Communication & Behavioral Change Specialist Needed In Ghana


Date of expiration: Friday, October 6, 2023 | Communication & Behavioral Change Specialist Needed In Ghana Accra | FAO GHA

  • Specialist in Communication and Behavioral Change is the description of the assignment title.
  • Ghana, the nation of assignment
  • Start date anticipated: 10/1/2023
  • Zero hunger is a Sustainable Development Goal No. 2
  • Volunteer type: Specialist National UN Volunteer
  • Entity hosting: FAO GHA
  • Form: On-site
  • Timeframe: 10 months
  • One assignment was made.
  • Stations of duty: Accra



Objectives and the mission

a world devoid of hunger and malnutrition, where food and agriculture work to raise everyone’s standard of living—especially that of the poorest—in a way that is sustainable on all fronts.


Northern Ghana’s main cash crop is soybean. About 96% of the nation’s soybeans are grown in Northern Ghana, and demand for the crop is on the rise for both human consumption and as a source of feed for the poultry sector. The average soybean productivity in northern Ghana is between 0.8 and 1 MT per ha, which is much below the 3 MT/ha potential yield that is possible with the application of enhanced production technologies. This is true even though soybean has the potential to be a cash crop. On farms smaller than 5 ha, smallholders produce the majority of the food. In the past ten years, production has increased with an 8.1% growth rate from 2014 to 2019. With tentative data, the maximum production level was recorded in 2020. The total area under cultivation over the previous ten years increased steadily during that time. Government initiatives and continuing projects supporting soyabean cultivation in Ghana were blamed for the constant rise in production levels. With the use of green production technology, green processing, and green marketing, the project GCP/GHA/039/JPN – Support to Soyabean Production aims to maximize the potential of soya beans to boost small actors’ nutritional security, resilience, and quality of life. Through public education on soyabean consumption and capacity building trainings on including soyabean recipes in home diets and school meals for improved nutrition, the initiative will promote soyabean usage among farm households and communities.

mission statement

  • The UN Volunteer will support nutrition- and food-related programs, including soyabean initiatives for improved livelihoods, under the general supervision of the FAO Representation in Ghana and the direct supervision of the Assistant FAO Representative (AFAOR) in charge of Programs. Key activities
  • Assist the country office technically and on the ground in communicating country office programming on initiatives to beneficiaries, state actors, and non state actors to improve cooperation and mobilize additional resources.
  • Support the Country Office’s efforts to create communication and outreach materials, including summaries, documentaries, voice messages, and brief videos, on the implementation of projects and the results received in order to serve as outreach materials for decision makers and adaptation of success stories, particularly on soybean initiatives and related commodities.
  • Support the country office’s communication and social media initiatives during outreach activities, project meetings, conferences, and country programming.
  • Perform quick behavioral analyses and stakeholder mapping to support focused messaging for achieving anticipated project deliverables.
  • Assist with communication to encourage state and non-state actors at the grass-roots and mid-management levels to improve the sustainability of the food system.
  • Encourage acceptable tales to be posted on the FAO Ghana website and in its social media presence.
  • During project implementation, collaborate with FAO program officers and other partners to collect and share information.
  • Support project monitoring and evaluation
  • carry out any additional tasks that may be necessary.

eligibility requirements

Age: 27 – 80


  • The applicant must be a citizen or a resident in good standing of the country of assignment.
  • Donor focuses

necessary expertise

  • having written and developed project proposals and reports for three years
  • Excellent relationship management abilities, including the capacity to deal with people in a variety of geographical and cultural contexts and to persuade and secure buy-in from those who are not directly under your direct direction.
  • a track record of effectively managing relationships and workloads in the workplace.
  • Excellent strategic, analytical, problem-solving, and systems thinking abilities, together with the aptitude to perceive the broad picture and the capacity for sound judgment.
  • Very good communication abilities both in writing and speaking
  • Excellent facilitation, training, mentoring, and coaching skills
  • proactive, inventive, and goal-oriented

Particular expertise

  • Social work, dialogue
  • a driving permit


  • English fluency level: Required

required level of education

  • a bachelor’s degree in sociology, psychology, or a closely related discipline, or its equivalent.

values and abilities

Flexibility and Adaptability, commitment to ethics and values, communication, creativity, and continuous learning, Integrity, Knowledge Exchange, Organization and Planning Honoring Diversity, Being a Team Player

Further details

Conditions of residence and remarks

Ghana is a dynamic and generally tranquil nation with amiable people and a welcoming culture. Accra, the duty station, is relatively secure for both natives and visitors to Ghana. The northern and western regions of the city, or more generally, the high-income housing districts, will have lower housing costs. Stores in Accra and other major towns have a wide variety of foods that are available elsewhere in the world, including spices. The costs of imported food from other countries are comparable to those in other parts of the world.

Note regarding the need for Covid-19 vaccinations

In accordance with the applicable host entity policy, selected applicants for several occupational groups may be required to undergo immunization (vaccination) requirements, including those for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

Communication & Behavioral Change Specialist Needed In Ghana


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