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Date of expiration: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 | WFP Is Hiring a Procurement Officer | Niger | Niamey

Title of the position: Fixed-term Procurement Officer, NOA

Through this recruitment, a pool of suitable individuals may be assembled to fill possible opportunities with the same profile at the same or lower grade level.

Station of duty: Niamey

Division or Unit: Supply Chains



The largest humanitarian organization in the world battling hunger is the United Nations World Food Programme. WFP’s goal is to contribute to the world’s effort to eradicate hunger during our lifetimes. Every day, WFP works in every country to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the most vulnerable and impoverished people, especially women and children, have access to the wholesome food they require.


Education: Advanced degree in economics, commerce, business administration, engineering, law, or accounting, or first degree plus extra relevant job experience, training, or courses.

Professional Experience: One year or more of post-graduate work in a comparable role Fluency in both French and English at the level C


The Country Office in Niamey is where this position is located. The person in the position will answer to the Head of Procurement Unit. Working closely with a more seasoned professional staff member, the job holder is likely to receive direction and regular feedback on their work while being actively involved in day-to-day procurement activities.


to gather data, analyze it, and then report on it in order to make procurement procedures and activities as efficient as possible.

WFP Is Hiring a Procurement Officer | Niger


  • Support procurement programs and operational tasks, such as issuing tenders, assessing offers, and negotiating/awarding contracts, while adhering to established procedures and making a positive impact on the efficient acquisition of goods and services for both food and non-food purposes.
  • Participate in data analysis to generate suggestions for process improvement.
  • Collect information and assist in the timely and accurate creation of reports on procurement activities in order to contribute to the WFP’s overall vision, which helps stakeholders to make informed decisions and ensures that the information they receive is consistent, which improves performance.
  • By gathering the data required for recommendations to be adequately addressed to ensure compliance with compliance laws, support auditing of procurement activities.
  • Work together with internal counterparts to integrate procurement activities into larger programs and guarantee a unified strategy for addressing food aid needs.
  • Support the creation and evaluation of training materials to help WFP staff members acquire goods and services, both food- and non-food-related, in a strategic and proactive manner.
  • Guide and oversee a small number of more junior employees, serving as a point of contact and assisting them with straightforward analysis and inquiries.
  • In order to enable WFP to promptly respond and distribute food and necessary resources to affected communities at the beginning of the crisis, adhere to routine disaster preparedness procedures.
  • When providing emergency food assistance, act in the designated emergency response capacity.
  • other as necessary.



  • Understands and effectively communicates the WFP’s strategic objectives, as well as how they relate to personal work goals.
  • Be a force for good by adapting individual contributions flexibly to suit changes in supervisory direction as well as internal and external changes (such as changing beneficiary needs or new partner requirements).
  • Make the task motivating for our team: identifies and discusses with team members how each member’s contributions relate to the mission of WFP.
  • Make our mission apparent in all that we do: sets personal goals that are compatible with the WFP’s overall operations and is able to explain this connection to others.


  • Look for opportunities to improve people’s abilities: Assesses one’s own strengths and limitations in order to become more self-aware, and takes these into consideration while discussing one’s own growth needs.
  • Establish an inclusive culture by engaging in open discussion and respecting the differing viewpoints of others, irrespective of their background, culture, experiences, or country of assignment.
  • Be a coach and give helpful criticism: Proactively seeks coaching and feedback to increase self-assurance and enhance personal abilities.
  • Develop a spirit of “I will” and “We will” participates in achieving team objectives and tasks under difficult situations.


  • Promote creativity and innovative thinking: Demonstrates a desire to experiment with new concepts and methods in one’s own work.
  • Focus on achieving results: Delivers results within each task’s scope consistently, on schedule, within budget, and without mistakes.
  • Make commitments and keep them: Commits to upholding personal accountability and duties in the face of dynamic national or functional goals.
  • Be Decisive: When faced with uncertain situations, such as when information is unclear or a manager’s instructions are unclear, makes reasonable decisions concerning personal activities.


  • Share and connect with other WFP units: seeks to comprehend and adjust to the priorities and preferred working methods of internal or cross-unit teams.
  • Create effective external partnerships by displaying the capacity to recognize, appropriately address, and/or escalate the demands of external partners.
  • Pose a knowledgeable and competent manner toward internal and external partners and stakeholders. Be politically fluid and adaptable.
  • Be specific about the benefits WFP partnerships: operational assistance for analyses and evaluations that quantify and illustrate the WFP’s special value as a partner.


Function Name

An explanation of the behavior that corresponds to the proficiency level.

Contracting & Tendering

shows the capacity to create and manage smaller contracts or parts of bigger contracts that improve the value WFP receives from its engagements (e.g., cost, efficiency, and quality).

Vendor Administration

Utilizes practical expertise and a grasp of the supplier network and business requirements to choose vendors that suit the selection criteria in an efficient manner.

Intelligence on goods, services, and industries

Based on a fundamental grasp of sources, national requirements, and public procurement principles/practices, chooses appropriate goods and/or services in one’s own area.

Reporting & Systems

demonstrates a thorough understanding of corporate operational systems, procurement systems, and the tools needed to do a variety of studies and produce reports that will guide decision-making.

Compliance & Ethics

Shows aptitude for gathering, assembling, and reporting records pertaining to ethics and compliance to aid in the understanding of audit findings.


  • experience with conducting everyday transactions including the purchase of products, services, and commodities.
  • experience creating schedules and cost reports for suppliers (such as shops, traders, and wholesalers).
  • experience in coordinating procurement procedures with other units or teams (such as administration, ICT, or logistics).


  • EXECUTION OF PROCUREMENT – Tendering & Contracting
  • Intelligence about commodities, products, and services: PROCUREMENT EXECUTION


WFP affords everyone the same opportunity.

WFP is dedicated to fostering an office environment where each employee is capable of carrying out their duties and upholding the dignity of their coworkers. WFP provides career chances for its staff members and aids in their professional growth through training and ongoing learning activities.

WFP is also committed to fostering and upholding a positive work environment that values diversity and is devoid of sexual harassment, harassment for being gay, and other forms of discrimination. WFP values diversity and inclusion in the workplace and welcomes applications from talented men and women of all racial and religious backgrounds. WFP does not discriminate based on one’s HIV/AIDS status and has a zero-tolerance policy for it.

Last but not least, WFP works to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment and is sure that it cannot fulfill its purpose to end world hunger unless all people have an equal opportunity to participate in decision-making and access resources.

Duration of Contract: One Year (Renewable)

Pay: The annual gross income for this grade ranges from 17.902.000 to 22.431.000 fcfa. Additionally, under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for a spouse and dependent child allowance.

Candidate eligibility: Candidates with Nigerien citizenship are welcome to apply.

Application is particularly recommended for female candidates.

WFP is a preferred employer for women. We appreciate the contributions you make and pay attention to your needs. The reason being that “We work to ensure that you have a work/life balance”

  • 6 months of paid maternity leave.
  • Up to two-hour daily breastfeeding breaks and nursing mothers’ rooms.
  • Flexible work schedules, including telecommuting if necessary (due to illness of children, spouse, etc.).
  • We support and work to advance your career by:
  • chances for leadership skills improvement and development.
  • possibilities for training and capacity building to advance their careers.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 21, 2023

Only online applications should be submitted through the WFP recruitment website.

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

Please consider your application unsuccessful if you do not hear from us within two months.

WFP Is Hiring a Procurement Officer | Niger CLICK HERE To Apply

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