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Posted: 8 Jun 2023  Closing date: 30 Jun 2023

Job Title: Programme Coordinator (Self Help Africa)
Location: Flexible location (UK, Ireland or one of our countries of operation)
Contract: Two-year fixed term full-time
Reports to: Global Programmes Coordinator and Policy Advisor
Salary: £25-32k

Job Objective:

In order to ensure the highest standards are met in proposal development, reporting, information management, and internal and external communications, this role involves assisting Self Help Africa, United Purpose country teams, and Head Office teams in the day-to-day effective implementation of projects in the country program portfolio. In addition to preparing reports, applications, and proposals, analyzing data, problem-solving, and taking corrective action as part of an international team across many nations and cultures, the position holder is accountable for ensuring that accurate and timely records are maintained on the web-based platforms. The nature of the assistance requirements can and will change, thus the function requires flexibility and adaptability.

Major Responsibilities

Program Support

  • Input from the Programme Funding team is supported as they develop funding requests for institutional donors.
  • Assure that the programs and finance teams in-country collaborate to produce budgets for funding proposals in a timely way and offer advice on multi-project cost-effective strategies to cover country budgets.
  • Identifying unit costs for program delivery will help national teams incorporate a value for money approach and strengthen the business reasons for our proposal.
  • Prepare funding proposals to Trusts and Foundations in collaboration with the Business Development/Fundraising team to close funding gaps in projects.

program finance

  • Review monthly expenditure analysis (ARs), identify any problems—including those related to gains and losses from exchange rates—and work with the project team to come up with solutions.
  • Make sure the budget reforecast is accurate.
  • Participate in the country program budgeting process every year.
  • Ensure value for money in our impact, keep an eye on budget against actual spending, and assist external audits.

Reporting & Education

  • Financial reports are compatible with SHA and donor reporting requirements thanks to quality monitoring of institutional and Trusts and Foundations narrative and the Programme Accountants.
  • Create frequent updates for the board and senior management team.
  • “Closing the Loop” – Examine program reports and glean lessons for dissemination throughout the organization for the development of proposal, communications, and learning needs.

Program Implementation Support and Coordination

  • Lead on support is provided to project managers so they may hold and record frequent project oversight meetings, track activities on Salesforce, and follow up on deliverables.
  • Make sure initiatives are overseen properly, and that reports and case studies are reviewed.
  • Participate in the weekly program’s call on pertinent nations.


  • Point of contact for the Communications team in Ireland and the country-based communications officers.
  • Utilize the possibilities to promote UP and SHA’s work by working with the communications staff.
  • To share with Communications, FR, and program funding, extract “evidence of impact,” “stories of change,” and “case studies” from our programs.
  • Coordinating input from the Technical Advisory Team, prepare briefing papers as needed on the assigned country programmes.
  • Develop case studies based on instances of best practice from programs in collaboration with country teams.

Information Governance:

  • Make that SHAMIS (the Salesforce platform) is correctly maintained to make reports easier to produce, especially program and donor income records and related files.
  • Encourage the implementation of MIS and PMG at country offices.


  • Keep in constant verbal and written contact with the country team, especially the Project Managers and Head of Programs.
  • Organize cross-functional assistance for national teams.
  • Aid in the hiring of personnel for country programs.
  • Support HO staff and outside parties with any necessary travel and project visits to country programs.


  • As instructed by the Program Operations Lead/RDs and/or Programmes Director, support both ongoing and new special initiatives within the Programmes team.
  • Whatever ad hoc tasks that the director of programs or other Management Team members may delegate.
  • Ability to travel to our operating countries.

Important Connections:


  • Coordinator of International Programs and Policy Advisor (Line Manager)
  • CEO of the group
  • Team members from the Programme Operations
  • Regional Director & Accountant for Regional Programs
  • Technical Advisors, M&E, and Funding Team for Programs
  • Members of the CMT and the country program teams, in particular the Head of Programs
  • HR
  • Communications and fundraising


  • Program Associates
  • Donors

Information, skills, and other prerequisites:


  • At least three years’ worth of project or program-related experience working in international development.
  • Writing reports for donors and funding organizations in the past.
    sufficient financial resources for budget reviews.
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal abilities.
  • Degree with appropriate experience in development, agriculture, or a closely related social discipline.
  • The capacity to lead remotely and operate across cultures in an international team
  • working knowledge of a developing nation.


  • Working knowledge of French and/or Portuguese would be highly advantageous.
  • experience working in unstable environments or in humanitarian or emergency situations.
  • knowledge of participatory design and implementation techniques for programs.
  • Work alone and with little oversight.
  • the capacity to analyze data, address issues, and make corrections.
  • aptitude to travel 20% or more of the time.

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