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Deadline: October 24th 2023 | The Independent Evaluation Office Director Job Vacancy | World Bank



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  • The Independent Evaluation Office Director Job Vacancy

obligations and responsibilities


  • Regarding evaluation-related issues, such as the office’s evaluation program and budget, the IEO Director is directly answerable to the GEF Council. In addition, the Director immediately informs the Council of all other topics pertaining to the operation of the Office, such as technical, administrative, and human resource concerns. The Office functions autonomously within the broad framework of service agreements between the World Bank, in its capacity as the GEF’s administrative host, and the GEF CEO (on behalf of the GEF Secretariat). The GEF Council’s Selection and Review Committee (SRC) evaluates the Director’s performance once a year. The Director provides the SRC with a self-evaluation and performance-related goals, and after discussing these with the SRC, the SRC develops a proposal for the GEF Council for a performance-related salary adjustment within the World Bank salary framework.

Specific duties and obligations

  1. Execution of the strategic guidance and supervision given by Council in the:
  • Creating and amending the GEF Evaluation policy in preparation for GEF Council approval.
  • Creating annual work programs and budgets as well as four-year work plans for replenishment periods for Council decisions.
  • Distribution of individual evaluation reports and yearly summaries on conclusions and suggestions from evaluation streams, including action on conclusions and suggestions.
  • Scheduling special meetings with Council members when required and appropriate.
  1. Providing the following general guidance for the management of resources:
  • Creation of work schedules and plans that include evaluations at the portfolio, program, strategy, and overall GEF levels as well as the development of methodologies.
  • Ensuring appropriate resource management and budgeting in assessments and Office operations in accordance with World Bank policies.
  • Executing the work plan and overseeing each of its constituent tasks while adhering to the budget, staffing, and schedule restrictions.

Controlling and coordinating team and employee performance

  • Charged with finding, retaining, and developing the best professional candidates for the IEO while promoting and advancing a diverse workplace.
  • The delegation of duties for evaluation.
  • Managing IEO employees and organizing feedback on evaluation issues from the GEF Secretariat, STAP, GEF Agencies, and other stakeholders.
  • Monitoring team performance, employee evaluation, and timely delivery of constructive criticism to encourage and build professional excellence.
  • Outlining performance goals through Results Agreements and identifying staff members’ areas of strength and need for development through Development Action Plans.
  • Offering IEO staff guidance and mentoring; proposing relevant training as necessary.
  • Resolving disputes within the IEO and among stakeholders while fostering open communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

Consolidating Inter-Institutional Relations

  • On M&E-related issues, between the GEF and its member nations, the Secretariat, the GEF Agencies, STAP, and other important stakeholders.
  • Working together with the GEF Secretariat and Agency GEF coordinating units to ensure that these agencies’ M&E procedures adhere to the GEF Evaluation policy and M&E minimum standards. • Cooperating with the evaluation units within the GEF Agencies.
  • Working together to ensure that the IEO continues to adhere to best practices internationally, including with the evaluation units of other Multilateral Climate and Environment Funds (including the GCF and Adaptation Fund), the professional evaluation networks of the UN, international and regional evaluation associations (such as the International Development Evaluation Association), and the International Financial Institutions.

Knowledge management and feedback

  • Ensuring that evaluation results are fed back into the GEF’s policy, strategy, program, and project decision-making processes.
  • Monitoring and reporting on all GEF Council decisions linked to evaluation through Management Action Records.
  • Contributing to the creation and upkeep of an extensive GEF knowledge management system based on the results and lessons of evaluations.
  • Ensuring active communities of practice on evaluation and environmental issues through social media.

Selection Standards

  • The selected candidate will typically have at least 15 years of relevant management experience in evaluation, research, policy formation, etc., including at least 5 years as evaluation manager. This includes a strong track record of providing managerial and intellectual leadership of evaluation offices or units.
  • A graduate degree (Ph.D. or Masters preferable) in a field related to the applicant’s field of study, such as evaluation, social sciences, economics, climate change, development, environmental sciences, or a related topic in the natural or social sciences.
  • Regarded as a pioneer in evaluation on a global scale.
  • A strong ability for analysis and a solid foundation in evaluation and pertinent analytical work.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the GEF partnership’s operational strategies, procedures, and tools.
  • A history of independent and unbiased judgment; must be able to focus assessments on both accountability and learning; must possess the ability to articulate higher level evaluative judgements and suggestions from a problem-solving standpoint.
  • Expertise and practical experience in private and public sector interventions.
  • Environmental evaluation knowledge and communication skills, as demonstrated by involvement in international conferences, publications, and/or training.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and teamwork abilities, including the capacity to work together across organizational boundaries.
  • Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic abilities, with the ability to work at the highest levels in a multi-cultural environment. They should also have a proven track record of forming and maintaining relationships with governing bodies, management, and a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Proactive, open to everybody, and imaginative, with a collaborative work environment and the capacity to hear and incorporate ideas from opposing viewpoints.
  • Exhibited managerial qualities in managing a difficult and diverse staff, as well as the ability to integrate a gender perspective into all aspects of the IEO’s work.
  • Working with or having experience in developing nations on environmental challenges.
  • Willingness to represent the Office while traveling abroad.
  • It is crucial to speak and write English completely fluently. Knowledge of additional UN languages is advantageous.

Corporate Management Skills

  • Outstanding GEF managers exhibit the courage of their convictions and the ethics to speak up in front of colleagues and superiors, even when it would be simpler or more comfortable to keep quiet. They are able to act with the intention of doing what is right for the GEF and its clients because of their confidence, which is combined with humility and discretion.
  • Outstanding GEF managers concentrate on the GEF purpose and objective to continuously bring clarity and vision to their teams. This is known as “leading the team for impact.” Around the GEF mission, they align 5 resources and capabilities. They hold team members accountable for outcomes and progress while fostering an energetic and empowering workplace where people are engaged and have access to the tools they need to execute their jobs.
  • Outstanding GEF managers influence people across boundaries to support their ideas and efforts and progress the organization’s objectives and plans.
  • Promoting Openness to New Ideas: Excellent GEF managers foster an open and creative environment for those around them. They encourage these qualities in others by being open to different points of view and transparent themselves. They encourage open debate and broad thinking, welcome other people’s opinions during the decision-making process, and they build on other people’s ideas.
  • Outstanding GEF managers develop their staff members’ capacities for the future by fostering and utilizing the variety of their workforce in terms of racial, gender, national, cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds. They provide others the chance to improve by pushing them outside of their existing limitations or comfort zones. They hold their team members accountable for growing others and offer continual feedback and growth, including long-term career development and mentoring.
  • Candidates who make the short list will be asked for references and waivers that will allow background checks to be done.
  • We actively encourage applications from women and people from disadvantaged nations.
  • Regardless of gender, gender identity, religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability, the World Bank Group embraces diversity and welcomes all competent applicants who are citizens of member nations to apply. Candidates from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and women are all particularly encouraged to apply.The Independent Evaluation Office Director Job Vacancy

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