.

5) Action Planning: Based on the findings of the self-assessment process, the consultant team will collaborate with the LEG/ESDC to create a plan for enhancing their work.

6) Reporting: Create a report outlining the results of the self-assessment process and the strategy for advancing the LEG/ESDC’s work on local education projects.

Extended Description

Core and managerial competencies

Responsibility (C)

  • Communication
  • Inventiveness
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Organizing and planning
  • Results-oriented
  • Cooperation
  • Being professional


1) A master’s degree in education, the social sciences, or a similar subject;

2) Proven expertise in assisting with challenging evaluations, assessments, or research projects for educational or developmental programs

3) Knowledge of data gathering, analysis, and reporting; strong analytical abilities;

4) Outstanding facilitation and communication abilities, including the capacity to interact productively with a variety of stakeholders

5) Proven expertise in Tanzania’s education system or other comparable environments.

6) It is advantageous to be familiar with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and its goals.

7) Fluency in English is necessary, and Swahili competence is strongly favored.

Selection and hiring procedure

  • Please be aware that all applicants must submit an online application and accurate, complete information. Please visit the UNESCO careers page to apply. The application that has been submitted cannot be changed.
  • Based on the requirements in the job posting, candidates are evaluated using a competency-based interview, exams, and/or assessments.
  • UNESCO assesses and evaluates candidates through communication technologies like video or teleconference, email correspondence, etc.
  • Please be aware that only chosen candidates will receive further communication, and based on the information supplied, references will be checked on candidates at the final selection stage.
  • No cost is ever imposed by UNESCO throughout the hiring procedure.

Non-Staff Consultant Job Vacancy In Dar Es Salaam Tanzania | UNESCO


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