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Job Title: Public Security Coordination Specialist. Deadline: 04/08/2023

Position Description

Position Goal:

The Public Security Coordination Specialist will carry out the following duties under the direct supervision of the Head of Stabilisation and in close coordination with the CTA Rule of Law and Human Rights and other team members in Output One of the RSF. With an emphasis on the establishment and operationalization of state/community-driven security coordination mechanisms, particularly in the target areas, by connecting with Security Planning and Coordination Groups (SPCGs) at the State Level. The United Nations Security Management System and UNDP security employees hired by UNDP are in charge of providing technical guidance/support in protecting the safety/security of UNDP staff, which is outside the purview of this position and does not hold it accountable.

Location :Maiduguri, Nigeria
Application Deadline :04/08/2023, 06:59
Type of Contract :Full time
Languages Required :English  
Education & Work ExperienceMaster’s Degree – 5 year(s) experience OR Bachelor’s Degree – 7 year(s) experience
Duration of Initial Contract :1 year
Responsibilities and Obligations
  • Platforms for state- and community-level security that receive efficient technical and coordination assistance
  • Effective involvement and advocacy with security actors
  • Analysis of the safety and security status, including threat evaluations
Supervisory and managerial duties:

In order to support this job, the incumbent may be required to supervise team members.

Principal Competencies
  • Obtain Results Set and align difficult, attainable goals for numerous initiatives that will have a lasting impact at Level 3.
  • Think Creatively: LEVEL 3: Anticipate dangers, provide fresh concepts to address challenging issues
  • Continuous Learning LEVEL 3: Identify and seize opportunities to broaden perspectives and experience diversity
  • Adapt with Agility: LEVEL 3: Actively champion change and start it while juggling several competing demands.
  • Level 3 action: Think beyond current challenges and take decisive action to reach better achievements
  • Engage and Partner: LEVEL 3: Political acumen, mastery of a challenging environment, and promotion of inter-agency cooperation
  • LEVEL 3: Recognise the advantages of a varied workforce and promote inclusivity to promote diversity and inclusion.
Cross-functional and technical competencies:
Business Strategy & Direction:
  • Business savvy: The capacity to create strategies and prioritised plans that are effective in achieving UNDP’s goals, based on a systemic analysis of possibilities, risks, and obstacles, connecting the vision to the realities on the ground, and producing real-world solutions.
  • Understanding how interrelated elements coexist within a larger process or system and taking into account how changing one element may have an influence on other system components are both examples of system thinking.
  • Ability to come to an understanding, persuade others, overcome disagreements, benefit from the results of discourse, negotiate mutually acceptable solutions through compromise, and create “win-win” scenarios.
  • Knowledge generation in business refers to the capacity to gather information through research, interpret it for context, or respond to a stated demand.
Activities: Security:
  • Management of security information requires analytical skills to analyse a variety of security data and produce recommendations.
  • Possessing the ability to offer sound advice and direction on security management, as well as to plan and coordinate security activities
  • Management of Business: Partnerships Ability to create and manage partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, including governments, partners from the corporate sector and civil society, experts, and others in accordance with UNDP strategy and policies.
Required knowledge and Expertise
  • A graduate degree (or its equivalent) in social sciences, development, peace or security studies, criminology, political science, international relations, or a closely related discipline is required for this position.
  • An advanced university degree will not be required if the applicant has a first-level university degree (a bachelor’s degree) and two more years of relevant experience.
  • A Formal multi-year training in security management, such as in the military or police, with a Junior Command and Staff College degree (minimum 9 full months of study).
  • Working on international peace and security issues for at least 5 years (with a master’s degree) or 7 years (with a bachelor’s degree), ideally with direct expertise in stabilization/crisis response programme design and implementation.
  • It is necessary to have first-hand knowledge of civic-military interactions and practical strategies for inspiring security actors to collaborate with one another, with local government, and with civil society.
  • It is necessary to have prior experience working in conflict-ridden situations, ideally supporting local/national government or security providers in meeting the needs of vulnerable communities;
  • preferably at a sub-national level, experience directing planning and technical development of peace and security actions is a plus;
  • An asset who has relevant experience working in Africa, particularly in Nigeria or the Sahel/Lake Chad region.
  • participating in a multilateral effort to promote security and peace. Working knowledge of UNDP or other UN organisations’ civil-military coordination or cooperation is advantageous;
  • An asset would be prior design and/or training delivery experience;
  • extensive knowledge of risk and security management.

Public Security Coordination Specialist.

Necessary technical abilities:
  • Professional management abilities with a functional focus, including managing a remote office;
  • strong team-building and leadership abilities in challenging and conflict-ridden environments;
  • Plan and prioritise tasks to meet organisational objectives, and effectively organise and manage work processes to provide high-quality outcomes;
  • Advanced knowledge of spreadsheet and database programmes, expertise working with web-based management systems, and experience using computers and office software programmes (MS Word, Excel, etc.).

Language prerequisites: proficiency in spoken and written English.

Public Security Coordination Specialist.

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