International Consultant Needed In Kampala Uganda


Date of expiration: Thursday, September 28, 2023 | International Consultant Needed In Kampala Uganda | UNODC

  • International Consultant To Develop A Training curriculum For Directorate Of Community Service Staff (Ministry Of Internal Affairs) Kampala Uganda
  • Work Location; Home-based with travel to Uganda
  • Expected time frame; 2023, October to December


Reaction to Service

created a thorough inception report demonstrating a thorough comprehension of the given project. submitted a desk study and analysis of all pertinent papers, including Uganda’s Community Service Act and any training manuals or modules that are currently in use. presented a gap analysis report outlining the trainings’ shortcomings. developed and delivered to the Ministry of Internal Affairs a thorough requirements assessment report. created a thorough staff training curriculum on volunteer work. created a training report for the end.

tasks and Responsibilities

The Directorate of Community Service, with assistance from UNODC, is looking to hire a consultant to establish a thorough training program (in English) for Community Service workers, based on a close-knit assessment of training and development needs. the assignment’s goal:

a) To examine the staff’s training needs.

b) To create a thorough, layered (Modular) staff training program based on recognized public service officer levels. For staff training and development in order to advance in the community service cadreship, the curriculum will serve as a guide. Specific duties for the consultant to complete:

The consultant will carry out the following significant activities and responsibilities under the general supervision of the Head of Office, UNODC Uganda, and under the direct supervision of the Programme Management Officer:

a) Complete a thorough needs analysis.

b) Conduct desk research and analyze all essential papers, including current training manuals and modules, training materials, Ugandan law governing community service, and best practices from around the world, to thoroughly comprehend the actual situation.

c) Conduct a “oeGap” analysis to pinpoint any gaps in the lessons being taught and sketch out any problems associated with the assignment.

d) Examine job descriptions to take into account the tasks and roles of Community Service staff members at different levels. a) Create a thorough training program for Community Service staff advancement and enhanced service provision. f) Plan and lead a single Training of Trainers (TOT) session for Resource Persons as part of the curriculum. g) Create a thorough work plan, monitoring strategy, and budget for curriculum implementation.

qualifications and unique abilities

  • It is necessary to have a graduate-level education (Master’s degree or equivalent) in criminology, law, the social sciences, business administration, or a closely connected field.
  • It is possible to substitute a first-level university degree in a related field for the advanced degree if you have two more years of relevant experience.
  • It is necessary to have at least seven (7) years of relevant professional experience in the fields of curriculum design, training curriculum development, and training materials creation.
  • It is necessary to have experience providing technical assistance on issues related to prison management at the international level, including in low and middle income countries. This experience should ideally be complemented by demonstrated knowledge of international standards and norms in crime prevention and criminal justice, particularly the Nelson Mandela Rules.
  • It would be ideal to demonstrate knowledge, expertise, and skills in leading consultations, running workshops for sensitization and training, building capacity, and coaching.
  • It would be ideal to be able to create functional and approachable staff training tools.
  • It would be ideal if candidates had expertise and understanding in conducting need assessments.


The working languages of the United Nations Secretariat are English and French. Fluency in both written and spoken English is necessary for this position. An advantage is having knowledge of another official UN language.

International Consultant Needed In Kampala Uganda


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