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Specialist in Health Professions Education

Center for Educational Development and Quality

Depending on experience and level of knowledge, a faculty job

Reports to: Educational Development and Quality Center’s Chair

Location: Rwanda, Butaro and Kigali

Overview of the Position: The University of Global Health Equity’s (UGHE) commitment to excellence in health professions education will be advanced by the Health Professions Education Specialist. The Specialist will oversee the creation and execution of UGHE’s groundbreaking Masters in Health Professions Education program. They will act as a resource for faculty across UGHE, offering their knowledge in pedagogy, assessment methods, and curriculum development for all of UGHE’s academic programs.


  • Leadership and program development for the Masters in Health Professions Education are major responsibilities
  • Overseeing all facets of curriculum design, assessment methodologies, instructional methods, and student achievement on the program, you will be in charge of leading the development and execution of the Masters in Health Professions Education program.
  • To ensure a successful program launch and continued implementation and development, chair and lead a multi-stakeholder implementation committee, encouraging collaboration among professors, administrators, and outside partners.
  • Create learning objectives and competences for your program that are relevant to it and reflect the most recent trends in health professions education.
  • To support the program, seek out and cultivate alliances with authorities and organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Create the required application documents and documentation for the Rwandan Higher Education Council’s accreditation of the Masters in Health Professions Education program, and abide by the requirements and procedures for accreditation to guarantee program compliance and ongoing improvement.

Development of Curriculum and Assessment:

  • Create cutting-edge, evidence-based curricula and evaluation strategies for all academic programs in collaboration with faculty and program directors that are in line with UGHE’s goal and vision for global health education.
  • To improve the caliber and efficacy of teaching and learning experiences, use educational technology and pedagogical ideas.
  • Create and implement competency-based assessment strategies that support student development and gauge program learning outcomes.
  • Consult with and advise departments on the needs for curriculum review linked to quality control, including choosing the right benchmarks and metrics.

Faculty Assistance and Knowledge:

  • Assist faculty members by acting as a knowledgeable resource, offering direction and assistance with curriculum development, assessment methods, teaching styles, and pedagogical innovation.
  • Develop the teaching and evaluation skills of professors by leading workshops, seminars, and training sessions.
  • By supporting discussions on instructional strategies, evaluating learning outcomes, and educational research, you may help create a culture of continual improvement.

Investigation and Innovation

  • Make intellectual contributions to the teaching of the health professions, through publications, presentations at appropriate conferences, and research.
  • To improve the educational experience for both students and teachers, investigate and implement cutting-edge educational technologies and approaches.

Competencies and credentials:

  • a doctorate (Ph.D., Ed.D., or equivalent) in a relevant discipline, such as curriculum development and measurement, educational leadership, or the teaching of the health professions.
  • preferred: MD or MBBS in medicine.
  • Ideally graduate-level experience in planning, developing, and implementing health professions education programs.
  • Strong knowledge of the procedures, requirements, and documents needed for accreditation in the context of higher education.
  • relevant expertise in pedagogy, higher education, student evaluation, curriculum and program design, educational technology, and/or pedagogy, ideally in the medical or health sciences.
  • understanding of and practical experience with program-level curriculum mapping and student learning objectives evaluation.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities, as well as the capacity to work together in a multidisciplinary context.
  • proficiency with digital teaching and learning tools and educational technologies.
  • It would be ideal if you had prior training, mentoring, or faculty development experience.
  • a dedication to the objective of UGHE, which is to address global health inequities via cutting-edge research and education.

Note: The goal of this job description is to give a general overview of the primary duties and requirements for the UGHE post of Health Professions Education Specialist. The actual tasks and duties may change depending on the institution’s demands and the candidate’s qualifications.

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