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Date of expiration: Friday, September 22, 2023 | Assistant(e) aux Approvisionnement Moroni | Comoros | UNICEF

Assistant(e) aux Approvisionnement is the description of the assignment title.

Country of assignment: Comoros

Start date anticipated: 10/09/2023

Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Agenda: Responsible production and consumption

Volunteer type: Specialist National UN Volunteer

Organization: UNICEF

Form: On-site

12 months, with the option of an extension

One assignment was made.

Assignments: Moroni



Objectives and the mission

In all that the organization does, including its programs, campaigns, and operations, UNICEF’s fundamental objective is to promote the rights of every child, everywhere. This commitment to supporting children’s rights is put into practice via the equity strategy, which highlights the most marginalized and excluded children and families. According to UNICEF, equity is the ability for every child to thrive, develop, and realize their full potential without hindrance from prejudice, discrimination, or favoritism. Every child should have an equal opportunity to succeed in life on the social, political, economic, and civic levels. In that case, their rights are liberated. More and more evidence is mounting that improving the health, education, and protection of society’s most disadvantaged citizens and fighting inequality will not only enable more children to reach their full potential but also promote sustained growth and national stability. This is why focusing on equity is so important. This advances the realization of all children’s human rights, which is UNICEF’s overall mission as outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and supports the equitable growth of all nations.


a) Assisting with approvisionnements inside the OMT will involve joint activities (e.g., setting up LTA, attending meetings of various approvisionnements committees with partners).

b) L’UNICEF is a United Nations agency, and its Approvisionnement and Logistics unit is a cross-cutting component that supports the activities of various programs that are evolving in the fields of health, education, hygiene, water supply, and social protection, among others. A higher level of expertise in the area of provisioning must take into account the activities generated by implementation.

mission statement

  • Under the direct direction of the Senior Associate for Approvisionment, the United Nations Volunteer will perform the following tasks: Provisioning and Management of Service Agreements
  • Contribute to the implementation of the provisioning strategy by ensuring the accuracy of the data review for the organization of articles by category. To ensure sustainability, consider the market availability assessment.
  • support all innovative acquisition-related activities by supplying the necessary information.
  • Ensure close cooperation with colleagues from other Program parts while planning the purchases of goods and services.
  • Assist your colleagues in the programs with the creation of specifications, terms of reference, as well as approvisioning issues throughout implementation. Strengthen the sustainability of operations related to the supply chain using lessons learned and good practices.
  • assemble all necessary paperwork for the establishment of long-term agreements and act on any necessary special requirements.
  • preparing and submitting requests for proposals (RFPs), invitations to bid (ITBs), and requests for qualifications (RFQs) as directed by the supervisor. Participate in the planning of the plis opening sessions and, if necessary, the technical and financial analysis of offers. Consult with potential clarification sources, such as service providers.
  • preparing the notes of submissions and recommendations for the CRC’s Committee on Contract Examination.
  • To prepare the purchase orders, contracts, and LTA for submission for approval, use the SAP ERP software while making sure all associated documentation is complete and adheres to UNICEF policies and procedures.
  • keeping everyone involved updated on the development of the provisioning procedure.
  • Maintain close watch on relationships with suppliers to ensure regular monitoring of the delivery schedule. putting in place a suitable system for managing suppliers with performance indicators.
  • analyzing and removing the data from the board’s table, and monitoring the action points with programs.
  • obtaining reports on the long-term agreement’s statutes, contracts, and good command, and taking the necessary action with the relevant programs.
  • conducting ongoing, regular market research to identify potential local suppliers will help you find competitively priced goods and services. Other aches
  • Work together with the supervisor, Supply Division, the Bureau Regional, and the entire Approvisionnements community to share knowledge and lessons learned, and give continuous team and individual capacity building top priority.
  • Facilitate the development and integration of new employees, and contribute to the creation and implementation of procedures and/or procedure manuals. In addition to what has come before, United States Veterans are condemned:
  • strengthening their understanding of the concept of voluntarism by reading the external publications and program documentation as well as actively participating in program activities, such as participating in activities commemorating the Journée internationale des volontaires (JIV), which takes place on December 5.
  • Become familiar with and grow any traditional and/or local volunteerism within the host country.
  • Consider the kind and quality of the voluntary actions they carry out, including their involvement in substantive reflections.
  • assisting in the writing of articles about field research experiences to be published in the VNU program, website, bulletin, and press releases, among other places.
  • contributing to the newly arrived United Nations Volunteers’ welcome program in the affected country;
  • Encourage individuals and organizations to use the services of volunteers online when technically possible. Promote or advise local groups in using online volunteers.

eligibility requirements

Age: 27 – 80


The applicant must be a citizen or a resident in good standing of the country of assignment.


necessary expertise

3 years of experience in Chains of Approvals, Administration, Commercial Law, or any other technical field

Particular expertise

Contracting and Purchasing

a driving permit


Fluency in French is required; basic proficiency in English is desired.

required level of education

in secondary school

values and abilities

1) Fundamental values

  • Engagement
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Integrity and essential qualifications
  • the conversation
  • search for results
  • Having the ability to adapt in a multicultural environment and teamwork 3) Functional capabilities

Further details about Assistant(e) aux Approvisionnement Moroni | Comoros

Conditions of residence and remarks

The contract has the above-described duration and is extendable based on funding availability, operational needs, and satisfactory performance. However, there is no guarantee that the agreement will continue past the initial contract. You will get a monthly voluntary subsistence allowance to cover your housing expenses, basic needs, and utility costs (such as water and electricity). You also have the right to a trip to the affected area (if necessary), installation reimbursement, medical insurance (with a limit of three dependents), disability insurance, and life insurance. A ticket for your return trip to your place of employment will be provided (if appropriate), along with payment for your reinstatement after satisfactory service. Link to calculate indemnity and allocation amounts:

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