Transport Specialist Job Vacancy In Brazzaville Congo


Date of expiration: Friday, September 22, 2023 | Transport Specialist Job Vacancy In Brazzaville Congo | The World Bank


Transportation Expert

Job number: req24157

Organisation: World Bank

Transportation sector

Level: GF

Term Time: two years and ten months

Local hiring is the type of recruitment.

Location: Congo Republic, Brazzaville

Language(s) required: English

Language(s) of preference: French


Region of Western and Central Africa (AFW)

In order to tap on the potential and innovation taking place across Sub-Saharan Africa, we need the best and the brightest talent concentrated there. With a young population of roughly 1.2 billion people and a burgeoning market, Africa is a continent on the move. We are devoted to developing the regional teams for Africa into renowned innovation hubs. Transport Specialist Job Vacancy In Brazzaville Congo

These enormous opportunities are nevertheless constrained by enduring disparities in health, education, and skill sets, which prevent Africa from achieving even half of its potential. In addition, the disruptive forces of climate change, conflict, food shortages, population increase, and other factors pose a threat to slow or even reverse the progress that has been gained over the previous decades.

The World Bank is a key player in West and Central Africa, where it is supporting the creation of jobs, gender equality, the reduction of poverty, and better lives through a growing portfolio of 387 projects worth more than $44.1 billion in sectors like agriculture, trade and transport, energy, education, health, and water and sanitation. Over the past ten years, the World Bank’s program has almost doubled in scope across the continent. Our aim to end extreme poverty and to promote shared prosperity will be accomplished in Sub-Saharan Africa, where it is anticipated that 87% of the world’s extremely poor people will reside by the year 2030.

Are you prepared to make a difference? To assist countries recover from COVID and enhance people’s lives, we are looking for committed experts to join our creative and varied team.

Transport Unit for West and Central Africa (IAWT3)

The World Bank provides assistance to 11 client nations in the West and Central Africa Unit (IAWT3): Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. These clients span from fragile and low-income IDA nations like CAR, Liberia, and Sierra Leone to lower middle-income nations with considerable demand for infrastructure programs, such as Ivory Coast, Ghana, or Cameroon. Urban transportation (Bus Rapid Transit systems), regional integration corridors, trade and transit facilitation, logistics, PPPs, ports, railroad, air transport, rural transportation for agricultural production, and road safety are areas of particular concern for the transportation industry in the sub-region.

The IAWT3 unit now employs 22 people and is expanding. A total of 15 projects worth approximately US$ 3.69 billion are now being implemented as part of the transport portfolio. An additional 4 projects and 8 analytical activities are in the queue. This diversified portfolio comprises initiatives and research in the areas of transportation and trade facilitation, urban mobility, port, road, and railway sectors, public-private partnerships, climate resilience and adaptation of the transportation sector, and transportation and human capital (i.e., roads to schools).

IAWT3 is looking for a Transport Specialist to join the WB Country Office in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. The ideal candidate would have direct project management experience, strong technical abilities, and awareness of issues facing the transport sector. The Specialist will participate in projects and knowledge-based activities in the transport practice in close coordination with other Global Practices, as well as (i) technical discussions in the transport sector with the Congolese authorities and other clients in the sub-region.

The Transport Specialist will: (i) assist the World Bank in supporting the governments of the Congo Republic in implementing the national component of the central African regional waterways and of other Cameroon Country Management Unit (CMU) countries in implementing the transport sector projects and initiatives in these countries, with a current emphasis on road connectivity and urban mobility; (ii) assist the technical transport sector dialogue with the World Bank. Transport Specialist Job Vacancy In Brazzaville Congo

The Transport Specialist will, more specifically:

  • Contribute to the planning and oversight of transportation projects in the Congo Republic as a team member and sector expert. Support the technical aspects of projects relating to design, procurement, contract management, and implementation monitoring, while paying close attention to safeguards and other cross-cutting issues, such as gender considerations, climate change/resilience considerations, and opportunities for expanding the incorporation of the private sector
  • Contribute to specific analytical studies (ASA activities) or Trust Funds, particularly on topics like financing options, asset management, and operations, climate resilience, impact evaluation, and generally the best practices in the design, management, and provision of infrastructure and services for investments in the road sector or urban mobility.
  • Contribute to sector policy dialogue, institutional reforms, and capacity-building programs under the direction of the Infrastructure PG Program Leader and the Transport GP Practice Manager. Pay close attention to opportunities and options for involving the private sector. Make careful to take into account interdisciplinary concerns in this endeavour, including but not limited to social and environmental implications, gender equality, health and safety, digitalization of transportation services, and climate change.
  • Participate in cross-sectoral teams that prepare policy notes, reviews of public spending, sectoral studies, and research and policy development efforts on pertinent issues relating to trade, competitiveness, logistical services, and transportation.
  • By participating in a limited number of thematic technical groups (Global Solutions Groups or Solution Areas) and writing a limited number of technical notes in collaboration with other Global practices, you can support the Bank’s professional community of staff members who work in the transport practice. This will help to improve the generation and dissemination of new knowledge and broaden the body of existing knowledge.
  • Keep up with recent changes in the global transportation industry that affect the areas of expertise for this role.
  • On a two-year appointment that is renewable, the Transport Specialist will be situated in the World Bank Country Office in Brazzaville. Reporting to the IAWT3 Practice Manager, she/he will. Her/His tasks will be outlined with the practice manager and modified in accordance with operational requirements. She/He will take an active part in pertinent Country Management Unit (CMU) discussions, particularly those pertaining to the creation of County Climate and Development Reports (CCDRs), Comprehensive Partnership Frameworks (CPFs), and Systematic Country Diagnostics (SCD), as appropriate. Additionally, she or he will coordinate with other international organizations, draw on their expertise in cross-cutting problems, and collaborate with them as necessary. She or he will also see to it that the World Bank Group, as well as other international and bilateral organizations active in Ghana’s transportation sector and that of other nearby nations, work in appropriate partnership and collaboration.

Selection Standards

  • Master’s degree plus five years of relevant experience, or an equivalent mix of appropriate graduate-level education and experience in transportation, engineering, river navigation, planning, or economics.
  • Minimum of five years of proven experience in the transportation industry, with at least three of the following areas of expertise: (a) development of transportation policy and planning tools; (b) policy, institutional, and financing aspects of road transportation or urban mobility; and (c) strategies to promote private sector involvement in the provision of transportation infrastructure or services.
  • Knowledge of key cross-cutting issues that affect the performance of the transportation sector and on which the development of transportation sector infrastructure and services needs to have a positive impact, such as environmental and social impacts, land acquisition and resettlement, gender equality, road safety, climate change, and the interaction with digital technology
  • a solid track record of developing and implementing transportation-related programs, as well as experience working on initiatives supported by the World Bank or other development partners.
  • a high level of dynamism, self-motivation, and the capacity to work with little direction. It would be highly advantageous to have demonstrated real-world expertise in project development and management.
  • Knowledge of the difficulties the nation’s transportation sector faces would be advantageous.
  • good French communication abilities, both written and spoken. A working knowledge of English is preferred.


  • Deliver results for clients – Proactively attends to both the expressed and underlying needs of clients.
  • Work together in teams and across boundaries, contributing one’s own perspective and cheerfully accepting those of others.
  • Make Wise Decisions: Interprets a variety of facts and works to advance.
  • Integrative abilities – Has knowledge of pertinent cross-sectoral areas
  • Ability to undertake independent policy conversations with representatives of the government and non-government partners. Ability to foresee requirements and demands in the field.
  • Institutions, strategy, and policy in transportation solid knowledge of the institutions, tactics, laws, and regulations governing transportation.
  • Operational project management exhibits a thorough understanding of the tools and processes used in transportation project management.
  • Using knowledge of the country’s and sector’s context, project design for effect and sustainability leads to the creation of projects and programs.
  • Team leadership: sets an example for others and develops the team members’ abilities to lead others in difficult situations.
  • The World Bank Group is dedicated to achieving diversity in terms of racial background, gender, nationality, culture, and level of education. The application process is equally encouraged for those with disabilities. Applications from women and SSA/CR applicants are especially welcomed. If chosen for the role, candidates with open term appointments will continue to be employed. A 2-year term appointment will be made available to everyone else. All applications will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Core Competencies of the World Bank Group

  • Comprehensive benefits are provided by the World Bank Group, including a retirement plan, health, life, and disability insurance, paid time off, including parental leave, and reasonable accommodations for those with impairments.
  • With a motivated and dedicated team, we take pride in being an equal opportunity and inclusive company that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or handicap.
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