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A rapidly expanding social impact organization, Creative Associates International focuses on education, economic development, democratic transitions, and post-conflict environment stability. The U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department are among the many notable clients of this international development organization, which has its headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland (within the DC metro region). Since being established in 1977 by four business-minded women, Creative has developed a strong clientele and is well-liked by both rivals and partners. For more than ten years, Creative Associates International has supported educational initiatives in Nigeria.

Project Information

The five-year Leveraging Education Assistance Resources in Nigeria (LEARN) project will support long-lasting improvements in reading outcomes for students in first and second grade. It is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and is carried out in close collaboration with federal partners and select Nigeria States (designated as legacy [Bauchi and Sokoto], launching, and technical assistance). By ensuring that the federal policy, funding, and monitoring frameworks include context-appropriate, standards-based assessment, materials, training, and administrative supports, and that state and local authorities have the implementation procedures, capacity, and resources to carry out and sustain standards-based, data-driven EGR, LEARN aims to strengthen and scale early grade reading (EGR) best practice. The project’s goal is to give school-community, local, state, and federal systems a sense of ownership and to increase their capacity in order to create a foundation for adequate, dependable data-driven funding, monitoring, and performance that will increase equity, inclusion, and wellbeing in order to achieve sustained EGR gains. Therefore, LEARN will build on the knowledge gained from earlier reading programs in Nigeria to propose a flexible, economical EGR intervention model that can be adjusted to state circumstances.

Summary for Position

  • All IT-related concerns, including the installation and testing of workstations, printers, client software, upgrades, and configuration, will be handled technically by the IT Manager. Travel is anticipated.
  • Monitoring & Control
  • The Senior Operations Manager in Abuja is the person the IT Manager reports to.


principal obligations

  • Implement network operations, processes, and procedures, and document them.
  • Install and set up the office network in accordance with the requirements of the home office.
  • act as the network administrator for the workplace. Determine and fix any potential network issues. Control installations done by outside parties, such as internet and cable installations.
  • oversee and track the upkeep of the equipment that other contractors are performing. daily assistance to the Abuja office and user support. Network security should be implemented and enforced to stop the misuse of IT resources. Be a part of creating the IT office policy. is charge of the IT inventory. Perform a yearly inventory check-up in close collaboration with the DCOP and the procurement team to track the distribution and position of IT equipment.
  • Hardware firewall installation, configuration, and upkeep. Apply any necessary security patches, and ensure that all antivirus updates are being sent properly to maintain the network’s health. Implement and record a disaster recovery strategy, and store backup data offsite.
  • Manage and monitor the completion of all IT project activities (workflows and processes);
  • oversee and control the day-to-day operations of the IT team.
  • By consulting with users, examining workflow, access, information, and security requirements, and developing system architecture for both the project and grantees, one can establish system specifications.
  • The selection, installation, configuration, and testing of PC and server hardware, software, LAN and WAN networks, operating and system management systems, as well as the definition of the system’s operational policies and procedures, establishes the system.
  • Maintaining system performance involves monitoring, analyzing, and tweaking its performance, as well as troubleshooting its hardware, software, networks, operating system, and system management systems. It also involves developing and escalating application-related issues to a vendor.
  • Support daily users’ requests and issues with both hardware and software. educating the personnel about the facility’s latest technologies. Make sure technological products and services are delivered on schedule and accurately.
  • requesting new hire emails from headquarters for new hires. setting up and troubleshooting the staff’s new email accounts.
  • overseeing and maintaining the internet connection for homes and businesses as well as keeping track of online payments.
  • Contracts and purchases for software, hardware, and internet services should be negotiated with vendors.
  • installing and setting up devices and software.
  • Implementing disaster recovery and backup methods, as well as information security and control frameworks, protects assets.
  • requesting hardware and software licenses from HQ
  • network hardware, server software, and networking gear upgrades, installations, and troubleshooting.
  • keeping track of all IT-related parts, equipment, and documentation, as well as any licenses issued by headquarters or nearby vendors.
  • seeks to use new technology to assist and simplify staff tasks.
  • acquiring ink for all of the printers at the office and home
  • setting up and maintaining the phone system at the workplace and homes
  • meets financial requirements by providing data for budgeting and keeping track of costs.
  • safeguarding sensitive or confidential information of the organization.
  • Manage IT initiatives by the IT department.
  • consults program/operation management to determine the best technical solutions for enhancing the effectiveness of their tasks.
  • Provide guidance on options, risks, costs vs. benefits, and the effects of implementing new technology on systems.
  • maintaining the access control system, printing ID cards, and configuring ID cards
  • Upkeep and problem-solving for companies and homes’ CCTV systems
  • BlackBerry and smart phone upgrades and troubleshooting for STTA and the project’s workforce.
  • performs further related tasks as directed


Required Education & Experience:

  • ICT, information systems, or a similar subject undergraduate degree is required; a master’s degree is desirable.
  • Required experience for this role is at least six years, with at least four of those years being spent in IT systems management.
  • It is advantageous to be certified in CompTIA Network + or its equivalent.
  • Requires a minimum of three years of supervisory experience working with teams or groups of employees.
  • Preferable is prior experience working on USAID-funded projects.
  • English must be spoken and written with a high level of proficiency.

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