Job vacancy: Human Resource Manager at relief international


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Deadline: 11 July 2023 Job Title: Human Resources Manager Relief International

Human Resources Manager

Position: Human Resources Manager

Organization: Relief International

Locale: Khartoum with travel to Blue Nile, North Darfur, Al Jazirah and Port Sudan

Duration: 12 months

Reports: Country Director, Sudan

Job vacancy: Human Resource Manager at relief international
Title:vacancy: Human Resource
Manager at relief international
Deadline:July 11, 2023

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About Relief International

Leading nonprofit organisation Relief International works in 16 countries to reduce poverty, ensure wellbeing, and promote dignity. Our expertise is in reacting to natural catastrophes, humanitarian emergencies, and persistent poverty in vulnerable environments.

Relief International blends development and humanitarian strategies to deliver urgent aid while creating the foundation for a lasting impact. Our distinctive strategy, known as the RI Way, places an emphasis on civic skills, service integration, local participation, and strategic collaborations. By doing this, we enable communities to identify, create, and put into practise the solutions that are most effective for them.

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Job Description:

The Human Resources Manager (HRM) will lead, develop, and strengthen all HR functions to provide efficient and effective HR leadership and support to the RI Sudan programme. They will assist the Country Director in assembling, directing, inspiring, and building a capable and adaptable workforce to carry out the national strategy. They will also assist in establishing a supportive and encouraging workplace that encourages employee participation and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, they will build up national HR capability through coaching and mentorship.

Important tasks and obligations:

  1. Strategy
    • Create and put into practise the country’s HR strategy, making ensuring it is in line with the RI Country Strategy.
    • Oversee the ongoing review of the implementation of HR policies, employment regulations, and processes in country offices to ensure compliance with RI standards and changing national labour laws.
    • Assure the uniform application of HR and administrative rules and processes nationwide.
  2. Recruitment
    • Work along with the SMT and line managers to make that Sudan has a sufficient workforce strategy.
    • Make sure that hiring new employees is done quickly and in accordance with RI’s rules and federal labour laws. Make that the hiring process is open, quick, effective, and secure.
    • Create a database to track whether employee orientation and hiring follow the HR checklist.
    • Make sure that all staff pre-employment checks are finished on schedule and filed with the appropriate paperwork in accordance with the HR checklist.
    • Make sure that all new employees finish the mandatory orientation and training programmes and upload them electronically.
    • Keep the HR Directory current and updated with staff information.
    • Support the implementation of an HR recruitment site to simplify the application and selection processes, updating the application on a regular basis with pertinent data and information, and producing reports for national management alongside hiring managers.
  3. Compensation, benefits, and performance review
    • Keeps track of wage and benefit levels and trends in the industry, and makes adjustments as needed to ensure that the compensation package is fair and equitable and in accordance with RI standards and values.
    • Assist in providing guidance on the optimum methods for calculating income taxes and statutory benefits in line with Sudanese law that is relevant to both the private and nonprofit sectors.
    • Assure the timely and effective preparation of the payroll for accurate donor code, number of days, and benefit data.
    • Ensure thorough and accurate leave tracking.
    • In cooperation with the country management team, periodically review the remuneration and benefits package.
    • Assist in the deployment of the HR payroll application and its upkeep, frequently update the application with pertinent data and information, and provide reports for the national management team.
  4. Personnel Relations
    • Maintain a positive, empowering work climate that promotes direct, forthright, and fruitful communication.
    • Ensure the prompt processing of all contract renewals, extensions, personnel transfers, promotions, and other status changes.
    • Control the procedures for employee termination, staff separation, and disciplinary measures.
    • Provide services in response to any requests and inquiries relating to HR as well as questions about employees.
    • Assess the workplace environment on a regular basis, and as necessary, advise management on the best ways to attain high levels of staff morale, dedication, and output.
    • Continue to update the RI Sudan Employee Manual and regularly inform personnel of it and other HR guidelines.
    • As per RI guidelines and any applicable donor regulations, ensure that employee files are always auditable.
    • Ensure that all RI policies, practises, processes, and donor rules are followed, as well as the accuracy of all required documentation, including timesheets, leave applications, payrolls, and exit interviews.
  5. Performance Administration — RI Excel
    • Keep an eye on the assessment procedures at every level and make sure that employees and managers finish the review procedure on time.
    • Offer direction to supervisors as they complete evaluations; assist supervisors in identifying effective coaching techniques that address particular problems; assist supervisors in identifying areas of subpar performance; and, if necessary, be present during review meetings.
    • Continue to support RI Excel users by addressing their questions as they arise, elaborating on the methodology and appraisal forms, etc.
  6. Training
    • Work together with the Director of Training and Development at RI to put capacity building programmes into action and encourage personnel to take part.
    • Create a professional development plan for the Sudanese personnel based on the most effective methods used by international non-governmental organisations.
    • Provide local HR employees with training, assistance, and guidance.
    • Keep track of staff competency levels in relation to requirements, collaborate with line managers to identify gaps, and make sure that training and personnel development programmes are adequate and effective in order to equip staff with the competencies (skills, knowledge, and personal attributes) necessary for success in their current and future planned roles.
  7. Coordination, Team management, and Leadership
    • Establish and maintain a respectful workplace where team members strive for excellence.
    • As needed, supervise, recruit, and acclimatise new team members. Regular performance reviews encourage accountability, clarify expectations, and offer helpful criticism.
    • Assist in developing national teams, assist team members in identifying solutions to problems, and make sure that everyone on the team participates in pertinent decision-making processes.
    • Communicate with other RI national HR teams as well as HR personnel from peer agencies to discuss best practises and expertise that enhance the HR function and approaches to improve team management procedures.
    • Supports the change processes by offering vision and insight into how to make change possible and enhance processes.
  8. Security and Safeguarding
    • Ensure adherence to the security guidelines and policies set by the government.
    • Make proactive efforts to ensure that team members work in a safe atmosphere and are familiar with the rules.
    • Ensure that everyone who interacts with Relief International is as safe as possible in accordance with RI’s safeguarding and protection practises.
  9. Accountability
    • Members of the Relief International team are expected to actively involve programme participants as equal partners in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of our field projects. This includes holding ourselves accountable, specifically to our programme participants and to the international standards governing international relief and development work.
    • Team members are required to act professionally at all times and in all in-country settings, as well as to respect local laws, customs, and Relief International policies, practises, and principles.
  10. Commitment to Equity and Diversity
    • Show that you are sensitive to and knowledgeable about cultural and structural diversity.
    • Assure that our programmes and staffing take gender equity into account.
    • Carry out any additional tasks that may occasionally be allocated.


A dynamic person who has a track record of producing results in a challenging, fast-paced setting is required for this role.

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. The recommended educational background is a master’s degree and professional experience.
  • At least 7 years of steadily increasing full-time work in a comparable role, particularly in the nonprofit sector, with at least 5 years in a managerial or supervisory position in human resources.
  • Proven track record of leading on all HR matters while juggling the strategic role with the demand for efficient day-to-day HR administration services.
  • First-hand knowledge of managing a sizable recruitment effort.
  • The capacity to handle conflicting requests and set priorities.
  • Prior experience in capacity building and staff supervision.
  • Intellectual, analytical, and critical thinking that is well-developed, with the capacity to clearly communicate complicated knowledge to a larger audience.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
Relief International Values:

Humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence are values we uphold. We actively include the most at-risk communities. We respect:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Objectivity and Accountability
  • Innovation and Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

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Deadline:July 11, 2023

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