Public Information Assistant Job Vacancy In Windhoek Namibia


Closing date: October 12, 2023, on Thursday | Public Information Assistant Job Vacancy In Windhoek Namibia | DGC

  • Assistant for Public Information, Job Code
  • Office or Department: Global Communications Department
  • Station of duty: WINDHOEK
  • Dates of Posting: 12 September and 12 October 2023
  • Public Information-DGC-217993-R-Windhoek (R) Position Number 23
  • Integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity are among the tenets of the United Nations



  • Organizes meetings, sets up and maintains files and records, provides general office support, responds to complex information requests and enquiries, prepares, develops, and completes correspondence and other communications materials.
  • Coordinates administrative services, such as the creation, oversight, and processing of various requisitions, service contracts, and payment vouchers; assists in budget creation and expense tracking; aids in hiring; coordinates special assignments and associated travel authorizations; etc. helps with reporting, monitoring, and evaluation while offering specialized assistance to officers in the creation and delivery of information communications activities, goods, and services.
  • Manages, develops, and expands internal databases; updates websites and social media accounts, including writing and editing content; helps design, develop, and maintain Internet applications; and produces a range of standard and atypical statistical and other reports from various databases.
  • researches, gathers, and presents fundamental data for use in creating communications services and solutions.
  • writes descriptions for UN photos and assists with photography by creating digital images, photo prints, and acting as a backup photographer.
  • Organizes and allocates space for visiting news, photo, TV, and film personnel; coordinates technical arrangements; and organizes and coordinates space for media coverage of important events. She also works with news and publications agencies, public relations firms, UN photographers, etc. to provide advance notice of upcoming meetings, briefings, and special events and to determine coverage requirements.
  • Takes part in the organization and planning of significant displays; communicates with pertinent departments and agencies; and prepares and edits correspondence, production schedules, press releases, and other texts that are linked to the organization and production of exhibits.
  • Creates designs in the proper format for promotional and other materials using the appropriate computer software, such as brochures, presentational materials, announcements, video, audio, website content, social media posts, etc.; makes sure that photos, graphics, and other elements are appropriate and adhere to UN standards for communications materials.
  • Makes certain that products are available and are packaged properly for distribution at special events, displays, conferences, media events, etc.
  • Produces scripts, cue cards, etc., tracks all production material, chooses and catalogs sound and visual materials for inclusion in productions, and obtains necessary clearances and copyrights. Coordinates scheduling of external and internal production facilities. Directs studio recordings and/or assesses audio quality of recordings for inclusion in programs.
  • provide advice and instruction to less experienced personnel.
  • does other tasks as directed.


Knowledge of internal policies, methods, and procedures pertaining to communication, the creation of public information, and its dissemination. the capacity to conduct research using a range of sources. displays pride in one’s accomplishments and work. demonstrates expertise in the field and mastery of it. is diligent and effective at keeping commitments, respecting deadlines, and getting things done. is driven more by professional considerations than personal ones. displays tenacity when dealing with challenging issues or obstacles and maintains composure under pressure. a dedication to achieving gender equality by making sure that men and women are equally represented and fully included in all facets of the workforce. COMMUNICATION: Writes and speaks with clarity. demonstrates active listening, accurate message interpretation, and appropriate response. Clarification-seeking questions are asked, and a curiosity in two-way communication is shown. language, tone, style, and format are adjusted to the target audience. Openness in information sharing and keeping the public informed is displayed. Planning and organizing: Establishes specific objectives that are congruent with chosen tactics. Determines what tasks and activities are most important; modifies priorities as necessary. Appropriate time and resources are allotted for the completion of the work. identifies dangers and incorporates backup plans into preparation. observes and modifies strategies and actions as necessary. effectively utilizes time.


  • You need a high school diploma or its equivalent.


It is necessary to have at least five years of experience in the fields of journalism, public relations, communications, international broadcasting, or a closely connected field. For candidates who hold a first-level degree or higher, the required number of years of relevant experience is lowered to three (3). It is necessary to have prior experience dealing with social media platforms and database-driven websites. It is necessary to have experience writing for a variety of publishing types and/or platforms, including websites, press releases, speeches, social media, and briefing notes. It would be ideal to have prior experience with digital analytics technologies. Experience using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, or other comparable computer program for graphic design and/or desktop publishing is preferred. Experience working in a UN Common System office or another comparable international institution is preferred.


The working languages of the United Nations Secretariat are English and French. English proficiency is necessary for the role advertised. It would be ideal to know another official UN language.


An assessment exercise and a competency-based interview may both be used to evaluate competent individuals.

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