Job Opening

Job Code Title:Chief of Section Public Information
Department/Office:United Nations Environment Programme
Duty Station:Nairobi, Kenya
Deadline21 July 2023
Job Opening Number:23-Public Information-UNEP-210130-R-Nairobi (X)


1) Planning, monitoring, and assessment:

  • Plan, monitor, and evaluate the work of the Section, including any work that was outsourced, in the context of the Division’s project commitments to the UNEP’s Programme of Work and its Medium-Term Strategy.
  • Manage and direct the section, which consists of a publishing unit (coordination of all UNEP publications), a multimedia unit (production of videos, photos, and audio), a design unit (for digital and printed media, including publications), and an editorial unit (production of web stories and editing of publications).
  • Ensure that the section’s financial and other resources are managed in line with the Organization’s policies, procedures, rules, and laws, including the purchasing of products and services.

2) Strategy and innovation: Give the section’s work overall strategic direction, with appropriate strategic framing for its clients’ needs, supported by a sustained innovation strategy that carries out its mandate at the forefront of related industry practices, techniques, technologies, and approaches.

3) Executive editor, publisher, and producer: Carry out the duties of executive editor, publisher (including e-publishing), and producer while working under the Director’s delegated authority. You will be responsible for overseeing the production of the Organization’s pertinent communication collaterals and their cost as well.

4) Resource management: Manage and mobilize resources for the Division and the Section.

5) Reporting and communication: As per client, Division, corporate, and donor standards, ensure prompt and thorough reporting and documentation.

6) Resource management: Create and maintain systems and procedures for the Section’s workflow management and effective and efficient resource scheduling.

7) Coordination of content and traffic: Organize the section’s throughput while maximizing the systems and procedures needed to take in client and project inputs and produce client and project outputs, including effective relationship management.

8) Drives team members’ data collection and analysis activities and offers insight to spot trends or patterns for data-driven planning, decision-making, presentation, and reporting. ensures that everyone has access to the data they require for discovery, integration, and sharing.

9) Carry out any more necessary tasks.


SKILL: The ability to create and maintain communication collaterals in accordance with policies and procedures that support a stable and productive system environment. exceptionally strong conceptual, analytical, and creative problem-solving skills. a track record of managing challenging information integration and business process issues. extensive theoretical knowledge, experience, and expertise in communication, information, and technology.

Ability to assess and analyze data to assist decision-making, and to communicate the results to management. displays pride in one’s accomplishments and work. demonstrates expertise in the field and mastery of it. is diligent and effective at keeping commitments, respecting deadlines, and getting things done. is driven more by professional considerations than personal ones. displays tenacity when dealing with challenging issues or obstacles and maintains composure under pressure.

COMMUNICATION: Writes and speaks with clarity. demonstrates active listening, accurate message interpretation, and appropriate response. Clarification-seeking questions are asked, and a curiosity in two-way communication is shown. language, tone, style, and format are adjusted to the target audience. Openness in information sharing and keeping the public informed is displayed.

PLANNING AND ORGANIZING: Establishes specific objectives that are congruent with chosen tactics. Determines what tasks and activities are most important; modifies priorities as necessary. Appropriate time and resources are allotted for the completion of the work. identifies dangers and incorporates backup plans into preparation. observes and modifies strategies and actions as necessary. effectively utilizes time.

LEADERSHIP: Acts as a role model for others to aspire to. gives others the ability to turn a vision become reality. proactive in coming up with plans to achieve goals. builds and maintains relationships with a variety of people to learn about their needs and win their support. anticipates conflicts and seeks out amicable alternatives to end them. drives innovation and change; does not settle for the current quo. displays the bravery to hold controversial positions.

Provides leadership and accepts accountability for integrating gender views and making sure that women and men participate equally in all aspects of the workplace; exhibits understanding of tactics and dedication to the objective of gender balance in staffing.

JUDGMENT/DECISION MAKING: Quickly gets to the crux of a difficult situation by identifying the important concerns. gathers pertinent data before making a choice. Prior to making judgments, think about their potential effects, both positive and bad. considers how decisions will affect other people and the organization when making them. based on all relevant data, suggests a plan of action or provides a suggestion. compares assumptions to the truth. determines that the suggested actions will meet the decision’s stated and underlying demands. makes difficult choices when necessary.


It is necessary to have a graduate-level education (Master’s degree or its equivalent) in business, public administration, communication, organizational management, marketing, advertising, computer science, information systems, or a closely connected field.

The advanced university degree may be substituted with a first-level university degree and two (2) more years of relevant experience.

It would be ideal to successfully complete both degree-granting and non-degree data analytics, business analytics, or data science programs.

Experience at Work

  • A minimum of ten (10) years of steadily increasing responsibility in media production, publishing, or a closely connected field are necessary.
  • It would be ideal to have prior experience in senior editorial management for a prestigious media outlet, publishing house, or international organization.
  • Experience with digital publishing in various digital file types, such as pdf, EPUB, XML, or mobi, is preferred.
  • It is ideal to have prior experience working for a scientific or environmental organization.
  • It would be ideal to have prior experience leading a team in a multicultural setting.
  • A background in data analytics or a related field is preferred.

The working languages of the United Nations Secretariat are English and French. English fluency is needed for this employment. It would be ideal to have knowledge of another UN official language.

NOTE: “Knowledge of” equals a rating of “confident” in two of the four areas, while “Fluency” equals a rating of “fluent” in all four areas (read, write, speak, and understand).

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