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Director of Strategic Partnerships

Division: Programs

Location: a remote area of a RI country, the UK, or France

Chief Program Officer, reporting to

No direct reports

No accountability for the budget

This position is designated as requiring thorough pre-employment screenings.

A PROFILE OF Relief International

Leading nonprofit Relief International (RI) works in 15 countries to alleviate poverty, guarantee wellbeing, and advance dignity. Our expertise is in reacting to natural catastrophes, humanitarian emergencies, and persistent poverty in vulnerable environments.

Relief International blends development and humanitarian strategies to deliver urgent aid while creating the foundation for a lasting impact. The four corporate members of the RI Alliance are RI-US, RI-UK, MRCA/RI-France, and RI-Europe. Together, they make up RI. We function as a single, shared management structure as per the terms of our partnership agreement.

Summary for Position

In order to realize RI’s goal and foster greater resilience, long-term health, and wellbeing in collaboration with communities around the world, the Strategic Partnerships Director plays a crucial role.

Responsible and accountable for RI’s interactions and collaborations with Institutions (especially those in Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Asia), driving donor engagement and policy change to make it possible for RI to obtain the funding it needs to work with the world’s most vulnerable communities to bring about long-lasting positive change.

To continuously increase RI’s impact and partnership with resource partners, change in policy, and expansion of RI’s financing portfolio, you will leverage your networks, interpersonal relations skills, and representational abilities in this capacity.

In order to support current RI activities in the US, leading RI’s worldwide institutional funding capture strategy with a focus on Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and Asia. It will strengthen the voices of communities before decision-makers, influencing their goals and strategies and directing RI teams’ efforts to reflect community needs and donor priorities in program design. Working directly with RI’s Regional and Country leadership, RI’s Program Development team, and the Fundraising Team, as well as closely working with them, you will be responsible for a sizable increase of RI’s program portfolio.


This position may require up to 30% of travel as needed. The Director of Strategic Partnerships will make as many field trips as are required to support program design and partnership negotiations.



  • Analyze funding trends for humanitarian relief and development, and keep an eye on how donors are using their funds.
  • Together with RI Regional, Country, and Program Development Leadership, strategically lead and support the development of partnerships, engagement, and fundraising initiatives.
  • Support the creation and execution of a high-impact, international expansion strategy to boost revenue through formal public-private partnerships. Present RI as a valuable partner who adds value for all parties involved.
  • Develop and manage plans with RI leadership to increase RI’s programmatic reach.
  • Engagement and Representation of Donors
  • Expand RI’s presence in Europe and other continents in order to increase its partnership involvement and high level advocacy activities
  • Create connections with present and future donors, partners, other bilateral and multilateral donors, corporate and private foundations, academic collaborators, and partners for project implementation.
  • To ensure strong and ongoing partnerships, maintain engagement and advocacy with current donors in collaboration with the implementation and technical teams.
  • Create opportunities for RI leadership at the global, regional, and national levels to collaborate in order to create solid, value-added partnerships with institutional donors, such as the RI-GFFO-GIZ engagement at the global, regional, and national levels, where each RI stakeholder is aware of and builds on the engagement currently taking place.
  • Find and maintain connections with other INGOs to position them for upcoming awards

System Design

  • To ensure that program design represents RI’s advocacy and donor interest and results in obtaining awards, coordinate with and mentor RI’s program and technical units.
  • As you seek for new opportunities and expand on RI’s thematic expertise, work directly with Regional Directors and Country Directors to analyze humanitarian trends and construct new programmatic and advocacy narratives.
  • Maintain communication with RI implementation teams in order to sustain a solid, open partnership with important donors that is based on high-quality programming.

Protection and conduct

  • Maintain and advance RI’s dedication to ensuring the safety and protection of the vulnerable communities we serve.
  • Contribute to making sure that everyone who comes into touch with Relief International workers and the communities we serve can be trusted to work safely with them in accordance with RI’s safeguarding and protection principles.
  • Support and develop programs that establish and uphold a setting free from sexual exploitation and abuse and that encourage adherence to the Code of Conduct and safeguarding guidelines.
  • Together with the Global Safeguarding Lead, advocate for the program’s inclusion of safeguarding activities and materials.
  • Ability to demonstrate understanding of safeguarding standards and abuse prevention required by donors

Culture and management

  • Make sure the workplace is constructive and productive and is free from bullying and harassment.
  • Demonstrate attention to, understanding of, and dedication to diversity, cultural differences, gender concerns, and equal opportunity
  • Make sure that our programs and staffing take gender equity into account.
  • Ability to respect and show RI’s principles and ideals
  • Other tasks as needed for this position.

Role prerequisites.

For the position, experience and qualifications are needed.

demonstrated expertise in:

  • Leadership and knowledge of the institutional donor landscape for funding for development and humanitarian efforts (e.g., ECHO, EC, FCDO, SDC, AFD, GIZ, French MOFA)
  • accomplishments in institutional fundraising and advocacy, as well as the capacity to establish and supervise the execution of a strategic plan
  • utilizing winning bid packages to successfully inform program design for large-scale programs
  • The ability to manage a variety of professional relationships to effect change and secure major new prospects for the business through the formation of networks, partnerships, and coalitions.
  • working well in a global setting with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and technical areas
  • solving complicated problems through analysis, clear path definition, and buy-in
  • Bring a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in a comparable discipline, or bring equivalent professional experience.

The abilities you’ll bring:

  • Ability to create, grow, and expand international public and private relationships with an entrepreneurial perspective
  • a charismatic leader who inspires pleasure and a can-do attitude while keeping the team focused on outcomes
  • To achieve the intended impact, use a highly collaborative approach and a high level of emotional intelligence.
  • the capacity to act independently to seek, analyze, and offer efficient solutions to issues
  • Excellent organizational abilities, including the capacity to manage many tasks and priorities while meeting deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities (verbal, written, in negotiations, during presentations, etc.)
  • English language proficiency is necessary, although other European languages are desired.

Values of RI.

In accordance with the humanitarian tenets of “Do No Harm,” humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence, Relief International Values: We value:

  • Integrity
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusivity
  • Sustainability

ways to apply

You’ll have to post your resume and cover letter. Explaining your interest in this position with Relief International and how your qualifications and experience make you a suitable fit should take up no more than two paragraphs of the cover letter. Apply For Strategic Partnerships Director France


Date of closure. Please apply right away because we may withdraw the post before the job board’s closing date because we are examining applications on a rolling basis.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted due to a lack of resources.

Abuse, sexual exploitation, and unlawful harassment are all prohibited at Relief International. Relief International is committed to preventing abuse and injury, including sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment, to our employees and the communities we work with.

Our Code of Conduct is expected to be followed by all employees.

A criminal records self-declaration, references, and other pre-employment checks are required for all posts at Relief International. These checks may also involve police and qualification checks.

COVID 19: To provide a safe workplace, RI complies with legal standards, and in some places, a vaccination obligation is in effect. All employees, contractors, and visitors must adhere to local laws and entrance regulations when working or traveling for RI.

Apply For Strategic Partnerships Director France

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