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Closing date October 24, 2023 | Program Management Assistant Job Vacancy In Zambia | USAID


FSN-8 Program Management Assistant
Assistant for Program Management at Breadcrumb Home, FSN-8

The program office is where the program management assistant is situated. The Program Management Assistant works independently of any other position in the performance of the full range of secretarial, protocol, and administrative tasks necessary to the effective operation of the Program Office. They are overseen by and act as the personal assistant to the Supervisory Program Officer.

The Project Management Assistant serves as the Program Office’s main point of contact for all internal and external partners, as well as other stakeholders, such as Mission staff, current and prospective grantees and contractors, Implementing Partners (IPs), officials from the host government, the Embassy, USAID/Washington, and other clients. In this role, the Project Management Assistant is in charge of coordinating information regarding the USAID Mission and ensuring that clients receive it promptly and professionally.

(Definition of “open to”)

This position is for a cooperating country national (“CCN”). CCN refers to a person who is either a citizen of Zambia or a non-citizen legally allowed for permanent residence in the nation without the requirement of a work permit.

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