Job Prospect in niger at the Danish Refugee Council (Protection Team Leader)


Protection Team Leader, DRC

Deadline: 03 July 2023 Position: Protection Team Leader Location: Niger


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) supports refugees and displaced individuals all over the world by offering emergency aid, defending their legal rights, and enhancing their chances for a better future.We carry out our work in nations where refugees settle, along migration routes, and in conflict-affected areas.We work to find ethical and lasting solutions in partnership with regional communities.We seek to ensure that vulnerable groups are successfully integrated and, when it is practical, that their desire to return home is granted.

With more than 7,000 employees and 8,000 volunteers, the Danish Refugee Council was established in Denmark in 1956 and has since developed into a global humanitarian organisation.DRC is a non-governmental, non-profit, politically unaligned, impartial, and non-sectarian relief organisation with its headquarters in Copenhagen and presence in 40 nations.

All displaced persons worldwide should lead dignified lives, according to our vision.Our moral principles of humanism, respect, independence, neutrality, involvement, honesty, and transparency serve as the foundation for all of our endeavours.

PositionProtection Team Leader
Application Deadline03 Jul 2023
Duty station Tillabery (Ayorou)

Since 1998, the DRC has been in West Africa. Since 2014, it has been in Niger. The first step was the implementation of a cross-border programme by DRC in Niger with the goal of enhancing the overall management of border security in the Liptako-Gourma (a area with borders to Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger). By enhancing local and national authorities’ abilities to cooperatively handle border security, one of this program’s key goals is to decrease the incidence of violent conflict.

The DRC then increased the scope of its engagement in the protection sector, where it makes use of case management, emergency interventions, monitoring for protection cases, listening for them, and case identification. Through food distribution, monetary transfers, and support for livelihoods, the organisation is also involved in the areas of food security and economic rehabilitation. DRC is present in the Tillabéri, Diffa, and Maradi areas in 2022.

Last but not least, DRC is a participant in the RRM Programme (Rapid Response Mechanism Programme). Through deliveries of non-food items (NFIs), housing kits, and protective measures, this multi-sectoral programme offers direct help to those who have been displaced. Together with three other international NGOs, the initiative is carried out.


The protection team leader is accountable for overseeing the project’s direct execution in the Tillabéri region (Ayorou) in compliance with procedures and policies. The protection team leader reports to the project manager. via DRC.

Work Responsibilities.
  • Make sure the project and the team they are in charge of are managed on a daily basis to accomplish the objectives outlined in the projects, in accordance with DRC procedures, with a quality of accomplishments in favour of the beneficiaries as well as the pursuit of maximum efficiency (respecting the budget),
  • Facilitate and guarantee the listening and orientation center’s smooth operation, as well as the public’s access to the services it provides.
  • Compile performance data on a weekly and monthly basis, then give it to the project manager.
  • Ensure the regular encoding of data in the database and the protection of such data.
  • Observe and assist the technological needs of the human resources under his control.
  • contribute to the creation of all technical literature required for the projects, including training curricula, as well as internal DRC and external (donor) reports.
  • Coordinate with partners and other technical or support agencies of the DRC,
  • When you get an alert, go on an evaluation mission in the area. Regular missions will be carried out in the absence of notification in accordance with the terms of access and a score system.
  • Plan the project’s weekly and monthly operations in compliance with the SOPs and policies in effect at DRC NIGER.
  • Verify that the assistants are carrying out the project activities in accordance with the planned course of action and making proper use of the tools and resources at their disposal.
  • Support the assistants technically in their task of assisting the project’s beneficiaries,
  • Organise training to meet the needs of the recipients, partners, and assistance.
  • Be prepared to conduct ad hoc assessment missions outside of the intervention regions with clear and specified ToRs for each expedition.
  • Be a part in creating fresh project proposals for donors. Maintain total secrecy with regard to organisational policies, programme information, and anything that is particularly protected.
  • Ensure that the teams under DRC’s supervision and the partners carrying out the activities adhere to the organization’s code of conduct and obligations.
  • analyses the needs of those with special needs, victims of rights violations, and survivors of gender-based violence.
  • in conjunction with the Technical Protection Coordinator, the proposal of action plans for the reaction and monitoring of the response;
  • identifies persons and directs them to organisations with which DRC has a cooperative agreement.
  • Referring identified people to DRC programmes for assistance from teams from other programmes (food security, livelihoods, etc.) when appropriate and practical

Ensure that data is gathered in accordance with the DRC’s digitalization and beneficiary data protection strategy.

Skills and Qualities.

You must exhibit the key competencies of the DRC in this position, specifically:

  • When you strive for perfection, you put an emphasis on getting results while maintaining an effective process. Making the greatest possible use of your time and effort, you work to produce accurate, thorough, and professional work.
  • When you collaborate, you actively seek the opinions of relevant parties, include them, and share important information with them. You believe in, support, and value other people’s opinions.
  • Take control: You accept responsibility and organise your workload in accordance with DRC’s overarching objectives. When faced with a challenge or an opportunity, you take the initiative and look for creative solutions.
  • You can efficiently and honestly express yourself in writing and speaking while adjusting your delivery to the circumstances. You engage others in conversation while paying close attention to them.
  • You uphold and encourage the highest ethical and professional standards in accordance with the DRC’s values and code of conduct, including safeguards against sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment.

General Guidelines

  • Employees are required to abide by DRC’s security, privacy, and moral standards, including its Code of Conduct and Humanitarian Accountability Framework.
  • The Employee shall not engage in any other paid work during the Term of Employment with the DRC without the prior written consent of the DRC.
  • During the duration of the contract with DRC, the employee shall not engage in any action that could be harmful to DRC or the execution of any project.
  • The employee must obtain permission before speaking to the media or publishing any project-related images or documents.
  • After the conclusion of the contract time or upon request, the employee shall return to DRC all equipment borrowed for the project.

application procedure

Apply online by visiting the following website: if you’re interested.

Applications must be submitted online through the aforementioned website. A cover letter and a resume, no longer than three pages, must be uploaded online. The cover letter and resume must be in French.

Applications sent via postal mail, email, or physical file submission will not be taken into consideration.

Equal job opportunities are offered by the DRC, which also forbids discrimination on the basis of age, marital status, race, sex, skin colour, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other impairment. DRC employs a nondiscriminatory hiring policy.

Visit the Danish Refugee Council’s website at to learn more about the organisation.

The deadline for submissions is July 3, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. GMT. If an application satisfies the standards and specifications of the position, the DRC may yet start the hiring process prior to the conclusion of the offer’s publication.

If you are interested in the position of Protection Team Leader, Click the link below.


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