Procurement Officer Needed In Tanzania


Deadline is 22nd September, 2023 | Procurement Officer Needed In Tanzania | Dar Es Salaam | Enable- Belgian Development Agency

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Lieu: Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

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Tanzanian procurement officer (m/f/x)

Procurement Officer Needed In Tanzania



Enabel’s existence is about to change. The significant overhaul of Belgium’s development cooperation introduces new policy foci and focal points, new funding models, and precise performance standards. The organization has lofty goals to carry out more interventions for other donors as well as result commitments that it must meet.

Enabel in Tanzania is getting ready to unveil its new Country Strategy for Bilateral Cooperation in Tanzania 2023-2027 as well as get a number of projects funded by other donors off the ground.

We are looking for a procurement officer for our Dar es Salaam headquarters in this difficult situation.

Job Purpose

As the procurement officer, you answer to the contracting expert and ensure for Enabel good management of public procurement and of the control mechanisms. You also support the development of tools (checklists, templates, manuals, etc.) and related competences in order to successfully complete the grant procedures for the interventions and the public procurement processes.


As a professional or administrator in the field of public procurement

  • To ensure proper contractual management while adhering to timelines, financial restrictions, and public procurement requirements, you will process dossiers that call for specialized public procurement skills.
  • oversee the entirety of the public procurement process for contracts worth more than 30,000 euros for the various interventions and the Representations and make sure that it is moving forward successfully; o Examine the first
  • Give the managing official advice on how to monitor the performance of procurement contracts and draft changes, contract termination letters, etc. in compliance with applicable law;
  • assess the acceptability of specific modifications;

as a professional coach or counsel in the area of public procurement and calls for proposals

  • You will provide internal clients with recommendations for interventions and representation to support the team members as they work toward operational goals and skill development:
  • Support the creation of and provide to interventions the resources (templates, guidelines, checklists, and other tools) necessary for the appropriate management of public procurement contracts;
  • Help the projects define the steps of the solicitation of bids or procurement contract procedure, create a plan, and support them during all phases of the process;
  • assistance with contract planning for interventions;
  • Review, edit, and finalize the documents that were submitted at each stage of the contracting procedure.
  • Give advice and direction on the selection of methods that are tailored to the requirements of the interventions for both complicated and less complex dossiers;
  • Offer guidance on effective contract management;
  • Take advantage of effective strategies and share that information.

Manager of knowledge

  • You will recognize knowledge and make use of it to better share and rationalize it, facilitating access for internal clients and ensuring effective administration of public procurement:
  • research the legislative framework and other documents related to public procurement in compliance with Belgian law, EU law, and DG DEVCO rules; be familiar with appropriate public procurement/grants legislation;
  • observe and take into account changes to the law, doctrine, and jurisprudence;
  • take part in specialized instruction in the subject;
  • being aware of Enabel’s contractual framework and its grant regulations, among other things;

As the Controller

  • You will verify that data are accurate and of high quality and that the procedure is consistent by checking and comparing reports and information:
  • ensuring that interventions whose management is not under the service center are subject to a priori checks and providing Notice of No Objection in accordance with the levels set by the internal control for public procurement;
  • In order to adjust contracts to demands, keep a close eye on budgets, and avoid business, legal, and technical concerns with suppliers, make sure contracts are permanently performed in consultation with technical officers;

as the point of contact for outside parties

  • In order to ensure that the progress of the dossiers is positive, you will monitor them with external instances (the Court of Audit, audits, etc.) and ensure effective communication:
  • Write letters in accordance with the procedures, giving clarifications as needed, and scrupulously observing the equal treatment of all tenderers;
  • receive inquiries, respond to them, or forward them to more knowledgeable people;
  • maintain trustworthy relationships with foreign businesses while preserving independence from praise;
  • Follow-up comments and inquiries on audits and the application of the ensuing recommendations/actions:
  • Provide any necessary supplemental materials, in descending order of frequency, to support the dossiers;

Any comment or observation made by a controlling instance should be reported to management, and if the practices are criticized, a suitable response or alteration should be suggested.

Its profile

You’re from Tanzania.

Bachelor’s degree or higher (secondary education plus three).

necessary expertise

  • 5 years minimum of experience in the public sector managing public procurement.
  • An advantage is having prior professional experience working with a donor (bilaterally or multilaterally).
  • An advantage is having prior professional expertise in the field of development.

needed abilities

  • excellent legal knowledge of public procurement.
  • Excellent Swahili and English writing and speaking
  • good familiarity with ICT applications
  • cooperative, adaptable, and agile.
  • A commitment to Enabel’s vision, mission, and principles is also expected of applicants; for further details, see: Enabel

We provide you

  • A unique and intriguing job in a global setting.
  • a contract with a set duration of 60 months
  • You are based in Dar es Salaam and frequently travel to the region’s targeted districts.
  • The title “Procurement Officer” applies to your position at Enabel. a wage package that includes a monthly gross salary calculated in line with our salary scales (Class 4), as well as additional benefits like health insurance, a 13th month, holiday pay, and, if applicable, reallocation pay.
  • Experience that is recognized as pertinent to the job will be valued.
  • After this hiring process, a shortlist of qualified candidates may be created, and they may be contacted in the next three years for similar job openings.
  • Anyone who meets the requirements outlined in our job postings is eligible to apply. Enabel is committed to diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace. We don’t discriminate based on anything save competency, including gender, origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, or sexual orientation.

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