A Web Designer and Content Officer is Wanted by the African Union (AU) (AfCFTA).


Deadline; June 30, 2023 | A Web Designer and Content Officer is Wanted by the African Union (AU) (AfCFTA)

AU is looking for creative geniuses that have extensive knowledge and experience in content and website administration. The AfCFTA website will be designed and developed by the web designer and content officer.

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Details of your obligations

Lead the review, (re)design, and development of the ACFTA websites. Ensure that all user interfaces are safe, useful, and accessible and that they adhere to AU standards and guidelines.

  • Create testing routines and procedures, fix issues discovered during testing, or provide solutions.
  • Produce graphics for both print and digital media.
  • Create logos and online graphics using design software • Control design modifications
  • Create preliminary drafts and convey your concepts.
  • Identify or address the requirements for interoperability.
  • Create or record style rules for website material that are consistent with the AU brand identity.
  • Manage internet/intranet infrastructure, including elements like web, file transfer protocol (FTP), news, and mail servers. • Create and support efficient web-based technologies to enable safe dynamic delivery of web content.
  • Offer specialized help and guidance for relational databases so that dynamic web applications can be created.
  • Develop budgets to support proposals for website enhancements.
  • Oversee the daily activities of the AUC digital platforms, including the company’s websites, social media pages, mobile apps, etc.
  • Talk to and coordinate with the MIS division to make sure that all web development complies with the AU Information Technology Architecture, Web Applications Architecture, and Facilities Management requirements.
  • Manage all AU Domain name registration and protection processes.

Systems performance management (SPM) is the process of managing the implementation, configuration, support, management, and upkeep of supporting applications for a web content management system.

  • Implement updates, upgrades, and patches as soon as possible to prevent service interruptions.
  • Test new software applications before implementing them in online operations or other programs.
  • Assess or suggest server software or hardware.
  • Install or configure software or hardware for the web server to make sure the directory structure is clear, logical, secure, and that files are named appropriately.
  • Create or put into practice processes for continuing website updates, including documentation of application and site changes or update processes.
  • Test system integration, performance, and security issues on a regular basis or following significant program changes.
  • Examine operating system or application logfiles frequently to ensure that the system is functioning properly.
  • Assess the appropriateness, sufficiency, and efficacy of testing practices or methods.
  • Identify the causes of web page or server issues, then take steps to fix them.
  • Communicate with service providers about performance difficulties, talk to hosting firms about problems, and keep good relationships with these partners to prevent downtime.
  • Determine or record backup and recovery strategies

Observation & Measurement

Develop metrics for measuring the performance of websites; Install and maintain monitoring software on web servers or websites; Compile information on how users interact with websites; Regularly report on performance; and Carry out any additional tasks as assigned by the Director.

5 Diplomats

Rrequirements for education and relevant experience

University An advantage would be to have a master’s degree in marketing management, information communication and technology, public relations, advertising, or a related field, as well as two years of proven, continuous experience in web design, content management, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.

With a bachelor’s degree in management, public relations, advertising, information technology, or a similar field, and five (five) years of continuous, demonstrated expertise in web design, content management, SEM, and digital marketing.
An extra benefit is professional certification in digital marketing.

Necessary skills

Ability to work independently under pressure and meet many deadlines while producing high-caliber work in a short amount of time; Ability to work in a multicultural setting;
Excellent drafting, reporting, communication, and presentation skills; excellent interpersonal and collaborative skills; must be computer proficient with working understanding of common computer applications and systems.
Strong analytical abilities, excellent planning and organizing skills, and the capacity to communicate with a wide variety of people and stakeholders are all necessary.

  • Knowledge of a working language of the African Union. A plus would be having knowledge of two or more of the additional working language(s). Candidates must be fluent in one of the working languages of the African Union, which are Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish. The ability to speak one or more additional working languages would be advantageous.


Indicative basic salary of US$ 31,073.00 (P2 Step1) annually plus additional benefits, such as housing allowance of US$ 21,832.68 annually, education allowance of 100% of tuition and other education-related costs for every eligible dependent up to a maximum of US$ 10,000.00 annually, and post adjustment of 57% of basic salary for internationally recruited staff and a maximum of US$ 3,300 per child annually for locally recruited staff.

June 30, 2023 is the application deadline.

Use this link to apply: https://jobs.au.int/AfCFTA%20Secretariat%20(8000)/job/Ghana-Web-Designer-and-Content-Officer-%28AfCFTA%29/772096302/

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