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Closing date: October 12, 2023, on Thursday | Extended Term Consultant Job Vacancy In Washington | US | IFC
Consultant E T

  • Job number: req24479
  • Institution: IFC
  • Industry: Risk
  • Level: EC1
  • Term One year and 0 months
  • Local hiring is the type of recruitment.
  • Location: United States, Washington, DC
  • Language(s) required: English
  • Favorite Language(s): Date of Closing: 10/12/2023 (MM/DD/YYYY), 11:59 p.m.



In order to assist various Counterparty Credit Risk functions, including sovereign credit risk, derivatives and risks in derivatives trading, credit risk of banks, etc., CRMTR is looking for a consultant to join an international dynamic team.

responsibilities and obligations:

  • assemble information and indicators about the financial markets from a variety of sources.
  • To guarantee that data analysis and reporting remain pertinent and helpful for risk analysis, build on the current data analysis and reporting.
  • manipulate enormous data sets, pick out, and evaluate data from many perspectives in search of trends that point up opportunities or difficulties.
  • Expand upon and improve current data reporting. Prepare system-generated and tailored risk reports using information gathered from pertinent databases or stakeholders.
  • help automate and enhance internal manual operations (such Handbook reports, global limits, operational accounts, CP Template, and T&C Template) that are now done by hand.

Selection Standards

  • Master’s degree (advanced degree) with a strong quantitative background and at least three years of experience in a relevant field.
  • Technical proficiency in the creation and use of outcomes information, as well as the ability to quickly and strategically analyze, clean, interpret, and integrate data and information from many sources to draw conclusive findings.
  • knowledge of related software libraries as well as scripting and programming languages including VBA, SQL, R, and Python.
  • Understanding the ideas and methods of data visualization as well as how to present and communicate results in an interesting and repeatable way would be advantageous.
  • knowledge of valuation, capital adequacy, fixed income, derivatives, and default modeling within financial institutions.
  • It would be advantageous to have prior experience working with IT specialists within the Risk Management or Financial Divisions.
  • the capacity to operate under pressure, adhere to deadlines, and perform well in multicultural teams.
  • A plus is prior knowledge of financial and business intelligence applications like Bloomberg or Reuters.
  • knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, including MS Forms and SharePoint.

Core Competencies of the World Bank Group

  • With a motivated and dedicated team, we take pride in being an equal opportunity and inclusive company that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or handicap.
  • Discover more about the World Bank and IFC, our values, and motivational tales.
  • The chosen candidate will be given a one-year appointment, renewed at the World Bank Group’s discretion, with a lifetime ET appointment maximum of three years. When calculating the lifetime limit, an ET appointment that doesn’t last the whole year counts as a full year. Future ET appointments are not available to former or current ET employees who have completed all or a portion of their third-year ET appointment.

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