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Chief Business Development Officer



Position Description

Chief Business Development Officer


Abuja, Nigeria is the location.


Fixed-term, two-year position (renewable based on performance and funding).


Level 3: The duties of the position may call for the postholder to often interact with or have access to children or teenagers. Apply for Head of Business Development Nigeria

Role Objectives:

  • A creative, well-organized Head of Business Development is needed by Save the Children who is enthusiastic about joining a worldwide team of people working to better the lives of children in Nigeria.
  • The Head of Business Development is a crucial job for the nation program’s successful search of additional funds. His or her management of multi-divisional proposal response teams has a direct impact on the caliber and viability of Save the Children’s funding bids.
  • Technical advisers receive technical help, guidance, and training from the Head of Business Development for new business development strategies and responsibilities from pre-positioning to proposal submission. Additionally, a unit that supports technical and financial ideas is under the supervision of this role.
  • From a strategic perspective, s/he will take the initiative to oversee the coordination of necessary internal advance planning, coordination, and communication on prospective new prospects. S/he offers quality assurance and assistance to technical leads in their search of larger and more strategic funding possibilities in order to increase the program’s effect.


  • Reports to: Director of Quality and Program Development
  • 3 employees (the BD Manager, BD Coordinator, and Costing Specialist) are directly responsible for this position.
  • Thematic Technical Specialists; MEAL Specialist; Advocacy, Campaigns, Communications & Media team; Gender Equality Advisor; Disability Inclusion Advisor; Senior Management Team; Field/Program Managers; and Members are key personnel directly involved with this post.


General Administration

  • Determine and keep track of pertinent upcoming financing opportunities via partner networks, partner relationships, and other resources, and alert the Country Office SMT and pertinent technical leads.
  • Manage partner relations, oversee final proposal production for submission to donors, and coordinate proposal development. This includes providing quality control to proposals through the design, implementation, and/or review of response strategies and action plans for technical and cost proposals.
  • Create and/or maintain the right processes, practices, guidelines, and resources to aid in the spotting, picking out, and taking advantage of strategic chances.
  • Manage significant open solicitations and other proposal submissions, including teaming arrangements, control of technical design and cost proposals, capacity statements, internal review/quality control procedures, and, as necessary, the development of specific proposal parts.
  • Visit field offices on prospecting missions to find and get ready for new funding opportunities.
  • Represent Save the Children when necessary in business dealings with partners, funders, and other parties, taking part in meetings and conferences as required.
  • Enhance staff members’ ability to take advantage of strategic possibilities by developing and/or delivering formal and informal training programs and resources.

strategic management

  • For the country program as a whole, as well as for thematic, cross-sectoral, and emergency response programs and projects, take the lead in developing and updating SC Nigeria’s country-specific funding strategy and donor engagement plan.
  • Assure close communication, shared decision-making, and engagement with the Country Director, Director of Programme Operations, Director of the ACCM, Member offices, and regional offices regarding new (strategic) financing prospects.
  • Make sure you involve donors, partners, and other external stakeholders strategically and on time.
  • Make sure funding is properly directed toward the CO’s strategic goals and innovative ideas; make sure program development builds on knowledge gained from and review of the execution of prior projects.

Organizational analysis and donor involvement

  • As directed by the line manager, represent the Nigeria CO in pertinent donor forums, workshops, and conferences where new business development prospects might be developed.
  • In order to be a prime or sub-recipient for large-scale or strategic financing possibilities, develop strong relationships with external stakeholders, funders, and possible partners.
  • Develop fruitful collaborations with SC Members and donor organizations, acting as their regional and national point of contact.
  • Make sure that the national office level is constantly informed of important contacts, necessary formats, and donor plans. maintains the database used to track partner and donor involvement.
  • Locate, investigate, and communicate data on new financing prospects from institutional, non-traditional, and other institutional sources (foundations, corporations, etc.).
  • Investigate and test prospective partnerships with the business sector and other novel entities, and keep up with the regional funding landscape.
  • Make sure to keep track of open funding opportunities, application deadlines, and funding that is available. Make ensuring that the country has access to all acceptable donor and SC proposal forms.
  • Keep top management updated, make sure that updated trackers are available for planning purposes, and keep an eye on the pipeline and win rates for proposals.

Observe the creation of proposals

  • Take the initiative in creating elaborate or high-value proposals for donor contracts and bids.
  • Give the proposal development team leadership and coordination while supervising and guaranteeing the quality and adherence to donor standards for all SC Nigeria proposals currently under preparation.
  • To ensure that all information is produced in a way that ensures quality and integration of SCI interventions at the programme design and reporting stage, work closely with the teams of Programme Operations, ACCM, HR, and Finance.
  • Make that concept notes and funding requests strictly adhere to the SLT’s choices as well as the country strategy plan, thematic plans, regional priorities, master budgets, and monitoring & evaluations, accountability, and learning (MEAL) frameworks.
  • To guarantee sufficient and prompt input into proposal and budget development, design and monitor proposal development schedules and closely collaborate with PDQ, Programme Operations, ACCM, Finance, HR, Security, and Supply Chain.
  • Broker technical expertise and other resources in conjunction with Members as necessary to promote proposal development.
  • Facilitate the hiring of consultants for large-scale proposals or when teams from Save the Children are in need of technical experts.
  • Participate in consortium meetings for proposal development and represent Save the Children normally along with technical experts.
  • Make sure that all new proposals address the Programme Quality Framework and contain important program quality components, such as child engagement, child safety, lessons gained from prior proposals, accountability, risk assessments, and a successful partnership approach.
  • Before submitting any proposal or concept note to a donor, make sure it is thorough, follows all standards and rules established by Save the Children and the donor, and has been reviewed and approved by the SMT and other local employees as necessary.
  • Lead the upkeep of the current database of applications filed, accepted, rejected, and reports submitted to donors/SC members in cooperation with the Awards team.
  • Ascertain that the Program Development team is supportive of gathering all necessary data for the Prime system, the awards kick-off procedure, budget and proposal re-alignments throughout the implementation, as well as cost and no cost extensions, and ensuring initial proposal conformity.

management, coaching, and development of people

  • Help the DPDQ develop and maintain the technical skills and competences necessary for overseeing and/or contributing to top-notch programs.
  • Be an effective mentor and coach for the team members who report to you as well as other team members who help with proposal development and report writing.
  • Support the creation of an organizational culture that is consistent with our broad-spectrum programming values, encourages high performance and accountability, fosters a culture of learning, innovation, and teamwork, and frees up our staff to provide top-notch results for kids and first-rate customer service for our members and donors.



  • recognizes and values the necessity for safety and security management processes, rules, and planning when providing humanitarian aid
  • holds oneself accountable for making decisions, effectively managing resources, attaining goals, and setting an example for others. Values of Save the Children
  • Holds the team and partners accountable for completing their tasks, allowing them the freedom to do so in the method that best suits them, giving them the training they need to perform better, and enforcing suitable sanctions when objectives are not met.
  • establishes a management environment for the team as a whole to guide, support, and uphold our culture of child protection.


  • sets high-calibre objectives for themselves and their group, assumes responsibility for their own personal growth, and motivates their group to do the same.
  • Future-focused, strategically minded, and considers the entire country


  • Builds and maintains excellent relationships with coworkers, members, and external partners and sponsors; is approachable, a good listener, and easy to talk to.
  • respects diversity and many points of view, and is able to collaborate across cultures.


  • creates and promotes fresh, creative ideas


  • Honesty fosters openness and transparency and increases confidence and trust.
  • consistently demonstrates good judgment.


Essentials to Apply for Head of Business Development Nigeria

  • a master’s degree in social sciences or a related field of development.
  • 6–8 years of experience in international development, with at least 5 of those years spent successfully developing grant proposals for corporate and institutional donors, including pre–solicitation work. It is necessary to have expertise with USAID and DFID solicitations; however, years of substantive relevant experience developing proposals for other multilateral or bilateral funders may be taken into consideration.
  • experience developing training materials and courses for personnel.
  • knowledge of leading a small group.
  • a master’s degree in international development or a closely related discipline.
  • A candidate with international work experience is preferred.
  • Must be prepared to travel up to 20% to state offices.
  • the capacity to manage several projects at once, perform well under time pressure, and adhere to deadlines.
  • being able to coordinate the efforts of numerous partners, including field-based workers, through good communication.
  • Excellent technical writing, editing, formatting, and verbal and written communication skills, as well as attention to detail, are necessary.

Job Information

Position Number 3380

Funding by Job Category

Job Schedule Permanent

Locations: Abuja and CO

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