fully-funded scholarship: GirlLEAD Talent Accelerator Women in Data Boot-camp.


Application Deadline: 12th July, 2023.

Scholarship: GirlLEAD Talent Accelerator Women in Data Boot-camp

Program structure: Online self-paced study, 1-2 hours mandatory bi-weekly catch-ups, Weekly assignments, Discussion forums and Group activities.

Program cost: Free of charge (Fully-funded scholarship)

We’re thrilled to announce our new relationship with Datacamp as part of our efforts to give more women and girls the skills they need to flourish in our rapidly developing digital environment.

Datacamp is an online learning platform that supports the development of data skills in a variety of areas, from non-coding fundamentals like spreadsheets and BI too. ls to more complex courses like data engineering, data science, and machine learning.

The goal of GirlLEAD is to provide 1,500 women and girls with strong business, IT, and STEM skills by 2025, and this relationship is essential to achieving that goal.

Through this collaboration, GirlLEAD is providing 1-year premium access to all courses, skill proficiency tests, guided and self-paced projects, and contests in data science on the Datacamp platform. You can choose from a wide range of tracks, such as those in:

  • R programming
  • Python programming
  • SQL
  • spreadsheets
  • business analytics
  • data analysis
  • data engineering
  • data science
  • machine learning, and more.
What does GirlLEAD Women in Data Boot-camp consist of?

Girls and young women of African origin who want to learn basic to intermediate data skills can enroll in this one-year online boot camp. Participants who have some prior data-related experience may also take advantage of this chance to participate in competitions and projects. On the Datacamp platform in order to develop their portfolios, gain practical experience, and feel confident enough to apply for data science jobs.

We are providing you with this programme at no cost, even though it would typically cost $399 per person per year. Please keep in mind that, despite the fact that some programme elements are free, your thoughtful support through donations will enable us to sustain and grow our programmes in order to better serve the African continent.

Why enroll in GirlLEAD’s Women in Data Boot-camp?
  • You will tackle real-world issues and create projects for your portfolio through project-based learning.
  • Full access to all Datacamps courses, including contests and unguided projects.
  • Career services include resume revision and a course on job preparedness.
  • Access to Datacamp’s network of international students and instructors, as well as globally recognised certifications.
  • Integration into the GirlLEAD fellowship network provides possibilities for mentorship, networking, and lifelong learning.
Student Entry Requirements
  • Women of African descent, 16 to 40 years old
  • A laptop, data, and internet access
  • Availability to enroll in the course
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GirlLEAD Talent Accelerator Women in Data Boot-camp Scholarship Grant 2023

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