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Date of expiration: Friday, September 29, 2023 | Internal External VA Programme Specialist Job Vacancy In South Sudan Juba | UNICEF

  • Program Specialist (Budget and Finance) P-3, Fixed-Term, Juba, South Sudan, # 00125835 (Open to Non-South Sudanese Only) Internal/External VA
  • Job no: 566097
  • Fixed-term appointment kind of position
  • Location: Nairobi Regn’l (ESARO), South Sudan Division
  • Unit/School: South Sudan
  • Office or Department: Juba, South Sudan
  • Classes: Health
  • To reach the most underprivileged children on the planet, UNICEF works in some of the most difficult locations. to prevent their death. to protect their legal rights. to assist them in achieving their potential.
  • We strive to create a better future for everyone by working for every child, everywhere, every day, in 190 nations and territories.
  • We never give up either.
  • Future for every child
  • Internal External VA Programme Specialist Job Vacancy


organizational context for a job:

The GJP Finance Specialist might work in a country office or a regional office and report to the regional chief or head of operations.Internal External VA Programme Specialist Job Vacancy

a list of the main responsibilities and functions:

  • support for financial planning and management, including the budget
  • account management
  • Cash and treasury management
  • increasing capacity and knowledge
  1. support for financial planning and management, including the budget
  • To aid in financial planning for CPMP and routine management guidance (including a review of financial numbers in PCAs), prepare/analyze financial data/estimates and documentations, ensuring their relevance, accuracy, and completeness. Assist with technical and operational aspects of financial planning and implementation.
  • Examine how the budget was used in accordance with the allotment and codes, and confirm that the rules and processes were followed. Keep stakeholders updated to ensure prompt action.
  • Give the Representative, CO colleagues, and stakeholders technical and operational help for the application, interpretation, and implementation of financial policies, processes, and guidelines. Resolve common financial problems and/or suggest (and document) deviating from policies and procedures to achieve goals.
  • Assess the financial and reputational risk associated with office transactions, and alert management as appropriate.
  • In order to evaluate odd activities and transactions, look into anomalies, and tell the supervisor so they may take prompt action, prepare and/or monitor financial exception reports.
  • Give technical support to the program counterparts/committees, such as reviewing the budgets and financial plans of the implementing partners and ensuring that the partners’ capacity is being developed. You might also keep an eye on whether the HACT framework is being followed.
  • To approve transactions and/or certify/verify accuracy of work and conformity with IPSAS and UNICEF Regulations and Rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines, prepare work plans for supervisees, give timely technical guidance, monitor work in progress, and review work completed.
  • Provide technical guidance during strategic planning exercises and advise PSFR activities on budget preparation, strategic income projection/reporting, creating and monitoring performance indicators, revenue and expense reporting, and other relevant topics.
  1. account management
  • Process and/or review (as per delegated authority) the accurate and timely submission of payments (such as payroll, MIP, travel claims, pension fund, advances to governments, etc.), journal entries, and other financial transactions within scope to the Global Shared Services Center (GSSC), ensuring compliance with budgetary limits, IPSAS and organizational regulations, rules, rules, policies, procedures, standards of accountability, and ethics. Take prompt action on unfinished business to resolve outstanding problems. In order to enable the prompt processing of financial transactions submitted to the center, this involves communication and follow-up with the GSSC.
  • Process/supervise the local disbursement of payments made via bank letters, cheques, or petty cash (as per given authority).
  • To ensure timely deposit and recording in UNICEF systems, process/supervise cash receipts and reconcile income contributions.
  • To ensure accurate and up-to-date financial information for applicable compliance (e.g., IPSAS, donor reporting, internal policies) and management oversight, planning, and/or action, monitor and evaluate financial transactions, accounting reports, and account reconciliation.
  • Prepare or participate in the creation of required management/statutory office financial and accounting reports for UNICEF Board/Bodies/Donors, ensuring the accuracy of the data and adherence to administrative policies.
  • Work together with oversight organizations (such as the UNBOA, OIAI, Evaluation Office, JIU, funders, etc.) to respond to questions and carry out recommendations about financial matters.
  • Assure the timely and accurate completion of all annual, quarterly, and monthly account closure operations.
  • Verify that the FACE form was correctly entered into the system and that the supporting papers for DCT transactions (transfer, modifications, reprogramming, and liquidation) show that the spending is generally fair and in conformity with policy.
  1. Cash and treasury management
  • In compliance with UNICEF/UN financial regulations and rules, policies, processes, and local banking practices, manage bank, petty, and cash on hand account transactions and operations. Keep up with the rules and processes for maintaining bank accounts, as well as the exchange and interest rates. Inform your boss and the appropriate coworkers so they can take action right away.
  • Primary point of contact for common operational issues, such as negotiating the exchange rate for replenishments, with the local bank management.
  • Maintain a system for tracking and predicting recurring cash needs. Give management up-to-date information on the cash status and forecast, and then recommend or take action to ensure that there are enough resources available for programs and operational activities.
  • Review the monthly bank reconciliation and implement the necessary corrective measures in response to the GSSC’s conclusions.
  1. Building ability and knowledge
  • Encourage the highest ethical standards and conduct in the handling of UNICEF’s resources.
  • Capture, institutionalize, and share best practices and lessons learned to support programs for management improvement. Implement management improvements, including cost-cutting measures, and/or make recommendations for management improvements to boost output and performance.
  • Participate in and/or organize training and educational opportunities to increase employee and partner and stakeholder capacity.
  • As needed, assist with office operations.
  1. aids in the development of thoughts and strategies
  • Develop medium- to long-term plans for efficient budget management that will contribute to the overall administration of the office and coordinate contribution management with program initiatives.
  • Create strategies for strengthening the office’s overall budget management.
  • Create and update the CO office budget, contribution, and financial plans while taking into account the program’s vision and staffing structure to make sure they are logical and useful.
  • Influence the country program’s resource mobilization plans based on budget trend analysis
  1. Encourage budget analysis that puts results first.
  • Integrate and interpret verbal, numerical, and other data that may be in disagreement from a variety of sources.
  • Determine significant, broad trends in various data sets.
  • perceives potential repercussions on the overall system or process and is able to identify subtle linkages between various difficulties.
  • Make a logical, reasonable, well-supported decision based on the analyses.
  • Cooperate with RO/HQ and technical colleagues to communicate with the CO about the rules and regulations for budget management.
  • Use integrated knowledge while speaking with partners and within UNICEF; be able to fix current issues while also placing them in a larger context to provide recommendations for the entire system rather than just one problem.
  1. Management of contributions (budget planning, allocation, and monitoring)
  • Participate in the creation of the office work plan’s budget-related sections, the yearly management plan, the resource mobilization strategy, and the partnership strategy, including grant bids.
  • To make sure that fund management objectives and targets are on track and that personnel is aware of donor conditions, monitor compliance and inform pertinent sections.
  • Make ensuring that new grants are promptly distributed to the appropriate programs in accordance with the agreed budget breakdown and donor requirements.
  • Keep an eye on when funding expire, and work with the programs to identify solutions for effective use that is in line with results.
  • Monitor the use of regular resources and other resources, and give the management of the country office regular reports.
  • Support program staff’s capacity building to enhance the description of expenses that appear in financial reports
  • Obtain data on program element costs from automated files, including employees and associated costs, and compile it into standard and tailored reports.
  • enable the establishment of an institutional memory within the office by creating and maintaining a record of emails and forms for OR allocations relevant to RR allocation;
  • For the objectives of planning, managing, monitoring, and evaluating programs and projects, collect and analyze financial and budgetary data.
  • Check the data generated by VISION/SAP for accuracy.
  • Produce the financial data and information, work with the program sections to coordinate incoming funding, grant creation, extension, and adjustments, as well as reallocations; keep an eye on conditionality and deviations; and coordinate responses to financial questions and inquiries from donors, the Regional Office, and the headquarters. This includes overseeing payroll budget allocations and projections.

Effect of the Results

The achievement of organizational/staff needs and program goals and objectives are directly impacted by the Programme Specialist (Budget and Finance)’s capacity to administer and oversee the complete spectrum of budget and financial services. This furthers UNICEF’s reputation as a capable organization capable of producing cost-efficient and long-lasting program results as well as maintaining and expanding UNICEF’s credibility as an effective and accountable manager of resources entrusted to the organization.

Core Values (i)

  • Care
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability

ii) Core Skills (For Employees with Supervisory Responsibilities)

  • Managing, Leading, and Nurturing People
  • Self-awareness and ethical awareness are displayed (2).
  • Collaboration with Others in the Workplace (2)
  • Forms and Keeps Partnerships (2)
  • Invents and Accepts Change (2)
  • Considers and Takes Strategic Actions (2)
  • Drive to produce significant results (2)
  • controls complexity and ambiguity (2)

Basic Skills (For Employees Without Supervisory Responsibilities)

  • Self and ethical awareness are displayed (1).
  • Collaboration with Others in the Workplace
  • Creates and Manages Partnerships
  • Invents and Accepts Change (1)
  • Considers and takes strategic action (1)
  • Drive to produce significant results (1)
  • controls complexity and ambiguity (1)
  • *All employees must possess the seven key abilities. However, only those who supervise others are covered by the competency nurtures, leads, and managers people.
  • If you want to be an advocate for every child, you’ll need to…

Recruitment Requirements


  • a graduate degree from a university in accounting, finance, or business administration, or an equivalent degree, or any other relevant certification recognized by industry.
  • It is necessary to have a current professional certification (CA, CPA, etc.) from an internationally renowned, accredited chartered accountancy institution, or to have an advanced university degree and a CIPFA diploma or an equivalent qualification from another internationally renowned institution.
  • In place of an advanced degree, a first-year university degree in a relevant discipline and two further years of work experience may be accepted.


  • A big corporate or international organization with at least five years of professional expertise in financial management or audits is necessary.
  • Experience working for a UN agency or organization, some of which may have done so in a developing nation, is regarded as advantageous.
  • Excel in particular, and advanced understanding of Microsoft Office, are necessary.
  • An asset is knowledge of database programs, web-based management systems, and ERP systems (ideally SAP financial modules).
  • IPSAS and/or IFRS experience is regarded as advantageous.

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency is necessary. It is advantageous to have knowledge of a local language or another official UN language, such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, or Spanish.

You exhibit for each child…

All of our actions and methods are guided by UNICEF’s Core Values of Care, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Sustainability (CRITAS). Learn more about UNICEF’s values by visiting their website.

We put candidates through tests during the hiring process using the competency framework. Learn about our competency framework and its various levels here: competency framework.

September 22, 2023 Eastern time. Standard Time in Africa

29 September 2023 Eastern Standard Time. Standard Time in Africa

Internal External VA Programme Specialist Job Vacancy In South Sudan Juba | UNICEF

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