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Date of expiration: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 | Apply For Field Security Associate Brazzaville | Congo | Department of Safety And Security.

Field Security Associate, G6 Position Title


Office or Department: Safety and Security Department

Station of duty: BRAZZAVILLE

posting window is from September 11 to October 10, 2023.

Security DSS 217194-R-Brazzaville (O) Position Number 23

Integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity are among the tenets of the United Nations.


Institutional Goals and Reporting

Global leadership, operational support, and control of the United Nations security management system (UNSMS) are all responsibilities of the Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS). While utilizing limited resources, UNDSS, a global leader in security risk management principles, allows the safe and successful delivery of United Nations programs and operations in the most difficult and complicated circumstances. In order to do this, the Department’s actions are coordinated under a clear mission: to support United Nations system program activities through dependable security leadership and solutions. This is a rare chance to join a multicultural, vibrant, and engaging company and obtain important experience in a field where security is highly valued. This role offers a gratifying atmosphere that gives you satisfaction by contributing directly or indirectly to peace and security, human rights, and the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to the chance to learn new skills and further enhance security expertise. Simply put, your work will be beneficial to all of humanity. We can improve the world by working together. Visit for additional details about the Department and how we influence the world by facilitating the accomplishment of the SDGs. This position is located in the Brazzaville, Congo, field office of the UNDSS. The Field Security Associate assists in the execution of security operations and all things relevant to the administration of safety and security for UN personnel in the Area of Responsibility under the general direction and supervision of the Security Adviser.


  • The Field Security Associate is accountable for the following tasks, within the bounds of the authority granted to them: Helps the Field Security Coordination Officer and Security Adviser gather, communicate, and update information about the security situation AoR:
  • communicates and coordinates, as necessary, with the host government security personnel and/or organizations, including national and local government officials, police and military personnel, and non-governmental groups in the operational area;
  • aids in determining the security situation at the duty station and makes sure that the security information is properly gathered and verified in order to allow for an accurate analysis of the situation;
  • provides host nation security advice to UNDSS when needed, as well as information on security matters to the heads of UN organizations;
  • regularly communicates with UN agencies’ security focal points;
  • aids in budget management for local cost-sharing for security;
  • At Area/Security Management Team meetings, technological support could be required. Maintains the Security Plan, updating staff lists among other things:
  • contributes to the creation and evaluation of the UN Security Plan;
  • supports measures during the Security Plan’s execution, if necessary helps with monitoring the application of the security controls suggested in the Security Risks Management (SRM) process for the AoR. helps to prepare security reports, such as the Security Incident Report and other Security Assessments, and to assist in reporting security occurrences impacting UN employees, offices, and assets. Supports the planning and delivery of training sessions on security preparation and awareness as well as the security orientation of newly hired staff members. carries out security briefings as necessary. carries out further security-related tasks:
  • supports the execution of security assessments and offers guidance on UN staff members’ residential security measures as well as the most recent trends and dangers to their safety and security;
  • creates and maintains a warden system and retains information about UN offices and housing;
  • maintains communication with the Directorate of Protection Services of the host government and the private security firms hired by the UN to protect its offices and homes in order to ensure the guard force is utilised effectively and efficiently. Offers support with general administrative tasks:
  • keeps regular and private correspondence files and papers;
  • keeps a record of the contact information for the security agencies in the host country;
  • Schedules appointments, welcomes visitors, discreetly places and screens phone calls, and takes minutes or notes during meetings. does other tasks as directed.


professionalism: expertise in security risk management, particularly as it relates to the UNSMS. the capacity to act quickly under pressure or when action is needed right away. displays pride in one’s accomplishments and work. demonstrates expertise in the field and mastery of it. is diligent and effective at keeping commitments, respecting deadlines, and getting things done. is driven more by professional considerations than personal ones. displays tenacity when dealing with challenging issues or obstacles and maintains composure under pressure. a dedication to achieving gender equality by making sure that men and women are equally represented and fully included in all facets of the workforce. Work cooperatively with coworkers to accomplish organizational goals. Asks for comments while sincerely appreciating the opinions and skills of others and showing a willingness to take advice. prioritizes the needs of the team over your own. supports and carries out the ultimate group decision, even if it may not exactly match the individual’s position. accepts joint responsibility for team failings and shares praise for team successes. Planning and organizing: Establishes specific objectives that are congruent with chosen tactics. Determines what tasks and activities are most important; modifies priorities as necessary. Appropriate time and resources are allotted for the completion of the work. identifies dangers and incorporates backup plans into preparation. observes and modifies strategies and actions as necessary. effectively utilizes time.


You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Experience at Work

It is necessary to have seven (7) years of work experience in security, risk, disaster, or emergency areas with security responsibilities, in public or private service sectors like military, law enforcement, or national security, or in an office setting. For applicants who hold a first-level university degree or higher, the required amount of relevant experience is lowered to five (5) years. It is necessary to have prior knowledge of how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint. It would be ideal if you had prior experience working with the UN or an international NGO.


The working languages of the United Nations Secretariat are English and French. Fluency in both written and spoken English and French is necessary for the role being advertised. It is advantageous to be familiar with another official UN language.


An assessment exercise and a competency-based interview may both be used to evaluate competent individuals. Apply For Field Security Associate Brazzaville | Congo

Particular Notice

The initial term of any appointment or assignment to this job is one year. The post or funding, budgetary permission, or extension of the mandate must be available before the appointment, assignment, or renewal occurs. The UN Secretariat is dedicated to having a 50/50 gender split among its employees. Women who are interested in the post are particularly encouraged to apply. The UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) is working to improve gender parity, especially through the full implementation of departmental and UN-wide gender strategies. We are dedicated to giving women in the security and operations sector an inclusive workplace environment and stimulating career prospects. In accordance with Staff Rule 4.4 of the United Nations Staff Rules, local recruitment is required for this position. Regardless of their nationality or how long they may have lived in the country, all employees in the General Service and similar categories must be hired locally or within commuting distance of each office. The benefits and allowances reserved for overseas recruiting are not available to employees subject to local recruitment. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS

It could be necessary to conduct appropriate testing, as assessed by the Secretariat.

It can be necessary to travel both inside and outside of the nation.

It is necessary to have a current Congo driver’s license. The Secretary-General’s power and assignments are subject to that of the staff members. All employees are expected to transition into new roles at various points in their careers in accordance with established policies and guidelines. Please be aware that in addition to meeting the requirements of the position, candidates must also satisfy the requirements of Article 101, Paragraph 3 of the Charter. The United Nations is dedicated to ensuring that all of its human resources meet the highest standards of effectiveness, competence, and integrity, including but not limited to observing international human rights and humanitarian law. Candidates may be subject to screening in accordance with these criteria, which may include, but is not limited to, whether they have committed, or are claimed to have committed, criminal offenses and/or violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. It is imperative to have a spotless reputation for moral character and high ethical standards. This job opening’s selection procedure will be carried out in accordance with ST/AI/2010/3 on the “Staff Selection System” and involve a compliance review by a review body as per staff rule 4.15. You can examine the staff regulations, staff rules, and administrative orders that control employee appointments at:

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