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Our Identity

The Regional Human Resources (HR) Manager is in charge of carrying out a variety of HR tasks that support the IREX global team, balancing the day-to-day needs of team members and consultative support to managers in a timely, accurate, and service-oriented manner. The regional HR manager serves as a dependable resource and consultant for employees and management in the region on matters pertaining to human resources. Together with IREX leadership and colleagues from other teams, they support effective, proactive problem-solving by forming alliances and coming up with creative solutions. To make sure that the “people needs” of the IREX team members are in line with and taken into consideration within the organization’s strategic initiatives, this position engages with partners from various groups and units.

From a national and regional perspective, the Regional HR Manager oversees and closely organizes essential HR activities, such as new hire onboarding, benefit administration, performance management, professional development, and employee relations. The designated IREX country and regional offices receive all HR services from the regional HR manager.

The local, expatriate, and TCNS workers in each nation are provided with the HR support they need to carry out their duties successfully by the regional HR manager. The regional HR manager is also accountable for collaborating with local contacts, country management staff, project and program staff to promote consistency and effectiveness in global and national HR policies and practices. They must also ensure that local HR services are delivered in an effective, strategic, and efficient manner to all country offices, staff, and field-based leadership.

In addition to performing extra activities and tasks as required by the business, their team, or their supervisor, the Regional HR Manager must be able to carry out the majority of their work with little to no supervision.

We take action. Our years of hands-on experience enable us to produce recommendations that are useful and long-lasting partnerships that have a greater impact.

Regional Resource Manager Job Vacancy In South Sudan

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Your Education and Experience

  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in business, human resources management, or a closely related discipline.
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience, including at least 6 years of regional HR experience and at least 4 years in progressively more responsible Human Resources roles
  • functioning well with a sizable group of people from various national, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds
  • a strong sense of creativity and the capacity to discover and put into action workable solutions
  • Strong persuading abilities and superior writing and verbal communication skills are required.
  • having experience presenting and teaching various audiences using effective methods
  • a strong understanding of the employment laws of the many nations in the regions serviced by this role.
  • knowledge of leading and managing delicate investigations
  • knowledge of creating and delivering accurate quarterly reports on schedule
  • Ability to multitask while maintaining a good attitude in a fast-paced setting
  • able to use sound judgment, restraint, and secrecy in all situations
  • having lived and worked in the area
  • English proficiency in a second language
  • exemplary command of the key regional languages
  • Strong persuading abilities and superior writing and verbal communication skills are required.
  • a strong sense of creativity and the capacity to discover and put into action workable solutions
  • strong capacity for navigating ambiguity and collaborating with others in a team context
  • must provide legal confirmation of unrestricted employment authorisation in the nation and region.


  • Effectively collaborates with the HR headquarters team to offer complete, timely, and equitable HR support to the workforce in the country and the region.
  • ensures that local managers are involved in the implementation of IREX rules and procedures by holding regular meetings with them.
  • provides managers and employees with training on IREX policies, practices, and processes.
  • keeps up-to-date knowledge of national and regional legal standards for managing employees, lowering legal risks, and maintaining compliance with regulations.
  • serves as the main point of contact for matters relating to exit surveys, learning and development, performance management, on-boarding, and orientation.
  • Organizes the gathering and analysis of global, national, and regional HR data, metrics, and trends in order to inform leadership in the region and the country and provide results that are beneficial to programs.
  • acts as the point of contact for employee relations for IREX country and regional staff and works with them to resolve problems in accordance with local laws as well as IREX policy and practice.
  • Consultative HR support is given to IREX country leaders in accordance with international, national, and regional best practices with regard to the people and problems that have an impact on their activities.
  • shares ideas, creates best practices, and puts them into action across IREX programs as part of the larger HR team.
  • Develops enhanced HR experiences for the entire global IREX team by designing and streamlining processes in partnership with other members of the HR team.
  • Keeps track of the due dates for performance reviews and sends out reminders; plans the prompt and accurate completion of all personnel transactions for changes and end-of-service activities.
  • oversees and organizes the HRIS’s rollout throughout all national and regional offices.
  • oversees and appropriately audits the staff records with the necessary authorization.
  • Ensures that all personnel records for each country are accurately posted to global HR drives and HRIS.
  • Reviews and audits all internal notifications, forms, and documentation; after getting input from important stakeholders, makes any necessary revisions.
  • In addition to updating and reviewing nation Handbook and Addendum submissions as needed, this person is also in charge of developing local compensation scales, local benefit summaries, etc. for country offices upon request.
  • Helps with all internal and external audit requests relating to HR files and benefits, and makes sure that any HR assessment issues that are discovered during reviews and audits are properly rectified.
  • In order to enhance working relationships, boost morale, boost productivity, and increase retention, works with project staff to provide guidance and support in the areas of performance management, employee relations issues, local compensation planning, onboarding, offboarding, professional development, and HR policies.
  • creates, administers, and updates standardized systems to give all IREX projects’ country offices with holistic approaches to the employment life cycle for local workers.
  • keeps a solid, easily accessible reference system for national and regional HR. Ensures that employee handbooks, country supplements, employment letters, HR manuals, and other HR policies and procedures are created, regularly reviewed, and consistent with local laws, HQ standards, and HR best practices. Make ensuring there is a plan in place in each field office for non-compliant country offices to achieve full compliance; support and oversee this plan until full compliance is attained.
  • Verifies that project policy guides, personnel agreements/templates, and local laws are all followed.
  • works to guarantee that each project’s full-cycle hiring procedure is open, legal, and in accordance with IREX’s hiring policy.
  • Creates materials for country employee orientation and onboarding, and, if necessary, edits HQ recruitment team materials for use in country hire orientations, including translations.
  • carries out new hire orientation for all recently hired local personnel.
  • ensures effective new employee orientations to help new employees integrate into IREX.
  • Along with ensuring that local staff members take advantage of available professional development opportunities, collaborates with colleagues to establish tailored professional development for country staff.
  • Standardizes job descriptions in accordance with job classifications for foreign offices, creates job listings, evaluates and helps hiring managers during candidate interviews, and conducts thorough reference and background checks as necessary.
  • Ensures that personnel actions for the country are saved, processed, and approved correctly in the HRIS.
  • creates, disseminates, and, when necessary, keeps track of country-based staff surveys and training evaluations.
  • performs desk and in-person audits of the country’s HR personnel files as necessary.
  • conceives of and puts into practice a methodical method for managing, monitoring, and recording all HR compliance-related actions in the field offices.
  • maintains a database with HR nation profiles, including those for benefits, compensation, and labor laws, as well as obligatory and statutory benefits that are specific to each country.
  • Supports the audit process by carrying out regional and country HR desk audits, as necessary, as well as in-person country HR audits to verify adherence to local labor laws and IREX standards and procedures; follows up on corrective action, as necessary, with pertinent local employees.
  • analyzes patterns affecting budget needs by reviewing specific spending budgets as necessary.
  • identifies and trains interns or selected employees in each country office so they may function as the office’s HR point of contact (PoC) and effectively encourage adherence to IREX regulations and procedures.
  • provides direction for all stages of the country office lifecycle, including project start-ups, project maintenance, and project closeout, in collaboration with other teams.
  • Develop a plan and actions in collaboration with local PoC and program employees to address the country offices’ most pressing HR issues.
  • manages and resolves fundamental employee relations concerns, as always contacting the supervisor.
  • Under the supervision of the supervisor, supports investigations into critical employee relations issues.
  • Makes certain that all departing employees receive and complete exit interview surveys and, as necessary, exit interviews via conference.
  • Answers inquiries, conducts research, finds solutions, and processes documentation pertaining to country and regional HR concerns for employees and management.
  • creates a lucrative reward plan for fresh country offices.
  • maintains the current pay structure for the country office and performs the appropriate job and personnel analyses.
  • carries out thorough compensation studies for each national office at least every two years.
  • The work of interns and other junior employees may be continuously supervised as necessary.
  • As assigned, offers HR services to other nations or regions.

other tasks as required.

  • For all chosen candidates, background checks are performed.
  • Remote employment is possible for this position. The eligible employee is a regular full-time employee who does more frequent or ongoing work from a location other than the IREX office.
  • Immigration sponsorship is ineligible for this position.
  • Employer of Equal Opportunity
  • We welcome applicants with disabilities and veterans.

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