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1st application due date: October 8, 2023 | Private Sector Development Advisor G7 Job Vacancy In Nairobi Kenya | FCDO

  • Career Category 1
  • Office for International, Commonwealth, and Development (Program Roles)
  • Job Subclass 1
  • Private Sector Growth
  • Private Sector Development Advisor G7 Job Vacancy In Nairobi


Roles and Responsibilities for the Position 1

Kenya and the UK

Kenya has a reputation for introducing ground-breaking commercial concepts in the fields of financial services, telecoms, digital technology, and renewable energy. It has the largest economy in East Africa. Millions of people all throughout the region have been significantly impacted by Kenya’s achievements in these fields. Nevertheless, despite advancements, almost 16 million Kenyans remain below the poverty line. Kenya is growing, which is good, but political, climatic, and security shocks hinder its development and leave the poorest and most marginalized people in abject poverty. Every year, 750,000 young people enter the labor force with few job possibilities, and inequality is growing. Kenya’s borders are affected by regional unrest, which exacerbates domestic tensions. The UK-Kenya Strategic Partnership, which was established in January 2020 by the Prime Minister and the President of Kenya, serves as the framework for FCDO’s activities in Kenya. Mutual prosperity, sustainable development, security & stability, climate change, and people-to-people connections make up its five pillars.

What will the position holder be expected to do in terms of roles and responsibilities:

As the Private Sector Development Adviser and lead on economic development for FCDO Kenya, I play a prominent and crucial role with a special focus on three of the team’s main areas: investment, urbanization, and trade. In order to achieve growth objectives, the role includes leadership in both policy and program development and implementation. The successful candidate will work closely with the team’s project managers, other technical advisers, and pertinent colleagues within British High Commission (BHC) Kenya. They will report to FCDO Kenya’s Economic Counsellor and Head of Prosperity & Climate.

Important duties and accountability:

program management and design.

  • As the program responsible owner, you must ensure that one of the largest FCDO Kenya’s bilateral programs, the £75 million Sustainable Urban Economic Development programme (SUED), is effectively delivered on a daily basis while maximizing efficiency, enhancing synergy with BHC goals, and maintaining flexibility to adapt to delivery context changes. The technical analysis of project appraisal reports and concept notes, the recommendation of financial allocations to specific investment projects, the supervision of risk management, results measurement, and finances, and the maintenance of efficient annual reviews of program performance are among the key duties.
  • As Senior Responsible Owner, you are responsible for effectively supervising Trademark Africa’s implementation of the bilateral Regional Economic Development for Investment in Trade initiative (REDIT) between Trademark Africa and FCDO Kenya. Support the Programme Responsible Owner in particular with the planning and implementation of the digital customs valuation system that will increase the transparency and efficiency of customs valuation operations at the Port of Mombasa.
  • Use data to provide future economic development portfolio options that address Kenya’s unemployment issue and are consistent with BHC’s strategic aims. Create the terms of reference for the SUED extension right away, manage the recruitment process to bring on a reliable delivery partner, and suggest ways to move forward with the Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund’s final year of implementation in the fiscal year 2024–2024 before recommending extension or new strategies as needed.
  • Maintain strong connections with all internal and external program stakeholders, such as the UK High Commissioner and Development Director, Kenyan County Governors, municipal teams, the secretariat for the Council of Governors, businesses, and other development partners, among others.
  • Work with program managers to guarantee adherence to the FCDO programme delivery framework guidelines, efficient risk and money management, and appropriate risk escalation as necessary. Make sure the program results framework is current, that annual evaluations are completed on time, and that lessons learned are applied to enhance program delivery.
  • Work with the other technical advisers on your team—the climate and environment adviser, the manufacturing Africa adviser, the international finance adviser, the infrastructure adviser, and the economist—as well as technical advisers from other teams throughout the office—to ensure a collaborative approach that maximizes the full UK offer in Kenya.

Policy Management.

  • Lead the UK’s overall ambition and strategy for supporting Kenya’s low-carbon, job-creating economic growth by providing strong technical and contextual advice in the design and implementation of the economic development programs. This will ensure alignment with more comprehensive strategies such as the Country Business Plan (2023-2025), the International Development strategy, and the British Investment Partnership (BIP) strategy.
  • Together with the BHC Nairobi political and governance team, take the lead in relationship management in SUED counties, including with County Governors and the Council of Governors secretariat, to support the goals of the UK-Kenya political partnership.
  • Work together with the Department for Business and Trade to identify and highlight business possibilities emerging in the economic development portfolio, notably in the SUED investment pipeline, in order to support the objective of expanding UK-Kenya trade.
  • Assist the BHC Nairobi Communications team in organizing high-profile media events to highlight UK support for the programs for economic development in order to increase awareness of the UK economic partnerships in Kenya.

People management.

  • Possibility to line manage and give people leadership throughout the BHC mission as well as within the Prosperity and Climate Change team.
  • Set an example of coaching and feedback behavior that motivates others and creates a healthy workplace culture.
  • Language specifications: British English
  • Business language proficiency is necessary.
  • The list of essential talents and qualities that each core competency calls for for advisers.

necessary education, training, and experience 1

  • Development of Market Systems and Business Fundamentals

The applicant should exhibit the following abilities:

  • Recognize the traits, operating systems, restrictions, motivations, and tactics of businesses in underdeveloped nations; identify potential contributions to development, particularly for women and sustainable outcomes; Manage risks and value for money while choosing the best solutions for enabling, supporting, and engaging firms.
  • Recognize opportunities and challenges for investment and growth as well as ways to improve opportunities for women, minorities, and the poor. Place economic development in a broader social, political, and environmental context. Recognize risks. Recognize the roles and relationships between various economic actors, organizations, and institutions.
  • The core market, supply chains, the function of supporting functions and laws, as well as interlinkages, incentives, and externalities, should all be understood when describing a market systems approach.

Finance and Investment

The applicant should exhibit the following abilities:

Describe the role that the investment climate plays in enhancing regional and global market competitiveness. This will involve knowledge of the political economy as well as matters like industrial policy, taxation, profit-shifting, the effects of labor and land laws, and competition law.

Describe and explain how the development of the financial sector contributes to inclusive, low-carbon economic growth, the alleviation of poverty, the mobilization of domestic revenue, green finance, digital financial inclusion, and the exit from aid.

Chains of Supply and Trade

The applicant should exhibit the following abilities:

  • With reference to value chains and trade theory, describe the role of trade in economic development, inclusive growth, low-carbon development, and poverty reduction.
  • Describe trade restrictions, such as those relating to infrastructure, trade financing, trade logistics, and tariff and non-tariff restrictions.

Desirable credentials, abilities, and experience 1

  • knowledge of running sophisticated development programs.
  • a demonstrated track record of forging strong bonds with a variety of stakeholders, especially with businesses, government officials, and development organizations.
  • collaborating when operating in a busy setting.
  • excellent verbal and writing communication abilities, including the capacity to explain complicated ideas in a clear, concise manner.
  • A degree in business studies, commerce, economics, or finance is required.

Mandatory behaviors 1

Having a broad perspective, selecting wisely, and cooperating

  • Grade 1
  • 7th grade (G7)
  • Position 1 Type
  • full-time, long-term
  • weekly hours worked 1
  • Weekly hours are 36.25.
  • 1 Region
  • Africa
  • 1st nation or territory
  • Kenya
  • City Location 1
  • Nairobi
  • 1st Class Post
  • High Commission for Britain
  • vacancies total: 1
  • Payroll 1
  • year KES 8,891,885.00
  • Beginning on November 1, 2023

Additional details 1

  • Please fill out the application form completely since the data will be used for screening.
  • Before submitting, please review your application because once it has been sent, it cannot be changed.
  • Never will the British High Commission or Embassy ask you to pay a fee or make a payment in order to apply for a job.
  • Local employment law’s Terms and Conditions of Service apply to workers hired locally by the British High Commission or Embassy.
  • All applicants must be able to prove that they are qualified to receive the necessary visa or work permit, or that they are otherwise legally permitted to work and live in the nation of the opening.

The chosen applicant must fulfill the following obligations:

  • Obtain the necessary licenses
  • Pay the permission fees.
  • Make preparations to move
  • Pay the moving expenses
  • Except where it may be customary to do so locally, the British High Commission / Embassy does not sponsor visas or work permits.
  • Employees may have their wages lowered by the corresponding local income tax amount if they are not required to pay local income tax on their Mission salary.
  • The successful candidates will undergo reference checks and security clearances.
  • Candidates who were eligible for appointment but were rejected may be added to a “reserve list.” The second or subsequent candidate may be given the job if it becomes available within the reserve period of 12 months and is for the same or substantially similar position.

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