United Nations Development Programme (undp Jobs): Security Officer Intern – UNDSS.


Job Title: Security Officer Intern

Location :Lusaka, ZAMBIA
Application Deadline :01-Aug-23 (Midnight New York, USA)
Additional Category :Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding
Type of Contract :Internship
Post Level :Intern
Languages Required :English  
Starting Date :
(date when the selected candidate is expected to start)
Duration of Initial Contract :6 months


The overarching goal of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) is to ensure the safest and most effective execution of the programmes and operations of the United Nations System by providing leadership, operational assistance, and oversight of the security management system.
For UNDSS Zambia, under the direct supervision of the Field Security Associates (FSAs) and the Security Advisor’s (SA) overall oversight.

responsibilities and obligations

  • Keep the peace and safeguard people and property inside UN buildings.
  • the screening of visitors, contractors, UN employees, guests, and other individuals, as well as 24-hour access control at UN facilities.
  • Keep the UN staff, contractors, visitors, and other persons in a safe and secure environment.
  • Conduct interior and exterior patrols throughout UN property in an effort to stop unauthorised people from trying to enter, and report any security, fire, or safety violations to the Security Control Centre.
  • Supply all organisation members with information and directions.
  • Control, recognise, and clear vehicle and pedestrian traffic entering and leaving the property; keep logbooks and records as needed.
  • Maintain vigilance for any disruptions or odd activity, as well as any potential or actual security breaches. React to and report disturbances, unusual actions, or breaches in accordance with procedures.
  • Check the UN’s facilities, assets, and surroundings for surveillance and security.
  • Whenever necessary, aid in the personnel’s safe exit.
  • Respond to any other instances as necessary. takes aggressive measures to protect the assets and people on the team.
  • In charge of receiving, inspecting, and registering documents and goods sent to the UN.
  • When necessary, performs receptionist responsibilities, issues and manages badges and keys, and keeps accurate logs and records.
  • carries out any additional responsibilities assigned by the supervisor in the field. To protect the safety and security of employees and assets, take proactive measures.
  • In charge of receiving, inspecting, and registering documents and goods sent to the UN.
  • When necessary, carry out receptionist duties, distribute and regulate badges and keys, and keep precise records and logs.
  • Using established tools and technology, such as database systems, handheld devices, and radio communications, one records and reports information in line with established processes.
  • operate security equipment and procedures at all established security installations, such as the security control room.
  • carry out additional UNDSS administrative and logistical tasks.
  • Follow your supervisor’s instructions on all other related tasks.


  1. PROFESSIONALISM: Shows understanding of and skill with regard to implementing United Nations security policies, procedures, and practises.
    Shows pride in one’s work and accomplishments; demonstrates professional competence and mastery of the subject; is diligent and effective in meeting commitments; complies with deadlines; and is skilled in the handling of firearms, first aid, and self-defense techniques.
    is driven more by professional considerations than personal ones.
    displays tenacity when tackling challenging issues or tasks.
    maintains composure under pressure.
    a dedication to achieving gender equality by making sure that men and women participate equally in all facets of the workforce and are fully involved in those activities
  2. COMMUNICATION: Effectively communicates verbally and in writing.
    Asks clarifying questions and shows an interest in establishing two-way communication. Listens to people, accurately analyses their messages, and replies accordingly.
    Adapts language, tone, style, and format to the audience; shows a willingness to share knowledge and keep the public informed.
  3. TEAMWORK: Contributes creatively to the accomplishment of group objectives.
    by sincerely appreciating the thoughts and skills of others, one solicits input.
    is ready to absorb new information.
    puts the needs of the team before personal needs.
    reaches a team-wide agreement on the task’s direction and objective.
    supports the group’s final choice and follows it, even if it doesn’t exactly reflect one’s own stance.
    accepts joint responsibility for the team’s failures and shares credit for the group’s successes.

required qualifications and expertise

  • High school graduation or the equivalent is required; a university degree is preferred.
  • Years of Experience: It is ideal to have at least a year’s worth of experience working for the United Nations or another comparable international organisation in the police, military, or security services.
  • Language requirement: written and oral English proficiency
  • Additional requirements: The UNDSS/UNDP has the right to perform background investigations on applicants, including but not limited to inquiries into criminal histories and employer references.
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