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Vacancy Announcement: Call for Expressions of Interest 2302666

Specialist in Data CCA/UNSDCF

Administrative Unit: Statistics ESS

Position Type: Non-staff Positions

Type of Vacancy: Consultant

School Grade: N/A

Ghana’s capital city is Accra.

11-month (renewable) duration

Postal Code: N/A

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It is a goal of FAO to have a diverse staff in terms of gender, nationality, background, and culture.

The application of eligible women, qualified nationals of non- and under-represented Members, and qualified individuals with impairments is encouraged;

All FAO employees are expected to respect the organization’s ideals and uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

The FAO has a zero-tolerance policy regarding behavior that is inconsistent with its status, goals, and purpose as a Specialized Agency of the United Nations, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, misuse of power, and discrimination.

All chosen candidates will experience thorough background and reference checks.

Every application will be handled in the strictest of confidence.

Institutional Context

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with the transition to agrifood systems that are more effective, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life for all, leaving no one behind.

FAO actively participates in the negotiation and creation of Common Country Assessments (CCA) and United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks (UNSDCF), as well as in their yearly updates, as part of the UN’s country-level repositioning for the accomplishment of the SDGs. In this context, the Organization is putting into place a mechanism for scaling up the required technical and analytical human resource expertise to support the CCA/UNSDCF process at the national level, working closely with other headquarters technical units and Regional offices. This mechanism is being carried out under the technical leadership of the Economic and Social Development stream. The mechanism will make use of ongoing procedures and projects that have already been identified within the Organization and will make use of the most cutting-edge capabilities, such as sophisticated geospatial modeling and analytics. To establish a strong UNSDCF Theory of Change that puts FAO as the leading player in agrifood systems within the UN system, the work will depend on FAO’s specialized tools and analytical approaches, including sectors.

It has been determined that technical assistance is required as part of the CCA/UNSDCF analytical support mechanism for the establishment and upkeep of a data platform and for statistical analysis in order to facilitate the development of diagnostics and analysis aimed to support proposals for policy support and dialogue. A data specialist is required for this as part of the support system.

Information lines

The Director of the Statistics Division (ESS Director) at FAO Headquarters and the Regional Programme Leader (RPL) at the FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF) are the two people to whom the Data Specialist reports.

a technical nature

The incumbent will support the Regional office and the FAO Country offices by coordinating technical support on data and indicators as part of the CCA/UNSDCF analytical support mechanism and their derivation to the relevant Country Programming Framework. This work will be done under the overall direction and supervision of the RPL and ESS Director.

duties and obligations for Data Specialist CCA/UNSDCF Accra job

Support the creation of the State of the agri-food systems data platform in conjunction with the FAO Statistics Division and as a contribution to the CCA and UNSDCF processes. The FAO national offices will have access to a range of variables and datatables from various sources through the State of agri-food systems data platform in order to use them for various diagnostics, analytical products, and policy publications. It intends to include fundamental, pertinent national data framed within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and arranged in accordance with the four pillars and their respective 20 Programme Priority Areas.

The consultant will offer the following types of support:

  • Determining the statistical variables and domains that the region’s countries require for the creation of country situation analysis reports and the subsequent Country Programming Frameworks.
  • Determining the appropriate data sources, collection techniques, and frequency
  • Development of the metadata files that will be inserted into the platform using the templates created for that purpose.
  • Support the platform’s front end’s design.
  • Identify other data domains and sources that are regarded crucial for the CCA and UNSDCF process and make sure they are included in the platform to assist its maintenance after it has been established.
  • By assembling the data the report requires, creating data tables, charts, and doing data analysis in accordance with the report’s plans, you can assist in the creation and update of the country situation analysis report.
  • Support the technical backstopping of FAO country representatives’ participation in CCA and UNSDCF procedures and their development of Country Programming Frameworks on data-related problems.
  • Determine the assistance needs for data in terms of CCA and UNSDCF and how they relate to country programming frameworks, then provide remedies in collaboration with the RPL.
  • Contribute pertinent information to the Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition and other major policy papers.
  • further duties delegated by the immediate supervisor in accordance with the goals of the contract.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate candidates.

Minimum Conditions

  • Ph.D., M.Sc., or comparable advanced university degree in statistics, mathematics, economics, agricultural economics, or a related discipline
  • Having compiled, analyzed, and developed methods for food and agricultural data in African countries for at least five years in national or international organizations
  • It is necessary to have a level B understanding of French and a level C working knowledge of both of the official languages of the FAO.

Core Competencies of FAO

  • Results Attention
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Creating Successful Relationships
  • Knowledge exchange and ongoing development

Technical/Practical Competencies

  • It is preferable to have experience working in more than one place or field, especially in field positions.
  • strong understanding of descriptive statistics, data analysis, and the key continuous and discrete random variables (binomial, normal, standard normal, and log-normal) and their characteristics; correlation and rank correlation, conditional probability, probabilities of events intersecting, and Bayes’ theorem are all examples of probability distributions. simple, stratified, and multistage random sampling; inference, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and significance; sampling and sample size; ANOVA; Chi-square and goodness of fit tests; comparison of population averages and variances using linear regression (single and multiple); Nonlinear models: components of survey and questionnaire design, maximum likelihood estimation
  • ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, including analytical abilities, and evidence of communication abilities;
  • the ability to analyze complex statistical-related issues, the development of statistical methodologies, the analysis and interpretation of statistical data, and the writing of reports using data. extensive and pertinent experience and knowledge of the primary data sources used in the compilation of statistics.
  • extensive and pertinent knowledge of data systems, accompanying metadata, and the transmission of statistical data
  • excellent knowledge of statistical software, especially R, SPSS, STATA, or other comparable programs
  • extensive and pertinent project implementation experience for training and technical assistance projects
  • broad understanding of the state of the region’s agrifood systems and its unique features
  • Experience writing technical reports or documentation in both English and another UN language is regarded as a major asset.
  • The FAO Values of Commitment to FAO, Respect for All, and Integrity and Transparency should be upheld by all applicants.


At each point of the hiring process (application, interview, processing), FAO does not collect any fees.

Please be aware that only academic credentials or degrees received from educational institutions on the IAU/UNESCO list will be taken into consideration by FAO.

Please be aware that the FAO only takes into account advanced degrees earned from institutions that are accredited or listed as recognized by the International Association of Universities (IAU)/

The candidate’s medical fitness for appointment, accreditation, compliance with any residency or visa restrictions, and security clearances are all prerequisites for appointment.


To apply, go to the Jobs at FAO recruitment page and fill out your online profile. We strongly advise that you include your career history, academic credentials, and language proficiency in your profile, which should be true and thorough.

Candidates are asked to provide a motivational letter with their online profile.

Apply as soon as your profile is complete and send your application.

Candidates may be asked to provide performance evaluations and authorization for verification checks to be made on their past and present employment, character, education, military service, and police records to determine anything that may be relevant to the job requirements.

Applications with gaps won’t be taken into account.

Your application’s personal information might be disseminated within FAO and with other businesses working on FAO’s behalf to provide job support services including application screening, assessment exams, background checks, and other similar services. Before submitting your application, you will be prompted for your permission. If you withdraw your application, FAO will no longer be able to evaluate it. You can withdraw consent at any time.

Only applications submitted via the FAO recruitment website will be taken into consideration.

Based on the data in your online profile, your application will be evaluated.

We advise applicants to submit their applications well in advance of the due date.

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