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Request Number: req45381

Assistant Director of Programs

Program administration sector

Fixed-term employment category

Type of Employment: Full-Time

Open to Foreigners: Yes

Specifically, Kampala, Uganda

Work Arrangement: Face-to-face

Position Description

Responding to the biggest humanitarian catastrophes in the globe, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps people survive and rebuild their lives. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) was established in 1933 at Albert Einstein’s request. It assists those who are displaced due to war, conflict, and disaster as well as the host communities that provide for them. We work to enhance results in the areas of health, safety, economic welfare, education, and power now in over 40 nations and 22 U.S. cities. Given the disadvantages experienced by women and girls, IRC works to reduce gender disparities while also ensuring that all vulnerable groups are socially included in larger policies, processes, and actions that have an impact on their lives.

Job Summary

For the position of Deputy Director, Programs (DDP), which is responsible for overall leadership in the design, implementation, and management of IRC Uganda’s programs to fulfill clients’ needs and goals, IRC Uganda is seeking a strategic leader. The DDP is in charge of giving programs strategic direction, conceiving and promoting innovations, and enhancing the effect of IRC’s programs locally. The DDP oversees multi-sector project design and implementation, manages sector teams to propose, coordinate, and deliver high-quality programs in alignment with strategic priorities and beneficiary needs, and leads strategic funding opportunity tracking, partnering, and pre-positioning. This includes working with donors, government and non-government partners, and IRC technical and regional support teams. The DDP must be able to inspire and guide a diverse team while also running budgets, programs, and relationships efficiently.

The DDP is situated in Kampala and directly reports to the country director. About 30% of their time is spent traveling visiting program locations. Four technical coordinators, a grants coordinator, a partnerships coordinator, a program coordinator for quality and learning, a MEAL coordinator, a communications and advocacy coordinator, and two strategic project coordinators are all directly under the direct supervision of this role. A crucial part of the Uganda Senior Management Team is the DDP.

Significant Duties:

Developing and implementing a strategy

  • Contribute to the implementation of the Uganda Strategy Action Plan (SAP) by making a committed investment in the oversight of the Uganda country’s allocation of the HQ strategic ambitions funding as well as the SAP Implementation Plan (SAP-IP) monitoring.
  • Ensure that the programs’ strategic direction adheres to the FY22–24 SAP.
  • Support IRC’s worldwide plan, Strategy100, and encourage creativity and innovation to pursue important goals
  • Ensure cooperation and support from within the country program as you lead the creation of an ambitious yet doable FY25–27 SAP.

program creation

  • Make ensuring that new program opportunities are developed in accordance with IRC Uganda’s SAP.
  • Lead the development of new projects, including locating possible partners (local and INGOs) and guaranteeing the general caliber of proposals.
  • Develop and implement capacity-building protocols for the transfer of IRC skills and experience to local government and international NGO partners in conjunction with technical and partnership employees. Identify regional NGO partners.
  • Make sure that, based on cooperative needs assessment procedures, collaborative program design processes properly exploit the perspectives, experience, and knowledge of local actors.
  • Encourage cross-learning and sector integration to give IRC’s clients more comprehensive services.
  • To ensure that outcomes are evidence-driven and evidence-generated, make sure that all developed projects employ the IRC theories of change.
  • Develop advocacy strategies with the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator and discover networks for coalition development.

Monitoring and implementation of the program

  • Assure the protection and enforcement of the strategic program direction and growth while providing general leadership and management to all IRC Uganda activities.
  • Continually examine all programs through field visits and review meetings, and make sure that program implementation techniques align with SAP goals.
  • Promote and implement IRC’s Partnership Excellence for Equality and Results (PEERs) system to make sure that staff members use IRC’s partnership concepts, techniques, and strategies to all projects with partners.
  • Make sure the proper management tools are created, such as workplans, M&E plans, expenditure plans, procurement plans, etc., to ensure the successful implementation of projects.
  • Ensure that all initiatives adhere to the IMPACT Standards, the IRC’s program quality framework.
  • Make sure that monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are well-designed, evaluate results according to priority, and are integrated throughout the entire project.
  • Monitor monthly project expenditure versus program budgets in collaboration with the grants, programs, and finance teams.
  • Recommend grant and budget changes after consulting with the project implementation teams, grants team, and technical coordinators.
  • help the grants team and technical coordinator(s) draft the budget while consulting the finance and operations departments
  • Together with the grants department, technical coordinators, operations, and finance departments, review all program donor reports and new project proposals to ensure completeness, quality, and timely submission.


  • To ensure prompt service delivery, promote positive and fruitful communication between program and operations staff.
  • Ensure that the program adheres to internal control processes.
  • Be aware of and follow the organization’s security procedures as outlined in the Security Management Plan for the nation program.

People Resources

  • oversee 11 employees directly, including coordinators for technical projects, funding, MEAL, partnerships, communications and advocacy, program quality, and strategic project managers.
  • In collaboration with immediate supervisors, human resources, and the country director, coordinate the hiring of all program staff and suggest promotions and performance measures for program workers.
  • Staff members are coached and mentored with the goal of increasing their technical proficiency, fostering information sharing within the team, offering advice on professional growth, and ensuring staff retention.
  • Encourage the creation of sound performance goals for the staff and offer regular feedback on the team’s progress toward achieving those goals.
  • Keep communication with team members open and professional, foster a culture of cooperation, and offer staff oversight and direction to help them succeed in their roles.
  • Ensure that interim and annual employee performance reviews are finished and submitted on schedule.

coordination and dialogue

  • Coordinate multi-sector integrated programs, standardize sector-specific activities, and gather up-to-date information for program design and implementation through corresponding with colleagues, UN agencies, and NGOs in the field.
  • Make that IRC is represented in the appropriate sector-specific coordination forums, and encourage the sharing of program data, best practices, and educational resources with partners, involved communities, and different line government ministry officials.
  • Make sure that the employees of the program department and the field program teams are in regular contact.
  • Assuring that an efficient communication system is in place to enable staff access to information in order to promote inclusive participation and an empowering work environment in conjunction with the country director and the management team
  • Maintain proactive communication with IRC’s pertinent Technical Advisors and look for technical advice and help on new program design and execution.

Important functioning connections

Reporting Person: Country Director

Direct reporting: Senior PlayMatters Coordinator, Program Coordinator for Quality and Learning, Health Coordinator, Education Coordinator, Economic Recovery and Development Coordinator, Integrated Protection Coordinator, Grants Coordinator, MEAL Coordinator, Communications and Advocacy Coordinator, Partnerships Coordinator, and Kulea Watoto Project Coordinator

Additional internal contacts Field Coordinators; Technical Advisors; Deputy Regional Director; Regional Director, Awards Management; Re:Build regional project team; PlayMatters regional project team; Senior Management Team (Deputy Directors, Finance, Operations, and HR and Administration);


The following prerequisites must be satisfied by the deputy director of programs:

  • a master’s degree in a relevant discipline (such as international relations, social sciences, or development studies).
  • Having management and supervisory responsibilities in program administration at the senior management level, and preferably in relief/development work.
  • excellence in the creation and writing of proposals and reports.
  • excellent human resource management skills, including methods for staff development, training, motivation, and discipline, especially in a multicultural setting.
  • strong leadership, management, organizational, and development skills for teams and individuals.
  • expertise in time management, adaptability, and multitasking.
  • Direct experience in constructing national NGOs’ capacity and working with regional partners, as well as a thorough grasp of NGOs’ capacity building.
  • Knowledge of specific donor priorities and criteria, as well as experience working with and coordinating with donors like the EU, ECHO, foundation donors, UN, USG, FCDO, and others.
  • Worked inside INGO financial, security, and operational frameworks with proven skills and experience.
  • knowledge of community participation methodologies and best practices for project design and implementation.
  • Ability to act independently and a track record of working creatively, innovatively, and successfully to make decisions under indirect supervision.
  • understanding of spreadsheet and word processing systems.
  • Excellent analytical, writing, and English language proficiency.
  • strong dedication to humanitarian causes and principles.

The values and guidelines established in the IRC Way – Standards for Professional Conduct must be followed by the IRC and IRC employees. Integrity, service, accountability, and equality are these. The IRC runs and upholds policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity, and Anti-Retaliation in compliance with these ideals. Deputy Programs Director Job Vacancy In Kampala Uganda

We value diversity at IRC since we are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, marital status, veteran status, disability status, sex, gender, race, religion, color, national origin, or any other feature that is legally protected. We shall make sure that people with disabilities are given a reasonable accommodation so they may participate in the application or interview process for a job, carry out necessary job duties, and enjoy other employment perks and privileges.

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