Human Resource Assistants(3) Needed In Entebbe Uganda


Date of expiration: Saturday, September 30, 2023 | Human Resource Assistants(3) Needed In Entebbe Uganda | RSC
Human Resources Assistant (3 Positions),

Human Resources Assistant, Job Code

Department/Office: Entebbe Regional Service Center

Station of duty: ENTEBBE

23-Human Resources-RSCE-217445-R-Entebbe (R) is the number for this position.

Integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity are among the tenets of the United Nations

Human Resource Assistants(3) Needed In Entebbe Uganda



  • The Human Resources Assistant assists the RSCE with the determination and implementation of benefits and entitlements for international staff members of the client missions as well as for international and domestic staff members of the RSCE. This support covers life and career events from pre-appointment to separation while ensuring transparency, accuracy, and strict adherence to staff rules and regulations. The duties of the assistant in human resources are as follows: the management of entitlements
  • Contribute to the creation of staff members’ entitlements, such as claims, danger pay, daily subsistence allowance, mission subsistence allowance for government-provided personnel and individual uniform personnel, volunteer living allowance, and any other allowances for payments in accordance and adherence to applicable United Nations policies, such as staff rules, financial regulations and rules, ST/AI issuances or practices, IPSAS policy framework, etc.
  • Process claims for official travel and expense reimbursements as well as entitlements, benefits, and payroll for the international and national civilian staff as well as non-staff on behalf of the client missions and/or the RSCE.
  • Assist in overseeing the service line in the necessary business processes for paying employees, granting leave, extending contracts, granting other entitlements, terminating employment, and making final payments to non-staff, uniformed, and civilian employees.
  • help with the procedures for new hires, travel arrangements, settlement grants, check-in, check-out, and separation operations for civilian employees, uniformed personnel, and non-staff, as well as the installation and repatriation of recognized dependents.
  • Monitor and assess the efficacy of relevant policies, staff regulations, HR rules and regulations, practices, and procedures, and if necessary, make recommendations through the Chief of Unit.
  • In the RSCE, process and administer international staff employees’ full entitlements and benefits in a timely and effective manner, including time management, movement administration, contract administration, and separation administration.
  • Promote a cooperative and client-focused attitude by advising internal and external clients on benefits and entitlements, staff rules and regulations, and HR policies.
  • Review and handle entitlement and claim requests.
  • Help the service line with the certification of the administration of the processing of benefits and entitlements in accordance with the Financial framework and Rules.
  • Establish, certify, and handle financial entitlements for wages, ongoing entitlements, reassignments, and appointments.
  • Make ensuring that claims and entitlements are submitted accurately, completely, and in accordance with policy and procedures.
  • Review the Human Resources (HR) policy guidelines for benefits and entitlements and, where appropriate, recommend revisions.
  • Maintain UMOJA entitlements, local HR contracts, and administrative roles while carrying out HR administration of Benefits and Entitlements in Umoja in accordance with the delegation of authority.
  • help with the analysis and processing of data related to the terms of service.
  • Respond to questions that have been raised in iNeed in UMOJA.
  • Draft and/or process a range of correspondence and other communications, as well as general office support services.
  • Create and manage paper and electronic reference files and records.
  • appointments and meetings, keeps track of deadlines, etc.
  • conduct research on a variety of HR-related topics and help prepare notes or reports.
  • Maintain an automated database with statistics linked to human resources, and create recurring reports.
  • Perform a range of administrative tasks, such as requesting office supplies and equipment and logging leaves of absence.
  • may instruct or coach less experienced employees.
  • carry out additional tasks as and when directed by the supervisor.


Professionalism – Process all personnel transactions, contract administration transactions, HR-related entitlements and benefits activities, and provide direct operational support to the RSCE and its Client Missions. The capacity to apply human resources policies, methods, and processes in an organizational setting. solid understanding of Umoja and Systems Applications and Products (SAP). the capacity to recognize problems, create views, reach judgments, and make recommendations. demonstrates professional competence and subject matter mastery; is diligent and effective in meeting commitments, adhering to deadlines, and producing results; is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns; demonstrates perseverance when faced with difficult problems or challenges; and maintains composure under pressure. assumes responsibility for incorporating gender ideas and making sure that men and women participate equally in all aspects of the workforce. Planning and organizing – Creates specific objectives that are congruent with chosen tactics; identifies tasks and activities that deserve attention; modifies priorities as necessary; allots the necessary time and resources to complete the assignment; plans for hazards and leaves room for emergencies; Utilizes time effectively; monitors; and modifies plans and activities as appropriate. Having a client-oriented mindset entails considering all individuals who receive services as “clients” and attempting to understand their perspectives; gains the respect and trust of clients to establish and maintain effective partnerships; determines the needs of clients and connects those needs with suitable solutions; to stay informed and foresee issues, keeps an eye on ongoing events both inside and outside the clients’ environment; informs clients on project developments and obstacles; meets the deadline for delivering the client’s ordered goods or services.


It must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Job-Specific Requirements

It would be ideal if you had completed a specialist Umoja Human Resources (HR) Partner training course and obtained certification to be designated as an Umoja HR Partner.

Experience at Work

A minimum of five (5) years of steadily increasing responsibility in administrative services, human resources management, or a similar field is necessary. For candidates who hold a first-level degree or higher, the required number of years of relevant experience is lowered to three (3). It would be ideal to have experience managing a wide range of employee entitlements and benefits using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, such as Umoja or PeopleSoft, or other comparable systems. It would be ideal to have prior operational experience applying UN or equivalent international organization staff rules and regulations. Experience working in a shared service center or a comparable environment is preferred.


The working languages of the United Nations Secretariat are English and French. Fluency in English is needed for the mentioned positions, and knowledge in French is preferred.


An assessment exercise and a competency-based interview may both be used to evaluate competent individuals.

Particular Notice

These posts are initially financed for a year, with the possibility of an extension. As per staff rule 4.4 of the UN Staff Rules, local hiring is required for these positions. Regardless of their nationality or how long they may have lived in the country, all employees in the General Service and similar categories must be hired locally or within commuting distance of each office. The benefits and allowances reserved for overseas recruiting are not available to employees subject to local recruitment. The UN Secretariat is dedicated to having a 50/50 gender split among its employees. Women seeking these positions are particularly encouraged to apply. The Secretary-General’s power and assignments are subject to that of the staff members. All employees are expected to transition into new roles at various points in their careers in accordance with established policies and guidelines.

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