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Date of expiration: Saturday, September 23, 2023 | Senior Supply Assistant Needed In Bujumbura | Burundi | UNHCR


Challenge Level: C

Type of Family: Family

Grade: GS5 Residential location (if appropriate)

General Service Personnel / Affiliate

Reason: Assignment that is Regular > Regular

Acceptance of remote work: No

Target Start Date: 30 September 2023

End of Job Posting: September 23, 2023

Senior Supply Assistant: Standard Job Description


  • Support the associated supply activities to enable UNHCR end-to-end processes that lead to a prompt and reliable delivery of products and services to persons of concern while adhering to supply chain norms and regulations.
  • Consider using UNHCR’s sourcing and procurement strategy when making plans to purchase significant goods and services.
  • initiate the customs clearance of shipments, create requests for exemptions, and communicate with regional agents.
  • Assist in planning the delivery of goods and services, support warehouse management, and offer information on the status of requests and the availability of goods along the supply chain.
  • Keep thorough and accurate records of all supply-related operations, and provide quarterly reports and updates as needed.
  • Check purchase requests for conformance and communicate with requesters.
  • Prepare quotation requests, tenders, and bid tables from the tenders, as well as approved purchase orders.
  • Send out authorized purchase orders, and then follow up with the delivery of the goods and services you bought.
  • Give details on all procurement operations taking place within the AoR.
  • Create common asset management reports as well as other asset information as needed.
  • Ensure that all pertinent business systems have accurate data. Compile statistical data on issues relating to the supply chain to help with decision-making.

Regional Bureaux:

  • Track regional supply KPIs and, when necessary, lend a hand with their creation.
  • Assist top management with pertinent reports by keeping an eye on all periodic Supply activities, such as monthly reconciliations, quarterly physical inventory exercises, and year-end accounts closure procedures.
  • Help Country Operations control MSRPs.

Within the National Operations:

To successfully assist the supply activities, ensure local connection.

help manage the storage of commodities in accordance with “best practices” and UNHCR guidelines;

Help with the effective management of Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE) in accordance with UNHCR guidelines, including registration and marking of new PPE, physical inspection of PPE, creation of agreements and disposal forms (including submissions to LAMB/AMB), and assistance with PPE disposal.

  • Carry out any other necessary relevant tasks.

Minimum Requirements

Professional work experience and education

Years of Experience/Level of Education

For G5, you must have two years of relevant experience and a high school diploma, or one year of relevant experience and a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Field(s) of Study

Not relevant

Licenses and/or Certificates

not defined

Relevant Work experience


not defined


not defined

Adaptive Skills

  • Computer and IT literacy
  • Management of Supply Chains using SC-PeopleSoft
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Customs clearance for SC
  • SC-Logistics
  • Storage Center Management
  • Resource Management SC
  • Management of SC-Fleet
  • (Skills denoted with an asterisk (*) are crucial.)

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency and, if necessary, the UN working language of the duty station are requirements for positions in international professional and field service.
  • If English is not the local language, proficiency in the UN working language of the duty station is required for national professional positions.
  • Knowledge of English and/or the UN working language of the duty station if English is not required for General Service positions.
  • Each employee of the UNHCR must work both individually and collectively to create a workplace where everyone feels secure and empowered to carry out their responsibilities. Showing zero tolerance for sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment—including sexual harassment—as well as sexism, gender inequity, discrimination, and the abuse of power—is one way to do this.
  • Individuals and managers alike need to take the initiative to stop improper behavior before it starts, to respond to it when it does, to support continuing discussion about these concerns, to speak out when something goes wrong, and to seek advice and assistance from the appropriate UNHCR resources.
  • For all UNHCR positions with this job title and grade level, this is the Standard Job Description. Additional desirable and/or necessary qualifications relevant to the operation or role may be included in the operational context. Any such requirements are included in this Job Description by reference and will be taken into account for screening, shortlisting, and choosing candidates.

Profile of the ideal candidate: Languages needed (anticipated) The overall level of ability is at least B2:,,

preferred languages:

Operating environment: Considerations for Occupational Safety and Health: Position’s Nature: Conditions of Living and Work: Additional credentials Skills

Computer and IT literacy Asset Management SC, Clearance of customs, Fleet Management, Logistics, and SC Managing the Supply Chain with SC-PeopleSoft, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management



Experience at Work


Accountability, Critical Thinking, Customer & Results Focus, Commitment to Lifelong Learning, Communication, Organizational Awareness, Planning & Organizing, group effort & cooperation, technological savvy

Senior Supply Assistant Needed In Bujumbura | Burundi


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