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Regarding Mercy Corps

The motivation for Mercy Corps is the conviction that a better world is attainable. To accomplish this, we know that diverse teams where everyone feels included produce the best work. We value diversity in backgrounds, viewpoints, and abilities so that we can be more powerful and have a lasting influence.

Program/Department Overview

The operations division is dedicated to establishing and upholding the highest levels of effectiveness and integrity in Kenya’s field offices’ daily operations, logistics, purchasing, asset management, and IT. All Mercy Corps (MC) operations activities have as their primary goal the timely and efficient delivery of on-time solutions to MCs’ beneficiary populations in accordance with MCs’ and donor rules, procedures, regulations, and requirements.

General Position Description

The major responsibility of the ICT Assistant is to maintain the IT systems used by Mercy Corps Kenya in the Nairobi headquarters and all of its field offices by ensuring that all hardware and networks are operating as intended to meet organizational requirements. The ICT Assistant helps users utilize email, create and modify passwords, advise upgrades for computer systems, backup data, and if necessary, do data recovery.

She/he is in charge of encouraging Mercy Corps employees to use ICT systems through research, instruction, webinars, and how-to manuals.

The Most Important Duties

  • The Mercy Corps ICT Systems Policy on appropriate use should be read and understood. To ensure adherence to these standards, educate workers on proper use and keep an eye on usage activities.
  • Conduct employee training on networking, MS Office usage, and computer fundamentals. assist programmers and operations employees as necessary with creating databases or other Windows applications
  • responsible use of and adherence to confidentiality regarding any sensitive information
  • Update anti-virus software frequently to ensure that all PCs and the network are virus-free.
  • Repair and maintain LANs, internet systems, and general IT maintenance and training in the MC Kenya office under the supervision of the ICT Systems Administrator in accordance with the requirements specified by the Director of Operations.
  • When it is practicable, supervise local ICT equipment and computer repairs; in cooperation with the ICT Systems Administrator, enable and offer advice on the best, safest, and most affordable solutions.
  • Keep Mercy Corps’ office’s local area network operating effectively. Any additions or adjustments must be approved in advance and planned for because the current designs are suitable for the Kenya office’s programmatic requirements.
  • Identify the hardware and software needed for the computers and ICT equipment in the Kenyan Mercy Corps offices to operate without a hitch. help the procurement staff in the process of buying things
  • Maintain the Mercy Corps mail server and distribute addresses in accordance with the ICT Systems Administrator’s instructions.
  • When necessary, assist with administrative tasks; help the logistics team inventory and track ICT assets.
  • Ensure that all ICT equipment, including system profiles, warranties, and IT stock and accessories, is properly documented; Create and manage a centralized filing system for Mercy Corps Kenya’s systems.
  • As needed, assist with locating, specifying, assembling, and setting up any equipment, including computers, printers, accessories, and other systems, in all field offices.
  • Maintain a professional and personal conduct that promotes Mercy Corps and doesn’t endanger the organization’s humanitarian goal.

more tasks as needed.

Enterprise Learning

We expect all team members to dedicate 5% of their time to learning activities that benefit Mercy Corps as well as themselves as part of our commitment to organizational learning and in support of our belief that learning organizations are more effective, efficient, and relevant to the communities they serve.

Accountability to Clients

  • While actively involving beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of our field projects, Mercy Corps team members are expected to support all efforts towards accountability, specifically to our beneficiaries and to international standards guiding international relief and development work.
  • Team members are expected to act professionally at all times and in all in-country settings, as well as to respect local laws, customs, and MC’s policies, processes, and principles.


  • ICT Systems Administrator is the Direct Reporting Person
  • In determining IT requirements, directly collaborates with program managers, program personnel, Coordinate, and Head of Offices.
  • Minimum Education Requirement and Transferable Skills
  • two years’ minimum experience in information technology systems
  • It is ideal to have a suitable university degree in computer sciences, IT, or a related field.
  • knowledge of local area network (LAN) hardware and software needs
  • knowledge of how to configure an internal email system for local area networking (LAN).
  • knowledge of proper account status, logins, and internet account maintenance.
  • It is necessary to have a demonstrated eye for detail, the capacity to adhere to rules, fulfill deadlines, operate both independently and collaboratively with team members.
  • Low maintenance system planning, design, and troubleshooting skills are essential.
  • Both wireless and cable connection maintenance and troubleshooting skills are necessary.
  • Must comprehend, adhere to, and put into effect current guidelines for using IT equipment.

Success Elements

Independent, passionate about technology, teamwork, and problem-solving with technology are qualities that make for the ideal applicant. Under the direction of the departmental leadership team, s/he should be able to ignite creative and entrepreneurial programming ideas and motivate teams to work closely together to produce top-notch programs.

The environment and living conditions

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