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Application deadline: October 21, 2023, at midnight (Paris time) | Chief Of Document Management Section Job Vacancy In Paris | UNESCO


  • Postal Code: 902 CLD
  • Level: P–4
  • Division for Conferences, Languages, and Documents (CLD), parent sector
  • location; Paris
  • Family of Jobs: Administration
  • Fixed-term contract type
  • Contract term: two years
  • Both internal and foreign candidates are welcome to apply.



  • ensuring the efficient operation of the Section with respect to the management of documents, human resources, equipment, budgets, re-invoicing transactions, workshops, and offices, etc.
  • providing and enhancing high-quality services to program sectors, external clients, and governing authorities.
  • advising the Director ADM/CLD on the management and production of documents as well as new technical solutions in this area that might be adopted in light of technological advancements and industry best practices within the United Nations system.
  • locating areas for service quality improvement and implementing all necessary measures to ensure that the services offered by the Section satisfy the requirements of the Organization and enhance the management of the offered service and its quality.
  • designing ways to incorporate equipment and multifunctional devices into a workflow for paperless document processing, and optimizing personnel and equipment resources.
  • ensuring the delivery of high-quality services for the control of incoming and outgoing mail, investigating potential enhancements for the effective distribution of documents, including official documents, and reviewing distribution and storage needs to enhance documents inventory management.
  • coordinating the re-invoicing of all Section services in order to manage receipts and income in a proper manner.
  • As part of the organization’s environmental management system, environmentally friendly technology, methods, and document management should be implemented.
  • Please refer to the UNESCO Competency Framework for more details.

Core and managerial competencies

  • Communication
  • Organizing and planning
  • Results-oriented
  • Cooperation
  • Making wise choices
  • Performance management
  • Thinking strategically


Master’s degree or its equivalent in management, administration, information systems management, the visual arts, or a similar discipline from an advanced university. An entry-level university degree may be accepted in place of a graduate degree if it is accompanied by an additional two years of qualifying experience in disciplines related to the position.

Experience at Work

  • Minimum of seven (7) years of steadily increasing responsibility and pertinent professional experience in the public or commercial sector related to document management and/or the graphic arts, with a preference of three (3) years gained abroad.
  • experience working for a global or international company.
  • Managing projects involving documents management software or systems, working with suppliers and other supply chain partners included.
  • having managerial and administrative experience with finances and people.

Competencies & Skills

  • managerial abilities in organization, planning, management, and change management.
  • talents in project management for managers.
  • Technical proficiency in the multilingual environment in the areas of printing, document flow management, and applications unique to the graphic and publishing industries.
  • Ability to form alliances and stay current with technological advancement in document management-related domains.
  • the capacity to inspire and lead teams and employees in a multicultural setting.
  • Ability to interact and negotiate with a variety of stakeholders at all levels, both inside and outside the Organization, effectively and convincingly.
  • the capacity to meet corporate needs while taking clients’ needs into consideration.
  • superb coordination and social abilities.
  • superb IT abilities.


  • excellent written and verbal communication skills in either French or English and decent understanding of the other.


  • working knowledge
  • knowledge of digitalization initiatives.
  • working knowledge of managing organizational change in the context of document management or digitalization projects.


  • knowledge of one of the other four (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, or Spanish) official UNESCO languages.


  • The pay at UNESCO are made up of a base salary and, when appropriate, additional benefits like: a family stipend, 30 days of yearly leave, health insurance, a pension plan, etc.
  • The beginning compensation for this position is around 105 507 US dollars per year.
  • Please refer to our Guide to Staff perks for more information on perks and entitlements.

Selection and hiring procedure

  • Please be aware that all applicants must submit an online application and accurate, complete information. Please visit the UNESCO careers page to apply. The application that has been submitted cannot be changed.
  • Based on the requirements in the job posting, candidates are evaluated using a competency-based interview, exams, and/or assessments
  • Please be aware that only chosen candidates will receive further communication, and based on the information supplied, references will be checked on candidates at the final selection stage.

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