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Request Number: req45205

Construction foreman, title

Environmental Health Sector

Fixed-term employment category

Type of Employment: Full-Time

Open to Foreigners: No

Location: Ethiopia, Malkadida

Workplace Setting


Position Description


One of the greatest humanitarian organizations in the world, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) aids those who have been subjected to injustice and violence by providing relief, rehabilitation, and post-conflict reconstruction assistance. For more than 70 years, IRC has worked to meet both the urgent, life-saving needs of those affected by violence in an emergency and the requirements of post-conflict societies for reconstruction. IRC is dedicated to fostering a culture of results-driven leadership, creativity in all facets of our work, innovative partnerships, and thorough accountability to those we serve.

Job Purpose:

The Construction Foreman is in charge of the on-time construction and rehabilitation of Health Facilities as well as any other work required by the project in Target Worde’s under the direct supervision of the Health and Nutrition Manager (from the perspective of the whole Health and Nutrition project nature and goal) and Construction Manager (from the perspective of profession: construction quality) at field, as well as technical oversight of the technical team in Addis Ababa.

Significant Duties:

  • Assist the Health and Nutrition Manager in creating comprehensive plans for the execution of the project’s construction and maintenance activities.
  • Utilizing clear take off sheets, prepare specifications, BOQs, and engineering cost estimates for all project constructions.
  • Examine and approve contractor payment requests.
  • Start the procurement (Purchase Requests) process for all building supplies, labor, and temporary latrines for hospitals, health centers, and other healthcare facilities.
  • To guarantee that HFs are built in accordance with the plan, BOQ, specifications, and established quality requirements, supervise their construction.
  • Determine the HFs’ maintenance needs and calculate the cost for each HF.
  • Verify the building materials’ quality as they are delivered to the IRC warehouse.
  • Make sure the right amount of building supplies is delivered to construction sites.
  • Maintain records of all construction supplies entering and leaving the IRC warehouse.
  • At the site level, mobilize, plan, and manage labor, supplies, and equipment.
  • All resources/assets in the project must be handled in accordance with IRC and Donor policy, so it is important to monitor the appropriate use of the project materials and resources.
  • Keep daily records of how the construction is going, including how much labor and materials are being used. Each month, create and submit a progress report.
  • During follow-ups of the project’s development and its results in the community, supervise and gather the necessary data.
  • Create completion reports and as-built plans for the finished classrooms.
  • To accurately quantify the amount of community contributions in monitory values, properly document the type of contributions and convert them to monetary values.


  • a college degree or diploma in engineering, construction, or a related subject from a technical or vocational training center, or an equivalent.
  • BSc degree holder with 0 years of experience and a diploma with 1 year of experience
  • capable of drawing with the AutoCAD program
  • communication skills with architectural drawings.
  • capable of creating construction specifications, Bills of Quantities (BoQ), and engineering cost estimates for labor and materials
  • primary school diploma and one year of experience in a comparable role
  • Self-driven, trustworthy, accountable, punctual, and able to work well in a team and under pressure.
  • English and Somali language proficiency are required.

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