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Date of expiration is Monday, October 2, 2023 | Communications Officer Job Vacancy In Uganda | RSCE


  • Title of job description: Communications Officer
  • Uganda was the country assigned.
  • Start date anticipated: 10/16/2023
  • Peace, justice, and strong institutions are enshrined in Sustainable Development Goal 16.
  • Volunteer type: Specialist International UN Volunteer
  • Entity hosting: RSCE
  • Form: On-site
  • 9 months, with the option of an extension
  • One assignment was made.
  • Stations of duty: Entebbe



mission statement

  • The UN Volunteer will carry out the following duties under the direct direction of the Chief of Communications:
  • Support the creation of a communication plan for the Center’s programs and initiatives and specify the conditions for implementation.
  • In order to effectively tell stories across the Center’s digital platforms, the Chief of Communications will provide support in the design and creation of multimedia products (such as videos, motion graphics, animations, photography, and infographics), doing research to select the best medium and audience.
  • utilizes technology, social media, and user analytics to increase the accessibility and reach of information about the Regional Service Centre
  • Create advocacy and communication campaigns, as well as press releases, media briefings, reports, talking points, newsletters, brochures, and RSCE visibility materials.
  • To promote communication with RSCE stakeholders, identify critical contacts/constituencies and prospects for strategic partnerships.
  • Help the communication unit develop and carry out the center’s marketing plan.
  • Create production schedules, drafts, get approvals, finish texts, edit, and organize design approval, printing, and distribution.
  • Conducts photo and graphic research and organizes clearances, production, and dissemination of informational materials.
  • Ensure that digital products and campaigns are in line with the RSCE’s strategic communication and informational goals.
  • Assist in creating annual work plans for tracking accomplishments and progress, and be sure to update them frequently.
  • Offer knowledge and guidance on informational resources and communication tactics.
  • In order to create a design or quality concept, consult with clients, designers, and planners.
  • Make a template for a weekly schedule.
  • instruct the junior UN personnel on public relations and communication issues

eligibility requirements

  • Age: 27 – 80


  • The candidate must be a national of a nation other than the one in which they will be assigned.


necessary expertise

  • 4 years of experience in journalism, graphic design, videography, corporate communications, and strategic communications

Particular expertise

  • Communication
  • a driving permit


  • English, Level: Fluent, Required; Working Knowledge; Desirable; French

required level of education

  • a public relations or communication-related bachelor’s degree

values and abilities

  • Communication Gender equality, professionalism, and integrity team effort
  • Further details

Conditions of residence and remarks

Entebbe, which hosts Uganda’s primary international airport and offers direct connections to/from Addis Abeba, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cairo, Dar es Salaam, Dubai, Johannesburg, Juba, Kigali, Kinshasa, London, Nairobi, and other cities, is where most international travelers enter Uganda. Entebbe is currently in Security Level 2, which is the warning and planning stage to ensure that succeeding levels (such the establishment of a coordination center) can be implemented successfully. The Security Management Team (SMT) meets frequently to monitor the security status and to create plans for the next steps, along with other organizations that are a part of the security management/assessment system (such as wardens). All UN staff members are constantly updated on recent political and social developments through briefings given by the Department of Safety and Security’s Security Section and the Department of Safety and Security upon arrival. On the Entebbe Support Base, there is a level 1 clinic, and there are other private hospitals in Kampala that have received UN approval. For UN officials to enter Uganda, some vaccines, including yellow fever, are required. It is unlikely that you will be requested to show confirmation of any or all of your immunizations at Entebbe International Airport. In spite of this, all UN volunteers must make sure they have all necessary vaccinations current and that they have these correctly and clearly attested in the yellow International Certificate of Vaccination. As of July 1, 2011, Entebbe has been designated as a family duty station for all UN personnel. Along with marketplaces and supermarkets, Entebbe and Kampala each have some international schools and recreational facilities. When the UN Volunteer arrives, the UNV Support Office will arrange temporary housing for the first few nights at their expense (SIG is planned for this purpose), which the UN Volunteer may decide to prolong or not until permanent housing is found. In Entebbe, permanent housing options range in price from 500 to 800 US dollars, depending on size and location. In Uganda, a number of mobile phone carriers are active. .

inclusiveness claim

Professionals with the necessary qualifications are encouraged to apply to United Nations Volunteers, which is an equal opportunity initiative. We are dedicated to achieving gender diversity and protected features. All UN Volunteers pledge to uphold the UNV’s core values, which include combating all forms of discrimination and fostering respect for human rights and individual dignity, regardless of a person’s race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, language, social origin, or other status.

Note regarding the need for Covid-19 vaccinations

In accordance with the applicable host entity policy, selected applicants for several occupational groups may be required to undergo immunization (vaccination) requirements, including those for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

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