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SRT pharmacist

Req No: 2023-18103:

United States-Florida-Jacksonville: Class: Pharmacy:

Type: Consistent Full-Time




Are you intrigued by the prospect of working for a living while making a significant difference in people’s lives? Are you seeking for a job with a company that supports the development and success of each and every one of its employees?

If yes, you should visit the AIDS Healthcare Foundation!

The largest specialized provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the country was founded in 1987 and is known as the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Our goal is to offer leading edge healthcare and advocacy to everyone, regardless of their capacity to pay. All those in need of the most recent HIV therapies have access to them thanks to AHF’s healthcare facilities, pharmacies, health plan, research, and other initiatives. AHF Is Hiring A Pharmacist -SRT Jackson Ville | US

The key values of AHF are:

  • Patient-Centered
  • Value your staff
  • Considering Diversity
  • Nimble
  • Defend what is right

advantages at AHF

To support our workers in becoming and doing their best work, AHF offers a wide range of perks. These perks are meant to improve an employee’s professional, financial, spiritual, and physical well-being.


Our success depends on the PHARMACIST’S collaborative efforts, which include working with multiple Pharmacy departments as well as other AHF divisions, our patients, and partners. The knowledge, experience, and skills that contribute to our joint success are exemplified by the

abilities covered in the sections below.

  • PHARMACIST supports the purpose of AHF by offering a kind smile, a helping voice, and a helpful attitude to patients, clients, and customers who are in need of services, information, or who want to transfer their prescriptions to AHF.
  • The success of AHF and our purpose are also impacted by the high level of clinical skills and knowledge we provide in the care of our patients, which enables them to live longer, be more useful in society, and have improved health.
  • They are problem solvers who offer a “helping hand” and a calming effect to patients who appear distressed or in a difficult circumstance as part of their duties managing incoming calls and welcoming patients in the pharmacy.
  • Other AHF Pharmacy personnel will have a better experience if the PHARMACIST is approachable, helpful, and willing to provide a hand when needed. The team member can also increase their contribution by letting their manager know how the service could be made better.
  • The PHARMACIST consistently adds value to the AHF Pharmacy Team by being adaptable and versatile in a variety of settings.


  • The core of your contribution to our mission is your PHARMACIST exceptional telephone communication skills, interpersonal abilities, customer-friendly attitude, motivation to provide outstanding customer service, and proactive patient assistance in resolving issues and problems related to receiving services from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
  • The PHARMACIST guarantees our patients and clients that AHF and AHF Pharmacy are trusted partners in their overall care and quality of life by having a thorough awareness of HIPA and AHF Standards for confidentiality, client anonymity, and the AHF Pharmacy Compliance policy and processes.
  • Assisting in the training of colleagues in the workflow and general services of AHF and AHF Pharmacy, maintaining a tidy and clean personal appearance, leaving assigned work stations in a neat, clean, and ordered condition, ready for the next shift, and helping to ensure that work is done accurately and efficiently all contribute to a productive workplace. Additional efforts like helping to create and implement new systems and procedures, learning about HIV, getting cross-trained in all facets of pharmacy operations, and taking on assignments on a rotating basis are all critical to our success.
  • In order to maintain the level of care that customers demand from the pharmacy and to ensure the smooth functioning of the business, acting in the supervisory capacity while the pharmacist in-charge/manager is not present is crucial.
  • Assisting AHF in delivering “gold standard” customer service, being certified as necessary, depending on agreements under contracts, grants, memorandums of understanding, or any other Ryan White or Accreditation Standards pertaining to training, adds to the expansion of AHF. Our success is also largely attributed to the addition of new patients to our services and the retention of existing patients in treatment, as well as to our awareness of rivals, their services, and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.
  • Participating in numerous programs and services that increase our patients’ adherence to therapy and treatment, communication with doctors, and access to referral sources, we may help patients and clients achieve success while also improving the quality of their lives.
  • It ensures that patient care is not compromised or degraded from one team member to another by thorough and prompt documenting of patient contacts that enables continuity of care between other AHF Pharmacy team members and providers.
  • The promotion of AHF’s mission and the idea of “giving back” to the communities we serve is made possible by becoming familiar with all facets of the organization’s mission, core values, and scope of services, as well as by taking part in community activities sponsored by AHF, AHF Pharmacy, AHF Affiliates, Affinity Groups, and AHF Departments.


  • The team member must possess a valid pharmacist license (in the State where hired) and an NPI number in order to be successful in the role of PHARMACIST. You must have a current American Academy of HIV Physicians Certification for Pharmacist (AAHIVP) or successfully achieve one within 18 months of employment, as well as strong data input abilities, experience with pharmaceutical systems, and knowledge of Windows. computer software.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English with patients, clients, and staff members; must be able to read and interpret prescription documents, policies, procedures, and guidelines; interpret documents such as safety rules, operating, and maintenance instructions; and write routine reports and correspondence, including entries in various computer programs used by AHF and AHF Pharmacy.
  • Must be able to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, volume, percentages related to prescription charges, and selling prices of goods and services proven by AHF Pharmacy with at least intermediate proficiency. Examples include calculating a day’s supply of medications based on the prescribed directions, the ability to calculate dispensing and billing cycles based on days’ supply and billing dates.
  • The ability to understand a variety of instructions provided in written, oral, diagram, or scheduled format, as well as the ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where there is little standardization, all contribute to the satisfaction and wellbeing of patients.


Collaboration with coworkers and team members offers great chances to contribute to the success of AHF through idea sharing, learning from others, networking, and training. You can develop and offer value to AHF through participating in a variety of internal and external meetings that you may be required to attend, conferences, training, AHF events, and community activities.


You will engage in activities throughout your typical day that range from less than one-third to more than two-thirds of your daily activities, such as standing, walking, sitting, using your hands to finger, handle, or feel things, reaching with your hands and arms, climbing or balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, or crawling. Lifting and carrying objects weighing no more than 25 pounds helps prevent injuries to your body and mishaps that could have a detrimental impact on your wellbeing.

This aids in maintaining a constant level of services for our patients, team members, and partners by assisting in a safe and effective workplace. The success of AHF and our mission depends on many different factors, including keeping a tidy and clean workspace, returning phone calls in a timely manner, offering emergency services when necessary, maintaining preventive maintenance on equipment as scheduled, taking scheduled rest breaks and lunches, and adhering to shift schedules.

Commitment of AHF

We at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation think that everyone has a right to equal job opportunities regardless of their race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, as well as their marital status, ethnicity, age, veteran status, and physical or mental handicap. Recruitment, hiring, selection, transfer, promotion, training, and all other aspects of employment are all covered by the right to equal employment opportunity.

AHF Is Hiring A Pharmacist -SRT Jackson Ville | US


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