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Regarding the role

The development and upkeep of BURN’s world-class aftersales service, which spans the whole customer experience from the first purchase to repurchase and cross-buy, will be the responsibility of the customer service manager that Burn is seeking in Tanzania.

Taking into account market age, sales volumes, and failure data, the person will act as a lead resource and trainer for Carbon initiatives and building customer care solutions in new markets.

responsibilities and obligations

  • Establish the structures, practices, and mindset necessary to raise BURN’s after-sales service to a world-class standard.
  • Be in charge of the last stages of Burn’s client experience, from the initial purchase through subsequent purchases and cross-purchases.
  • Be the primary manager, trainer, analyst, technical expert, recruiter, and problem-solver for Burn’s customer service centers.
  • In accordance with client input, work with the operations and commercial divisions to establish service centers in strategic locations.
  • Be the liaison between After Sales and other departments at BURN, making sure that After Sales is understood by workers and that other departments are understood by After Sales.
  • Verify, safeguard, manage, and update customer data in BURN’s carbon database using CRMs and any other similar tools the company decides to use.
  • Manage and continually enhance and broaden BURN’s nationwide network of after-sales service providers.
  • Set up processes for establishing, monitoring, reporting, and improving KPIs for cost-effectiveness, such as cost per call, cost each NPS point, and cost per case resolved.
  • As the project is implemented from distribution to issue, collaborate with the Carbon department to carry out the necessary data quality checks (QA/QC) post-distribution to verify compliance with Carbon requirements.
  • Establish processes for identifying, monitoring, reporting, achieving, and improving key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the verification rate, NPS, CES, CSAT, FRT, and AHT.
  • Serve as the primary resource and trainer for Executives in Carbon projects monitoring both domestically and abroad, among other demands. Training reports, supporting paperwork, proof of remote calls, monitoring reports, etc. are some of the expected deliverables.
  • The age of the market from the first date of distribution, sales volumes both historical and expected, M&E data on failures, etc. should all be taken into account when developing procedures and criteria for establishing customer care solutions (systems, processes, people, centers) in new markets.

Experience and Knowledge

  • 3-5 years of experience managing a team of at least 15 individuals in the aftersales department.
  • prior management experience in a contact center
  • knowledge of or training in data visualization and analysis.
  • a proven problem-solver and doer.
  • Degree in marketing, customer service management, or a related field.
  • Speaking Swahili and English is a requirement

Women who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply.

At any point of the hiring process (application, interview, meeting, processing, training, or any other fees), BURN does not charge a fee.

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