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  • Communications Consultant
  • Nairobi, Kenya (on-site), Greater Nairobi
  • Position Description
  • Reports to: Changing the Way We Care Deputy Project Director
  • Contract term: one year
  • Communications Advisor Job Vacancy In Kenya Nairobi | CRS


Regarding Catholic Relief Services:

The Catholic Bishops of the United States have pledged to help the impoverished and vulnerable around the world, and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) carries out their promise. Our mission and daily operations are centered on our Catholic identity. People of all faiths and secular traditions who share our beliefs and dedication to helping those in need are welcome to join our staff and work with us as partners.

CRS is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports relief and development efforts in more than 100 nations. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, colour, or nationality, CRS programs offer assistance to people based on need. To carry out its activities, CRS collaborates with local church and non-church partners, as well as the government.

In 1965, CRS began operations in Kenya. We have been implementing projects in agriculture, livelihoods, health and nutrition, water, sanitation, emergency assistance, and peacebuilding for more than 50 years. Through constant cooperation and assistance, we have developed close ties with both the Catholic Church and the Kenyan government.

Job Description:

The Communications Advisor will make sure that the initiative’s promotion, impact, learning, and behavior change goals are met while reporting to the Deputy Project Director, CTWWC. He or she will assist in team communication across technical topic areas and be able to help external players involved in care reform programs, such as the government, actors from the religious community, and other technical audiences. The Communications Advisor will be well-versed in CTWWC’s principles of participation, gender consideration, and disability inclusion. In addition to ensuring safety, s/he will adhere to the initiative’s ethical storytelling guidelines.

By strengthening the knowledge base of external actors in the field of communications, the Communications Advisor will assure communications excellence through contributions made to the initiative’s new strategic focus. In addition to assisting with the implementation of learning agendas, s/he will create, edit, and package learning materials for a range of audiences, including case studies, learning briefs, videos, and photos. S/he will also document project success and progress by creating quarterly newsletters. He or she will collaborate closely with the CTWWC HQ Communications Manager, the CRS Country Communication Manager, the ESA RLP and our partners at Better Care Network (BCN), the ESA ILE Regional Advisor, the CRS Marketing and Communications (MarCom), and the learning platform leads.

Particular Responsibilities

  • Offer expertise and guidance in communications, as well as in product creation, knowledge management, and media interaction.
  • Promote CTWWC goals by ensuring that care reform is highly visible and communicated at the highest political level, providing communications to a movement to bolster national care reform initiatives in the direction of a long-lasting family care system.
  • The CTWWC Communications Manager will create a strong communications strategy that supports the learning and influence agenda for care reform in collaboration with the CRS Country Communications Manager, Regional ILE, and CTWWC Team.
  • Promote CTWWC MEAL outcomes and visibility that are in line with national, regional, and international influencing and learning priorities, as well as a range of audiences.
  • Create learning and influencing materials, such as success stories, images, videos, fact sheets, brochures, and more, for a variety of audiences, such as public and private donors, regional and federal governments, the local Church, partners, the media, and others as necessary to advance healthcare reform. Write, design, and manage the production of these materials.
  • Review, edit, design, and make sure learning materials are published for a range of audiences while working with the CRS HQ Communications team to develop the learning agenda. This includes producing practitioner videos, recording e-learning webinars, etc.
  • Determine the primary point of contact for local media engagement, assist in the selection of pertinent spokespeople, and offer coaching as necessary.
  • Staff members of relevant country programs, partners, and others should get training and coaching on ethical storytelling and best practices in communications in accordance with the CTWWC branding guidelines.
  • Help the CTWWC teams create targeted messages that are appropriate for each group and find and use efficient distribution mechanisms to spread communications materials to important audiences.
  • To assist influence and scaling in Kenya, the region, and the world, bundle and share learning agenda with the CTWWC team.
  • Manage social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter as necessary with help and direction from the HQ CTWWC communications department.
  • Assist in obtaining marketing and communications support for events, such as signage, flyers, talking points, pictures, coordinating with the media, etc.
  • While assuring adherence to donor criteria, CTWWC branding regulations, and the learning agenda, support program managers in developing new and creative project branding and learning products.
  • In order to give timely and pertinent information on the CTWWC program, create and publish a regular newsletter.
  • Organize and provide at least two CTWWC Learning Webinars (internal) in collaboration with CTWWC Kenya and HQ.
  • Attend any communications team meetings or cross-learning events for the entire initiative.
  • Participate actively in the CTWWC project report review process before submitting it to the Deputy Project Director.
  • Work together with the MEAL unit and technical advisors to ensure that any applicable lessons learned and outcomes relating to influence and behavior change are recorded and distributed as needed internally and externally.
  • Encourage the creation and use of specialized information, education, and communication (IEC) materials by sectoral technical leads and partners.
  • Keep an eye on decision-makers and other important stakeholders in connection to issues surrounding care reform, and look for chances to use communications to increase awareness and influence policy revision in the area.
  • Lead the effort to coordinate media outreach; plan all media contacts, press conferences, and interviews; organize press enquiries; and organize the creation of a variety of information (including audio/visual materials).
  • Any event or activity where the media will be present should first have the necessary USAID approvals.
  • Provide talking points, presentations, and other materials as needed to assist Program teams in publishing a variety of documents, including reports, training materials, and methodological and communication materials.
  • Provide Partners and staff with capacity building services so they can properly communicate promising practices, create and submit conference abstracts, and create top-notch oral and poster presentations in accordance with conference requirements.
  • By include children in various communication/advocacy activities and events, fostering their ability for self-advocacy, as well as by promoting child/youth messages and fighting for their rights, you can support people with lived experience (PWLE) engagement in the project.
  • Plan recurring learning and reflection activities with the help of the MEAL staff to make sure that staff members reflect on their own learning and other implementation outcomes and change their actions and behaviors in light of what they have learned.
  • Make sure that every communications effort takes into account the inclusion of people with disabilities, gender equity, and meaningful engagement of PWLE.
  • Attend the bimonthly meetings of the CTWWC Global Communications Team and present the lessons learned from CTWWC Kenya.
  • Organize photo and video shoots for the campaign, including scheduling shoots and interviews with professional suppliers of photography and videography.
  • Fill out the regular donor reports with details.
  • Support CTWWC’s efforts to raise money and develop proposals.
  • Up to 40% field travel will be required for this position.

Capabilities and Skills

  • skills in creative problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as the capacity for sound judgment.
  • Strong professional English writing and editing abilities should enable the applicant to serve as primary author of reports to donors that are of a high standard and require little editing.
  • proactive, goal-oriented, and customer-focused.
  • Pay close attention to the small print, be precise, and finish tasks on schedule while working with little supervision.
  • Strongly preferred is knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly InDesign.
  • strong abilities in photography, filmmaking, art, and design. Canva experience is a bonus.
  • commitment to gender equality as well as respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • no responsibilities for supervision

Mandatory Travel:

The Communications Advisor will be required to travel up to 50% of the time inside the operational areas of the CTWWC program.

Important Collaborations:

  • Internal: the Country Communications Manager, the Head of Programming, the CTWWC Team, and other Units.
  • External: The Kenyan government, implementing partners, faith-based organizations, PWLE, and other parties involved.


  • Typical Education, Work History, and Requirements:

knowledge and expertise

  • Master’s degree in communications, including writing, photography, videography, art, and design.
  • Having worked professionally for at least 5 years, ideally for an NGO or other organization engaged in development work, preferably in the field of healthcare reform, and having gained 3 years of progressive marketing and communications experience.
  • excellent oral and written English language communication abilities.
  • Ability to manage several priorities in a hectic setting is required.
  • Information dissemination to a range of target audiences has a proven track record of success.
  • high level of desktop publishing and Microsoft Office application ability.
  • demonstrated capacity to uphold respectable interactions with and responsibility toward varied actors.
  • Ability to use advocacy to affect social behavior and influence decisions.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate various partners to work as a team.
  • the capacity to create workable solutions in a timely manner.
  • Working knowledge of social issues, human rights, and international development
  • understanding of ethical storytelling standards and safety precautions.
  • prior administration of social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Agency REDI Competencies (applicable to all CRS Personnel):

  • Agency competencies define the attitudes and actions that are expected of all employees. When practiced, they foster a positive work environment, support staff in being their best selves, and aid CRS in achieving agency objectives. Each employee uses these to carry out their duties and produce the necessary results. They are based on the goal, values, and guiding principles of CRS.
  • Personal accountability is the act of consistently accepting accountability for one’s own deeds.
  • Acts with Integrity – Consistently exemplifies values that are in line with the mission and guiding principles of CRS. is regarded as sincere.
  • Establishes and Maintains Trust – Displays consistency in both words and deeds.
  • Works well in multicultural and diverse teams while collaborating with others.
  • Open to Learning – Looks for opportunities to learn new ideas or experiences that might alter perspective.

Agency Leadership Skills:

  • Lead Change – Constantly seeks to enhance the organization by fostering an environment of innovation, openness, and agility.
  • Builds the capacity of workers to realize their full potential and improve team and organization performance.
  • Strategic Mindset – Recognizes role in interpreting, conveying, and putting agency strategy and team priorities into practice.
  • Consortium-wide Competencies: Each staff member uses these to carry out their duties and produce the required results. They are based on the mission, values, and guiding principles of CTWWC.
  • has integrity when serving
  • Encourages Stewardship
  • Develops Positive Relationships
  • Encourages Learning

Core Values of CTWWC:

  • Child-focused. Children are always prioritized in our work. We put children’s rights, needs, safety, protection, and well-being at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Accountable. We exercise great caution in the use of our resources and attempt to deploy them as effectively as possible, always keeping the repercussions and impact on children in mind. We accept responsibility for our actions when implementing our programs.
  • Transformative. We support transformation that improves children’s lives in a positive and enduring way and that results in long-term gains.
  • Inclusive. We want to make sure that everyone has access to opportunities. We make an effort to conduct ourselves in an open and sincere manner in both our internal and external connections, creating and delivering flexible solutions that cater to everyone’s demands. We include young people in our advocacy efforts as well as issues that directly affect them.

Disclaimer: The obligations, responsibilities, duties, and tasks related with the employment are not all listed in this job description.

What we provide:

  • With a focus on enhancing the lives of the disadvantaged around the world, CRS offers a generous benefits package and the chance to work in a team-oriented environment.
  • Our mission and daily activities are centered on our Catholic identity. The United States Bishops’ commitment to aiding the impoverished and vulnerable abroad is carried out via Catholic Relief Services. People of all faiths and secular traditions are welcome to join our workforce if they share our beliefs and dedication to helping those in need. Processes and procedures at CRS are a reflection of our dedication to preventing abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable individuals.
  • A diverse group of bright individuals from all over the world desire to work at CRS Kenya and are encouraged to stay and give their all.
  • All qualified employees and job applicants are given equal employment opportunities at CRS, and the company does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, marital status, physical or mental disability or handicap, or any other legally protected status. CRS will only seek, hire, train, and promote individuals based purely on their credentials and abilities as an equal opportunity company.
  • The focus on family values at CRS encourages perks like maternity and paternity leave, laws that support exclusive breastfeeding, the availability of a baby room at work, and, when possible, flexible work schedules. Applications from women and people with disabilities are strongly welcomed.

By submitting my application for Communications Advisor Job Vacancy In Kenya Nairobi | CRS I understand and agree that CRS expects its employees to treat everyone with respect and dignity and to take proactive steps to ward against harassment, abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking. Furthermore, I am aware that if I am hired, a thorough background check will be conducted on me, and my references from both my personal and professional life will be contacted to comment on how I have behaved in relation to the aforementioned safeguarding-related issues.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer: CRS
  • Job Information
  • Job Reference Number 3000945
  • Position Type Program Management
  • Master’s Degree as a Degree Level
  • Job Schedule Permanent
  • Working Day
  • Locations St. Augustine’s Court, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya (on-site), and Karuna Close

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