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  • South Sudan’s Juba
  • Operations and administration – Central and Eastern Africa
  • Completely Local/ Nearby
  • The Country Office’s safety and security officer will be in charge of all related matters. S/he will be in charge of promoting the day-to-day management of Search in the nation and putting into practice all security and safety-related rules and procedures.
  • The Country Office’s logistical support systems will be implemented and maintained by the Safety and Security Officer. In order to promote efficient office operations, s/he will coordinate all logistics-related activities and research the best systems.



  • Ensure that security strategies for the Country Office are suitable and in line with regional and global priorities by collaborating closely with regional and global security employees.
  • Support in creating, evaluating, and ensuring efficient execution of the SOPs/Contingency Plans for the Country Office Security.
  • Ascertain that all safety and security management systems adhere to the current security policy, protocol, and strategy for searches.
  • Implement and ensure efficient tracking of personnel and vehicles.
  • Initiate and oversee the implementation of risk reduction measures to enhance safety and security.
  • Make sure that the right safety and security measures are in place to give employees and visitors access to up-to-date security information.
  • Lead incident management, lessons learned, and any additional steps or procedural adjustments.
  • As needed, offer assistance with crisis management, including evacuation and hibernation.
  • Keep the security notification tree and contact list for the Search personnel current, and test the tree frequently.
  • Visit field locations frequently to evaluate the safety and security measures.
  • Observe the application of the safety and security procedures and promptly notify the CD of any non-compliance, worries, or problems.
  • In order to gather accurate security information, facilitate the sharing of best practices, and, where possible, encourage the adoption of an integrated approach, it is important to establish and maintain regular contact with other agency security focal points, including NGOs and local authorities, particularly in areas where programs are being implemented.
  • Ensure that the management of the security personnel (office guards) is efficient.


  • assist in overseeing the management of office utilities, such as water, power, and communications.
  • Meet and greet guests and field workers, assist with travel arrangements for staff and visitors, and provide assistance as needed.
  • As appropriate, assist with the processing of international employees’ work permits and visitors’ visas.
  • Create a method for stocking the store, and ensure that there are enough office supplies and that everything is secure.
  • Make sure all assets and property are appropriately tagged.
  • Describe and provide information on office building upkeep and repairs, including electrical and plumbing, as well as furniture, equipment, and fixtures.
  • Manage the fleet of company vehicles, including insurance, routine maintenance, and the provision of monthly reporting on the condition of each vehicle.
  • As needed, provide assistance with financial transactions.
  • The position holder may be needed to perform additional tasks that are roughly in line with the aforementioned primary responsibilities because job descriptions cannot be exhaustive.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a field relating to the study of international relations, business administration, social sciences, or security management

Knowledge, abilities, and skills

  • A minimum of three years’ experience managing safety and security for NGOs
  • a thorough knowledge of office procedures and standards
  • ability to travel on short notice, frequently under challenging situations
  • Highly systematic and organized with superb attention to detail.
  • excellent Arabic and English communication abilities, both written and spoken
  • Must be able to act independently and with good judgment with little direction.
  • ability to perform well under pressure and prioritize various activities.
  • Interpersonal and cross-cultural abilities that have been put into practice, including the capacity to foster cooperative relationships both internally and externally while being sensitive to concerns of race, culture, and politics.

Competencies in behavior

  • Working with People: The capacity to value the opinions and contributions of other team members; to demonstrate empathy; to listen; to support; to seek advice from others and to impart knowledge; to foster a sense of teamwork; and to adapt to the needs of the group.
  • Flexibility is the capacity to change course when necessary, to endure uncertainty, and to modify one’s behavior to fit other individuals and circumstances.
  • Drive for Results and Efficiency: The capacity to establish and uphold high standards of performance and to set objectives for ongoing improvement.
  • Relationship Management: The capacity to control communications, render assistance, and support the organization while creating a strong internal and external network.
  • Leadership and Navigation: The capacity to oversee and participate in organizational initiatives and procedures while advancing change and continual improvement
  • Effective communication is the capacity to exchange information with others, convey important information, gather information, and interact with people.
  • Global and Cultural Effectiveness: The capacity to respect and take into account the viewpoints and experiences of all parties and the capacity to collaborate across cultural boundaries.
  • Ethical Practice: The capacity to incorporate the vision, mission, and fundamental values of Search throughout all organizational and commercial activities.
  • Business savvy: The capacity to comprehend and make use of knowledge to advance an organization’s strategic plan.
  • The capacity to support others in order to improve performance and career advancement (for people managers).

Dedicated to the Search Values:

  • Collaboration, tenacity, audacity, empathy, and outcomes
  • From $1,600 to $2,200 each month
  • The recommended compensation range is based on the level and scale of the job in Search.
  • The application must be submitted by October 17, 2023. Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.
  • The position holder may be needed to perform additional tasks that are roughly in line with the aforementioned primary responsibilities because job descriptions cannot be exhaustive.

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